Tips to Select High-Quality HSS Drills and Electrical Cords

High-speed steel (HSS) drill bits are a form of tool used to remove materials in order to create holes, mostly of circular cross-section. HSS drills come in a variety of shapes and sizes through which you can create holes of different kinds in different materials. They work on electrical power which is connected through an electrical cord and hence are extremely easy to use.

The mechanism of HSS drills and electrical cords is based on the drill attached to it which powers them to cut through any material, typically by rotation. The appropriate material is very essential to be able to drill perfectly. They can create holes in metal, hardwood amongst others at an increased cutting speed because of the installation of carbon steel bits in them.

Depending upon the nature of work and the materials to cut through you must choose the appropriate HSS drills and electrical cords. Listed below are some tips to select the best and high-quality HSS drills and electrical cords for your work:

Steel and Other Metals

  • HSS Bits – Since the HSS drill bits are made from chrome and vanadium along with carbon steel, they can be used at a very high drilling speed. Starting from metals like iron, steel, brass, copper to aluminium alloys, HSS drill bits can be used to cut through everything. They can even be used to dig holes in plastic too.
  • Titanium Coated/ Cobalt Steel – In order to drill hard materials like stainless steel HSS drills coated with titanium compound is more effective and durable. Such drills are much harder than HSS drills. Another favourable option to dig through stainless steel is cobalt alloy materials. They are not just coated like that of titanium bits but are purely manufactured from solid alloy, and sometimes marked as HSS Co. Due to the addition of cobalt, such drill bits can withstand higher temperature during the process of drilling without losing their edge. However, they have the disadvantage of being brittle which are more likely to chip at the cutting edge. They are more expensive as compared to titanium coated drills.

Wooden Material

  • Spade or Flat Wood Bit – While choosing HSS drills and electrical cord to cut through wood one of the options go for the flat wood bit or spade. They can be used for rapid drilling through the wood and available in sizes starting from ¼ inch to about ½ inches. However, if too much pressure is applied these HSS drill bits may produce a splintering effect.
  • Lip and Spur Bits – These HSS drill bits offer another option to drill through timbers which are available in sizes from 1/8 inches to 5/8 inches. You can use them to cut through plastics as well.
  • The Hole Saws – To drill through timber a drill with a high amount of power and torque is needed in order to overcome the friction during the drilling process. The hole saw comes with small teeth like a handsaw and a blade which is in a cylindrical form. Some hole saws are made from HSS steel as well, and they are suitable to drill metals like iron, steel, etc. These types of HSS drills and electrical cords can be used for all such materials.

For Plastic

  • Tungsten Carbide Masonry Drill Bit – To drill holes in materials like stone, solid concrete, brick and breeze block tungsten carbide masonry drill bits can be used. They come with a round section shank favourable to be used in a conventional chuck. They are mostly used in impact, hammer or percussion drill.
  • Diamond Core Bits – These types of HSS drill bits are similar to hole saws. They are mainly used for the purpose of drilling holes in concrete or aerated cement blocks.

The materials of HSS drill and electrical cords are determined by the type of material that will be used in. They are mostly used with different combinations of titanium, carbide, cobalt and so on. The requirement of yours will lead you to the correct cords and drills you want.  

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