The Future of Dispensary Shopping: What to Expect

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The cannabis industry has come a long way in recent years, and the future of dispensary shopping looks even brighter. With more states continuing to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana, consumers are now able to shop for their favorite products with ease. But what can we expect from the future of dispensary shopping? 

The Nature of Dispensary Shopping Today

Today, dispensary shopping has become a more convenient and enjoyable experience. Many dispensaries now offer memberships that come with discounts and rewards for loyal customers. Most dispensaries also have knowledgeable staff who are able to help guide customers on the best products for their needs. With all of these positives in mind, there are a number of other expected changes to come. 

The Future of Dispensary Shopping

A number of changes are expected to come to dispensary shopping in the near future. By understanding what lies ahead for dispensary shoppers, customers can make informed decisions about where they choose to purchase their cannabis products. Below are just a few changes to keep in mind. 

1. Online Ordering & Delivery

Many dispensaries are already offering online ordering and delivery services, but the future of dispensary shopping will likely include even more options for customers. By utilizing technology like mobile applications, consumers can easily place orders and have them delivered to their homes within a matter of hours. This could potentially eliminate long lines at physical locations and provide an easier way for customers to get the cannabis products they are looking for. 

2. Advanced Technology in Dispensaries 

In addition to online ordering, many dispensaries are also looking into ways to incorporate advanced technology within their stores. This could include virtual reality experiences, product customization options, and even automated checkout systems. With advancements in technology, shoppers can expect a more detailed shopping experience that is tailored to their needs and preferences. 

3. More Variety in Cannabis Products 

As the legalization of marijuana continues to spread, consumers can expect even more variety when it comes to cannabis products. With new strains, edibles, concentrates, oils, and more available for purchase, customers will have no shortage of options when visiting their local dispensary. Sweeter, more adventurous flavors are also on the rise, which can mean more experimentation, including the flavors you love. 

4. Improved Education & Resources 

Customers can expect to see improved education and resources when they visit a dispensary in the future. Dispensaries are beginning to hire knowledgeable staff members who are able to answer questions and provide up-to-date information on products and trends within the cannabis industry. Furthermore, many dispensaries are offering informational resources to help customers make informed decisions about their purchases. 

5. Expanded Payment Methods 

The future of dispensary shopping will likely include more payment options for customers. Many dispensaries are accepting digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay for payment. This could make it easier for customers to pay for their purchases without the need for cash or checks if either were permitted in the first place. 

6. Price Increases

The price of cannabis products is expected to continue rising in the near future. With more states legalizing marijuana, the demand for cannabis products will likely increase, leading to higher prices on certain items. Price increases could make it more difficult for customers to afford their favorite products, but with careful research and shopping around, customers can still find good deals.  

7. Increased Safety & Security 

As more dispensaries open, consumers can expect to see increased safety and security measures in place. Dispensaries are now making sure to keep detailed records of their products and customers, as well as utilizing video surveillance and other technologies to ensure the safety of both staff members and shoppers. 

8. More Dispensaries 

With the growing popularity of cannabis (and hopefully continued legalization and destigmatization) it’s likely that even more dispensaries will open in the future. This could make it easier for consumers to find a dispensary near them and have access to a wide selection of products and services. 


The future of dispensary shopping promises to be even better than it is today. With advancements in technology and an expanding range of cannabis products, customers can expect to have a more enjoyable and informed shopping experience. As the legalization of marijuana continues to spread, dispensaries will continue to offer more features and services that are tailored to the needs of their customers.

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