4 Home Remodeling Ideas to Help Your Teens Get Along

It is not uncommon for siblings to fight no matter how old they are. However, as your children hit the teenager phase, it is important that they each have a space at home to call their own. Fortunately, there are many easy and affordable ways to remodel a property to help it meet your family’s changing needs.

Add a Jack and Jill Bathroom

A Jack and Jill bathroom is one full bath that has two sinks, and the bathroom will sit in the middle of each child’s bedroom. Each child can enter the bathroom from their bedroom, and each door can be locked to ensure that no one enters the bathroom without permission. Such an arrangement can be ideal as both children can get ready in the morning without delaying anyone else’s morning routine.

Make the Garage into a Living Space

If you don’t currently use your garage to store your vehicles, it may be a good idea to convert it into a living space. If you do currently keep your cars in the garage, it may be possible to install a carport to protect them from the elements. Turning the garage into an extra bedroom or hangout spot may allow all of your kids to have the privacy that they crave and deserve.

Finish the Basement or Attic

Depending on your current living and financial situation, it may make more sense to finish the basement or attic instead of the garage. Home remodelers may be able to provide insight into how you can get the most for your money when upgrading your house. Upgrading a basement may be ideal because it can give you an opportunity to seal it. Taking that step may make the rest of your home drier and less humid, and it can also prevent mold growth or pest problems in that space.

Add More Insulation

It isn’t uncommon for teens to listen to loud music or have conversations that everyone in the house can hear. By adding insulation to floors, walls and other spaces, it may be harder for siblings to eavesdrop on each other or generally annoy each other with their loud habits.

It is important that your children feel comfortable in their own home. While you may feel as if your house is good enough as it is currently constructed, it is important to take your children’s needs into consideration. After the remodel is complete, you are likely to have both your sanity back and a home that is worth more on the open market.

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