4 Common Household Problems That Require Professional Help

Owning a home means that it requires occasional inspections and proper maintenance to ensure that everything continues to work efficiently and be reliable. If you can handle minor repairs around the house, that may save time and money. But some significant household issues should be evaluated by experts who can tell you if a repair is needed and what the labor and materials will cost.


A tiny drip can lead to an eventual flood if ignored. It is not that the dripping water will accumulate to the point of washing out your bathroom floor. A drip indicates a problem in your plumbing. Left unaddressed, that plumbing issue can get worse over time and eventually lead to a major water leak or hardware breakage. Leaky water pipes cause pooling or damage to your walls, ceilings, and floors that may turn into mold, which can be harmful to human health. If you suspect a plumbing problem that cannot readily be fixed, like a backed-up toilet, call a plumber for help.


You should never try to fix an electric problem in your home unless you have training and experience. Residential wiring that gets worn or frayed can spark a fire or cause someone to get shocked. Plugged-in devices that flicker or perform erratically may signal an electric issue. Your electric box needs to be up to code, also, if you are installing new appliances like a dryer that might need its own electric line. Adding electricity to a shed or increasing voltage from 110 to 220 should be handled by a licensed electrician who can do the work safely and efficiently.


Annual inspections of your HVAC system are a good idea to keep your home’s air quality safe and comfortable. If you notice unusual sounds or smells when the HVAC system is operating, contact an HVAC pro for a checkup. A good HVAC company will handle both routine maintenance and furnace repair services. Routine maintenance can head off major problems that could be disastrous in the dead of winter at three a.m. when your home has no heat.


If your home’s windows are letting outdoor rain trickle inside, or if the frames rattle when it’s windy, you may want to shop for new windows and add weather strips for insulation. Loose windows can break in high winds, and shaky frames let in cold air that can spike your winter heating bills. Have a window contractor take a look and provide an estimate for new windows.

Keep your home in good shape with routine maintenance and upkeep. Have problems fixed immediately to avoid larger and more expensive repairs down the road.

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