Tips for Taking a Dog Along On Vacation

At 63 percent, Australia’s pet ownership is among the highest in the world. According to Pet Express Transport Services, Australians favor dogs over other pets, so there are about 19 dogs for every 100 people. With such a high popularity of pups, it’s only normal to bring them on a vacation with us. Travelling with your dog definitely, adds to the fun and eliminates the worry of not knowing what your dog is up to while you are on the road. In order to make the vacation a happy time for both you and your dog, please read through these tips.

Traveling by road

Dogs can’t wear safety belts, and while there are dog-specific restraints and safety belts, they haven’t been successful in protecting dogs during the crash. Leave the front seat for human companions and let your pet ride safely in a secure crate on the back seat. Make frequent rest stops to let your dog exercise and do dog stuff, but never allow Rover outside without a collar, ID tag, and leash. It’s always easier to travel with a pet if you bring along another human companion. This way, you’ll be able to use the facilities and get food at stops while the other one is keeping an eye on your pup.

Traveling by air

Different airlines have different rules related to dog travel. While you don’t want to be surprised at the airport, always check the regulations with the airline you’ll be using. Qantas, for example, requires all pets to travel as freight, while not permitting breeds classed as dangerous at all. Cathay Pacific allows only service dogs to travel within the cabin. Keep in mind though that taking a pet overseas is a big deal. Once your dog leaves Australia, it immediately loses its Australian health status. states that cats and dogs can return freely to Australia only from ‘Group 1 approved countries’ that are New Zealand, Cocos Islands, and Norfolk Island.

A dog on board

Unlike with the car travel, you cannot make pit stops while on the plane. So, it is not smart to fly on a full stomach or bladder. Make sure your dog has fasted for at least six hours before the trip and eliminated as close to the departure time. If your pet is traveling in the freight hold, try not to make a big parting scene as it will only upset your dog. Bear in mind that traveling in the freight area comes with certain risks. While most animals go through the process just fine, unfortunately, a number of pets are killed, injured and lost on commercial flights each year. If you’re considering taking your dog on a vacation, driving is always the better option.

Staying in a hotel

While pet-friendly hotels will be prepared for your visit, at other hotels, you may find the Continental breakfast the only thing fit for a dog. If you forgot to pack your pup’s favorite food, you can always try ordering Royal Canin online. Showing affection to a dog howling or barking in a new room will only encourage it. Instead, once you get to the room take your pet out for some exercise and to calm it. When your return to the room get the dog to stay where it is and to wait while you unpack, shower and make phone calls. It’s important that your scent is everywhere before the dog settles in, otherwise, it will assume control of the situation.

What might work for another person, often doesn’t work for your four-legged companion. It means you have to think on a completely different level. Preparedness is the key to a fun traveling experience for both you and your dog.

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