Useful Tools that Every Homeowner Should Have In their Bathroom 

Keep your house clean and tidy all of the time can be a big task, especially when it comes to your bathroom. As a homeowner you can spend a lot of time cleaning your bathroom, only for it to get dirty again in a matter of days. You can also spend a lot of money buying different cleaning products for your bathroom, and unfortunately many of them are ineffective. If you are looking for ways to help keep your bathroom looking cleaner for longer, then here are some useful tools that every homeowner should have in their bathroom.

Drain catcher 

The first tool that I believe every homeowner should have in their bathroom is a drain catcher. As its name would suggest, a drain catcher can be placed in the drain of either your shower or bath and is great for collecting any of the dirt or hair that falls into your drain. Dirt and hair can quickly and easily build up in your drain. If this dirt and hair is not removed your drain will become blocked overtime. When a drain is blocked up with hair and dirt it can be difficult to unclog and get rid of this dirt. Therefore, this drain catcher tool will save you a lot of hassle when it comes to cleaning out the drain of your bath or shower. 

Magic erasers

Although magic erasers can be used to clean a number of different areas throughout your house, they are extremely useful when it comes to cleaning your bathroom. Magic erasers are essentially sponges that contain certain chemicals that are great for cleaning surfaces. These sponges are great at removing any stains that can occur on your bath, shower, or bathroom sink but won’t damage them no matter how much you use them. Certain products, such as shower or bath gel, can stain your shower or bath easily, especially if they are coloured. Therefore, having a magic eraser in your bathroom is a must.


A squeegee is one of the most useful tools that every homeowner should have in their bathroom and is essential if you have a glass shower door. A squeegee is a tool that can be used to remove excess water and moisture from a shower door and the walls surrounding your shower. If this excess water and moisture is left to dry, overtime it will leave water stains on your shower door and tiles. These water stains are unpleasing to look at and can be quite difficult to remove, even with the help of cleaning products. Simply running your squeegee across your glass shower door and the walls surrounding your shower after every time you have a shower will keep your it looking clean and will prevent any water stains from occurring.  

Antibacterial spray

Although antibacterial spray is essentially not a tool, this product is a must when it comes to keeping to your bathroom looking clean and fresh. Antibacterial spray is great for getting rid of any germs or bacteria that grows in your bathroom. Bacteria can easily grow on the surfaces of your bathroom, as well as your toilet, sink, bath, and shower. Spraying these surfaces with antibacterial spray every couple of days and giving them a wipe over will prevent this bacterium from growing and spreading throughout all of your bathroom. Antibacterial sprays typically come in a range of different scents, meaning they will add a  fresh and clean smell to your bathroom every time you use it. 

Disposable toilet cleaning kit

If you find the thought of having a dirty toilet brush in your bathroom, then a disposable toilet cleaning kit might be a good option for you when it comes to cleaning your toilet. These cleaning kits include all the tools that you need for cleaning and refreshing your toilet. They typically include a number of sponges, a cleaning wand, and a storage caddy, which are essential for making your toilet look and feel fresh. The great thing is that once you are done with them, you can simply throw them away. This means that the cleaning kit won’t take up unnecessary space in your bathroom and won’t take away from the aesthetic of your bathroom. 

Scent diffuser

Although this tool is not essential for a bathroom, it is a great addition to have and can make a lot of difference to the room. A scent diffuser is a great way to keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh. Scent diffusers come in many different shapes and sizes, meaning you will be sure to find one that works for the style of your bathroom. They also come in a range of different scents and are great way to cover up the chemical smell of any cleaning products that you might use. We all know our bathrooms can smell from time to time, so having a scent diffuser in your bathroom at all times can make a huge difference.

A brush set

There are many different types of sponges and brushes that you can buy for your bathroom but having a brush set will provide you with all the brushes that are essential for cleaning every inch of your bathroom. Brush sets usually contain a number of different brushes in different sizes. This means that you will be able to give your bathroom a deep clean and really get into all of those tiny and hard to reach areas of your bath, shower, sink, and toilet. Having a variety of small brushes will allow you to get right in and remove all of the dirt and grime that surrounds your drain and taps, leaving your bathroom looking spotless. These small brushes are also great for removing any limescale that has built up on your bathroom sink, bath, or shower overtime. 

Toilet gel discs

Another handy tool that every homeowner should have in their bathroom is toilet gel discs and a dispenser. These gels and dispensers are great for keeping your toilet smelling fresh and looking clean. Toilet gel discs are easy to use and are available to buy in most supermarkets no matter where you live. When using toilet gel discs all you have to do is place the dispenser on the inside surface of your toilet and hold down the button on the top of the tool to release the gel disc onto your toilet. The gel discs are typically scented and can last on the surface of your toiler for weeks at a time. When you flush your toilet, the scent of the gel will be released, helping your toilet to both smell and look fresh. Another added benefit of toilet gel discs is that they clean your toilet every time you flush it. Although they do not remove tough dirt and stains from your toilet, it helps it to stay clean in between cleans. 


In conclusion, there are many different tools and products available on the market that help your bathroom to look and smell great. All of these different tools will be a great help in your bathroom cleaning routine and will leave your bathroom looking and feeling fresher for longer. 

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