Types of Awnings You Can Choose From and their Benefits

Guest post contributed by Oliva Wilson

If you like spending time in the outdoor patio area of your house, then it is time that you invest in an awning to increase the functionality of the area. This overhang is attached to the exterior wall of a building, either on the door, window, or on the area along the sidewalk. Available in different fabrics, colors, and styles, these awnings perform multiple functions of protecting you and your outdoor furniture from the external factors of harsh sun rays, wind, rain, and snow. Now you can also install some large size outdoor awnings at your garden area and create some additional seating space for your guests. These awnings are foldable and you can move them to any other place as per your needs.

Basic Awning Types

There are certain types of awnings available depending on their operating systems including the following:

  • Stationary

If you live in an area which is constantly prone to strong winds, rain, snow, or sun, then you may install a stationary awning permanently on your home’s exterior. These shades are sturdy enough to withstand these forces of nature. But in this case, you need to bear heavy maintenance cost and it is better to install some contemporary retractable awnings to save this additional expenditure.

  • Retractable

Retractable canopies are a popular choice as they can be rolled up when not in use. This act as convenient in case of extreme weather conditions as well to protect the awning from damage.

  • Portable

These sunshades are a highly convenient variant which can be moved from one place to another as required. They are thus a handy option for people who either do not use their patio area regularly or do not experience an extreme change in weather in their area periodically.

  • Motorized

When it comes to convenient canopies, motorized ones which use an electric mechanism to open and close them are a great choice than the mechanical counterparts. You can also look for one with sensors that detect the changing weather and open or retract as required.


Benefits of Installing Awning  

Whatever the type of canopy you choose, it will be beneficial for achieving the following benefits:

  • The primary function of a canopy is to protect the outdoor space form extreme weather conditions such as direct sun, rain, snow, and wind. Thus, not only can one spend time in the outdoor space of their home comfortably under the awning, but the furniture will also be prevented from getting damaged due to discoloration and deterioration.
  • By providing you with a comfortable environment outdoors, one can spend more time in the patio area for recreational or entertaining purposes. One can further design the area and add furniture to host guests as well and organize barbecues in this private space.
  • By investing in a sunshade and adding functionality to the outdoor space of your house, you also consequently add to the value of the house. This would act as profitable to you if you wish to resell the house in the future.

How would you buy the best awnings for your house?

After considering these factors, one may do research on the material and fabric options of an awning and choose one according to their taste and needs. It is vital that you approach a reputable company for buying an awning to ensure premium quality material only. You may search online for the various companies offering sunshades in your area and choose one by comparing the variety offered by several sellers.

After finding a suitable company that matches your budget and needs, also check for their reviews posted by their previous customers on such online portals to ensure credibility.

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  2. I loved how you said that roll-up window awnings can be protected from severe weather conditions! My sister was at my house yesterday afternoon for a visit, and she talked about how she and her husband want to get awnings installed for their first-floor windows sometime next month. I’ll pass these tips along to them so they can know more about the different types of awnings!

  3. Thanks so much for explaining how awning help protect not only you but your outdoor furniture from a few outdoor elements like sun rays and rain. My sister wants to start spending more time out in her backyard and she’s been thinking of installing an awning so she can have a shady spot to sit and enjoy the outside. We’ve been looking into different types and trying to find a company she can call to help her get one installed.

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