4 Beautiful Bathroom Changes for When Your Kids Move Out

If you have a big family, your bathrooms are probably designed for efficiency so everyone can get in, get ready and get going on busy mornings. However, when the children grow up and move out, it’s time to consider an upgrade that’s more suited to your new empty nest lifestyle. Whether your adult children have moved out for college, their first job or to start their own family, here are four beautiful ideas to reclaim your bathroom.


Add Sophistication

Do you have a bathroom decorated in rubber ducks, sea creatures or mermaids? It’s time to ditch the kiddie theme and turn your bathroom into an adult oasis. That stenciled octopus mural probably made your little ones smile, but now that they’re not so little, consider replacing it with a chic tile backsplash. Without paint projects and bubble bath overflow to worry about, you’re also free to choose finer materials like natural stone and marble.

Combine Two Small Bathrooms

When you have kids, you take all the bathrooms you can get no matter how tiny they are. However, you might want something more spacious when it’s just the two of you. Most newer homes have two bathrooms placed back-to-back, so combining them into one large, luxurious bathroom is as easy as getting a bathroom remodeling contractor to knock down a wall.

Ditch the Bathtub

While bathtubs are fun for small children, many adults rarely use them. Shower stalls are also safer because it’s easier to step in and out, so consider replacing that grimy tub with a spacious walk-in shower. Add a natural river rock floor and multiple shower heads for the ultimate spa experience and include a bench for sitting. With a pull-out showerhead, your walk-in shower will make showers easier and more relaxing than soaking in a small tub ever did.

His and Hers Bathrooms

Many people swear that separate bathrooms are the key to a long-lasting marriage. After years of sharing a bathroom, you and your spouse may be ready to have your own space and test this theory for yourselves. A luxurious way to implement this change is to add two bathrooms and two walk-in closets to your master bedroom. If your main floor is short on space, an attic or basement renovation provides lots of room for the suite of your dreams.

When planning your post-kids bathroom remodel, keep in mind that you’re not getting any younger. Consider adding safety features like grab bars and safety rails. Install counters at a wheelchair-friendly height, choose a raised toilet seat and use non-skid materials for floors. A little extra thought now can prevent a fall in the future.

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