4 Pieces of Equipment Every Disabled Senior Needs

If you are a disabled senior citizen, then you should invest in some specialized equipment to make your life easier at home and away from home. Today, with modern devices, you can maintain your independence so that you don’t need to rely on others for assistance. Look for these pieces of equipment at local and online stores.

Get a Shower Chair or Stool

You can continue to shower with a supportive stool or shower chair. These chairs are made from materials that can withstand the moisture from spraying water and humidity. When you are looking for a shower stool or chair, determine how much it weighs so that it is easy to lift or push into a bathtub or shower. A friend or caregiver can help you move the chair or stool into position, and it can remain in place so that you can use it each time that you want to have a shower. Choose a durable shower chair that is comfortable so that you can have a relaxing shower.

Automatic Jar Opener

When your hands aren’t strong enough to open a jar or bottle, you need an automatic jar opener. With this device, you can buy jars of fruit or spaghetti sauce without worrying about opening the tight lid on the top. You simply place the jar in the automatic jar opener, and after you turn it on, it will loosen the lid of the jar so that you can use its contents. When you have an automatic jar opener, you won’t need to struggle with glass jars that might break, leading to cuts on your fingers or hands.

Buy a Mobility Scooter

Rather than using a wheelchair or a walker to reach a destination, buy or rent a mobility scooter. Mobility scooters are comfortable transportation devices that have full-size padded chairs and easy to use controls. Some mobility scooters have baskets to hold books, handbags, or grocery bags, but you can also find mobility scooters that have protective canopies or umbrella holders.

Use a Grabber or Reaching Device

When you can’t bend over or reach to retrieve an item, then you should own a grabber or reaching device. These inexpensive metal devices have mechanisms that will pick up or grab a dropped item from the floor, or alternatively, you can use it to reach an item that is located on a shelf. It is possible to take a grabber or reaching device with you while shopping at the supermarket, but you can also use this device at home.

With these four mobility devices, you can enjoy more independence at home or while away from home. Having additional independence helps you to have higher self-esteem.

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