Stylish and Practical: Mom Fashion Essentials for Busy Days

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When the “momming” gets tough, mom can still get everything done looking stylishly practical. In fact, it’s easy when you have the right combination of mom fashion essentials for busy days when your feet barely touch the ground. While you’re wrangling those littles, practical style can accompany you every step of the way, and it’s easier than you think!

Alternatives to Leggings

Leggings have been a fashion essential for moms for decades but not everyone feels comfortable living in them. For you, we have alternatives!

Loose-fitting, airy, drawstring pants give you some demure coverage. Wear them closer to the leg and cropped for dressier moments or wear the full, flowing look for the sheer ease of it. Either way, you’ll be cool, comfortable, and stylish.

Or, try a pair of jeans with a lot of stretch. These aren’t traditional “jeggings” (leggings with stitching that mimics jeans) but actual jeans. If you’re tired of feeling like you’re out in public in your pajamas, either of these alternatives can have the effect of making you feel a little more “dressed.”

The Bag

You need a bag that will carry all the little essentials you need to “mom” hard. From snacks to juice boxes to bandaids, the bag you need is organized, boasting zippered compartments, slip pockets, and space for all those kid essentials moms need to keep handy. Vegan shoulder bags don’t just bring you utilitarian performance; they bring you fashion. Remember that?

Not only does a vegan bag bring you fashion, but you also get street credit with it. That bag is in the vanguard of sustainability and animal-friendliness! So, you’ll not only look good, but your vegan bag will make it clear that you’re thinking ahead to a better world for your kids.

Fabric Forward

While you’re momming it up out there, giving serious thought to the type of fabric your clothes are made of is important. For one, spills are going to happen, especially with smaller children. Consider the resilience of your clothing and how well it stands up to the punishment of parenthood! Does it hide stains? Does it wash well?

Also, give some thought to timeless pieces that look good because they fit well. It’s easy to fall into the trap of slopping through life because the “kids come first.” The kids can still come first when you’re wearing resilient fabrics in classic cuts that look great on you and fit properly.

Don’t Give Up on Dresses

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Especially when the weather’s warm, there’s nothing easier than a dress. Again, fabric matters. When you have a dress on hand, made in a resilient fabric that fits and looks great, why not throw it over your head and slap on a pair of sandals? It’s no more involved than pulling on a pair of stretchy jeans and a comfortable top. It’s easy!

A simple, cotton blend frock is about as easy as it gets. A long, scoop-necked tunic dress is uber-easy to wear with a pair of tennis shoes or sandals. Don’t limit yourself. Have some fun with easy-going dresses that make you feel good and look great!

The Top Fashion Essential

Taking the best possible care of your skin while you’re doing the mom thing is a must. Glowing skin is a fashion essential that makes or breaks every look you wear.

You’ll be glowing with confidence when you take a minute to cleanse and moisturize before hurling yourself out the front door. And if you still feel a need to wear a little makeup, opt for a tinted lip balm and a touch of glowy highlighter. With well-groomed skin, you’re good to go, Mom!

Easy Pieces

Everything in life gets easier with a little forethought. Plan your wardrobe for utility and easy combinations. That means having your separates sorted, down to the shoes. One of each pair of tennis shoes, sandals, and ankle boots gives plenty of style choice, without feeling you need to resort to Crocs or flip-flops.

Keep your day-to-day mom wardrobe simple and monochromatic. Save the pops of color for a scarf in the hair or a bright T-shirt in your wardrobe rotation. For the most part, sticking to a color palette that’s easy to combine and works well with all the other pieces you wear is the simple but stylish solution.

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