Performance Fabrics 101: Everything You Need to Know

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Performance fabrics have seen quite a shift in usage and popularity while changing their roots from outdoors to indoors. They have seen many mixes and matches of designs and patterns. Performance fabrics have always been a fascinating subject for designers around the globe, specifically for brands like Ultrafabrics. This standard fabric is used for patios and other outdoor furniture is popularly used in sportswear and has dominated the outdoor fabric market for many years. 

So, here is everything you need to know about this phenomenon of performance fabric.

What are performance fabrics?

Performance fabrics are chemically treated and can withstand everyday wear and tear. They are water and stain resistant with antimicrobial, UV-blocking, increased durability, and mildew resistance quality.

Only some fabrics will have all these qualities. Each one comes with different attributes. Thus, choosing a suitable material for your home is essential. The demand for such fabrics is significantly increasing. Performance fabrics will also resist abrasion for a long time. 

Advantages of performance fabric 

The popularity of performance fabric comes from its many unique advantages. Here are some of those many unique advantages. 


Changing interiors and furniture due to tough stains and abrasions every few years is a hassle nobody wants to deal with. That is where performance fabric saves you time and effort. 

Unlike most upholstery fabrics, performance fabrics are built to last. They are water-resistant and stain resistant. Thus, the cushions don’t absorb water, making them easier to clean.

Ideal for white furniture

Who doesn’t love classic and beautiful white furniture? But keeping it always flawlessly beautiful is a huge hassle. Well, with performance fabric, you don’t have to worry about those problems. 

Pet & child friendly 

For people with children, safeguarding the interiors from constant spills and splashes is an impossible task. It is not a party for people with pets as well. That is where a performance fabric does the job well. It is stain and water-resistant. Thus, keeping performance fabric furniture clean and always charming is much easier. 

Variety of styles

Performance fabric allows you to experiment with many different styles and designs. It is currently a favorite of many high-end designers. So when it comes to choice, performance fabric provides plenty. They come in many designs and patterns for sofas, chairs, pillows, etc. With so many advantages, performance fabric will likely stay in style for a while. 

Best performance fabric for your home 

When it comes to choosing the best performance fabric for your home, there are so many options. Each has its advantages and different uses based on those advantages. Here are different types of performance fabric for you to choose which is the best for you. 

Acrylic Performance Fabrics

Acrylic performance fabric is an engineered polymer made into fibers and spun into yarn. Apart from upholstery, it is commonly found in apparel like sweaters, socks, hoodies, and more. 

Olefin Performance Fabrics

Another synthetic and engineered fiber, olefin performance fabric, is made from polypropylene. It is upcycled from waste material. Thus, compared to others, it is the most sustainable fabric. Olefin performance fabric is commonly used in car interiors, rugs, and carpets. It is also known as polypropylene or polypro fabric. 

Treated Performance Fabrics

Most treated performance fabrics are made with a blend of regular upholstery fibers like polyester, linen, cotton, etc. Sometimes the treated performance fabric also contains acrylic or olefin. It is the most difficult to categorize, as all performance fabric treatments differ. 


Now, with the growing trend of using it indoors. Performance fabric has again started gaining a lot of attention from people within the design industry. If you are looking for performance fabric for your interiors, now you can make a more informed choice. 

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