Overlooked Spaces: 4 Ways to Incorporate Functional Design in Your Garage

Creating functional spaces throughout the home can add organization and comfort to everyday life. Often, garages are seen as an external space and not considered in functional design. With a little planning, you can change your space from a catchall storage unit to an area that helps meet the needs of your family.

Painting Walls and Floor for Easy Cleaning

Creating a functional space begins with having a clean appealing backdrop. This includes clean and painted walls to prepare the space for cabinetry, shelves, hooks and other storage options. Using an epoxy floor paint will seal the floor, add a bit of color, and allow for easy cleaning. Though not necessarily considered in many garages, these two steps will combine to create a more welcome and usable space.

Work Spaces for Your Lifestyle

When planning your new space, it is important to consider what types of projects and activities the family most enjoys. Having a workbench with appropriate function such as 8ft LED tube lighting overhead, cubbies and cups for storage of small objects and other options suitable for the hobby and work area make this space more usable.

Cabinets and Shelves for Storage

Creating storage for those larger or odd-shaped items can be a challenge. Using creative cabinetry and shelves can allow the family to store away many of these items. Using ceiling mounted storage provides a place to store those seasonal items that tend to clutter the garage area. Additionally, adjustable shelves, either mounted or portable are also a necessary part of the storage system. Clearly labeling boxes and containers aids in keeping the space neat and usable.

Use the Wall Space

Many larger items found in the garage can be moved from the garage floor to hanging up and out of the way. Use a pegboard or track system to hang tools, shovels, rakes, and other items between uses. Hooks, bike racks, and storage straps with grommets to wrangle all kinds of utility products including cords, bicycles, and garden hoses. Consider the size of the item to be hung to determine location and type of hanging instrument.

Creating order and a place for all things, including work space options will provide the family with additional living square footage. Incorporating color, lighting, and functional storage into the space increases the likelihood that you will use the space and keep it in order.

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