4 Epic Ideas For The Best Treehouse This Summer

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One of the fun activities to do as a child, and even as an adult, is to play in a tree house. If you don’t already have one in the backyard, there’s no time like the present to design one with the help of your child. Instead of building a traditional house in a tree, consider one of the extravagant designs that have multiple rooms and decorations.

The Happy Home

If you have young children, then a simple cottage design might be a better idea than one that is high in the tree. You can design the tree to look like a happy home with bright paint, curtains and a ladder leading to the inside. This fun design sits a little lower to the ground on a smaller tree or even on a few stumps. You can contact a tree removing company, like Smitty’s Tree Service Inc, to remove some of the trees in the yard and some of the stumps that are in the way to create a stable base. Let your children decide on the decorations that are added to the house, such as a tiny table and chairs.

A Jungle Gym

If you have space and the time, then you could create a huge jungle gym with multiple levels of the house. One level would be for relaxing or entertaining while the other level would have activities like a climbing wall or a rope net for climbing. With this design, you’ll need to build steps that lead from one level to another. After the house is built, you can stain the wood for a natural appearance.

When The Treehouse Looks Like A House

Using some of the same materials that are in your own house, you can create a miniature version for the backyard. Add electricity so that your children can watch television or play games in peace. During the holiday season, you can decorate the house with lights and other items that the child enjoys. Windows and roofing details can match your home as well.

Camping In The House

Instead of enclosing the entire treehouse with walls, keep one or two sides open to allow for a tent for camping. This would be the ideal spot for parents and children to make memories together in the summer by enjoying the stars or telling stories. Another fun item to include is a zip line to make it easier to become one with nature.

A treehouse is a fun way to escape the hustle and bustle of the home. Make a plan for the design of the house before you start building. Try to do things that will include your children as much as possible so that they will look at the house as their own.

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