3 Family Habits that Make Your Home a Safer Place

There are dangers in every household. The best way to combat them is to have habits in place to counteract them. Three habits that your family engages in to make your home a much safer place to reside include:

Fire Prevention

Your family is well educated on what to do in case of a fire. You hold fire drills often to ensure family members are well aware of escape routes. Fire extinguishers are located strategically throughout the house, especially in the kitchen and garage, and everyone knows exactly where they are and how to use them. All family members know where upstairs safety ladders are stored and which windows are the best to drop them from.

Everyone is aware that putting lamp oils, gasoline, kerosene, and other flammable materials in the right containers and then storing them properly can save a household from fire and injury, and sometimes even death.

Storing Poisonous or Unsafe Items Properly

The members of your family know exactly what to do when they are taking any kind of over-the-counter or prescription medicines. Placing these items on high shelves and sometimes in locked boxes can prevent younger children or confused elderly relatives from accidentally ingesting these harmful items.

Even if there are no small children in your home, pets can be affected if they get into certain chemicals or cleaning supplies. Animals can be easily poisoned by even your household plants such as sago palms, poinsettia leaves, and rhubarb leaves. Even chocolate can make your dog sick. All of your family members know exactly what is harmful to both humans and pets in your home, and how to counteract the effects. The number for Poison Control is posted in a central location where everyone can quickly and easily locate it to call for help.

Keeping Track of Keys

One of the best habits your family has is that of keeping track of their household keys. To lose these keys would be to invite intruders into the home or thieves to make away with vehicles parked outside. A key rack by the door can provide one location where all occupants are required to hang their sets when they are not in use.

If keys are accidentally misplaced or lost, the phone number to the locksmith is posted where everyone can find it in case of this emergency. If the keys do not show up in a timely manner, family members know to call this number to have locks on the home changed quickly.

Does this sound like your household? Does everyone know these emergency facts and procedures? If not, take the time to educate everyone on these basics to provide a safe and secure home for all of your loved ones.

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