Drink Too Much Coffee? 4 Natural Home Remedies to Whiten Your Teeth

If you drink a lot of coffee, you probably have noticed how it has discolored your teeth. And as you already know, a white smile is a good indicator of strong and healthy teeth. In turn, it boosts confidence and self-esteem. However, the cost to achieve white teeth can be significant. White strips and bleaching sacrifices enamel strength for a whiter smile. Because of it, there’s a rise in natural home remedies to whiten your teeth. Here are four solutions to try. Continue reading “Drink Too Much Coffee? 4 Natural Home Remedies to Whiten Your Teeth”

Best Foods to Fill Sweet Cravings

chocolate strawberry
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Make Dessert a Solution, Not a Problem

Women have quite a reputation for being head over heels in love with desserts and specifically CHOCOLATE! Think of the appeal: sweet, satisfying and always makes you happy. Now, where else can you get a deal like that? Some scientists claim it will lower your risk of stroke by 20%. Other researchers claim small amounts of dark chocolate can lower your blood pressure and extend your life.

How much more proof do we need? I say, just hand it over!  So if dessert is the answer, then how do you stay trim? I fondly remember a line in the popular musical Hairspray where Velma Von Tussle, Amber’s mother, says she hasn’t had a dessert in 20 years!  Or, opposite of her, you could eat a huge ice cream sundae or a piece of cake every day. These gourmet desserts easily amount to 700-1000 calories or half of your daily calorie intake for weight maintenance. You can bet, if you’re eating too many high-calorie desserts, then gaining weight is an imminent threat and diets aren’t going to work.  So if some dessert is good for you, but too much dessert is bad for you. I propose a solution! And if my tips help women stay slim eating dessert and sweet foods, I think I deserve an award for that! It would be for “Peace of mind”.

So my lady, don’t cut sweet foods out of your life. The relationship wasn’t that bad!  Just fill your cravings with these sweet wonders! Don’t try to fight it, just do it!

Eat Responsibly, Foods to Satisfy Your Sweet Craving

 1. Fruit is always your first go to when craving something sweet. Pick your favorite fruits. To me, cherries taste like candy and I can never eat all the raspberries I truly desire. The more you get used to eating natural foods, the desserts that are all wrong for you won’t taste good anymore. Want to give your fruit an extra kick? Lightly dip your strawberry in high-quality dark chocolate!

 2. Make a vow to yourself that your desserts must also have a good amount of nutrition in them. Remember food is for fuel and nutrition.  So, make a carrot cake with freshly grated carrots, some coconut macaroons with real coconut meat in them, a cupcake with fresh orange zest. And go as light as you can get away with on sugar for the rest of the recipe. With the smaller amount of sugar you are using, make sure it’s natural or comes from a natural plant like Stevia.

 3. Flavor your meat with sweet sauces. Sweet doesn’t always have to come from dessert. I love the Chinese sesame and sweet and sour chicken. And you don’t just have to use the sauce packets! You can make sweet and sour sauce from an actual pineapple, which is very healthy. Get creative with making sauces from actual fresh fruits. You could make a plum sauce, orange sauce or branch out and make fresh jellies and jams. If you’re not used to cooking with fresh fruits then gradually add in any extra sugar needed, or don’t use any at all if not absolutely necessary.

4. Invest in high-quality dark chocolate. Not overly sweet. Get it from a health food store. Read the label. The percent of cocoa should be in the 70s, 80s or 90s! Kind of like your favorite type of music. Healthy chocolate rocks!

5. Make your own desserts and carbohydrate foods at home. I have found with my clients and customers that desserts and carbohydrates present the biggest challenge to them. So make them at home so you can monitor the sugar and use healthy ingredients. You can bake cookies, scones, banana bread, and strawberry sorbet to start with. Experiment and have fun! Keep your sugar intake to 12 grams sugar at one sitting with a treat.

6. Make your own fresh fruit juice or smoothies. Fresh orange juice, pineapple or grapefruit juice should take the place of sodas. Sure, it doesn’t come in a can, but think about what it “CAN” do for you!


Find Amazing Cookbooks to Help with Your Journey

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 “I would love for you to get in shape eating the recipes I used to shed 20 lbs.  No more diets! It’s a healthy lifestyle with yummy food.  Good Luck and know that I believe in you!


Guest Post contributed by The Domestic Diva, owner of the health and nutrition company Healthy JunkFood.  She serves as a health coach and enjoys motivational speaking to the community about leading a healthy lifestyle.