Orderly Home: How to Organize a Family Cleaning Project

If you’re tired of vacuuming the carpets by yourself, a family cleaning project can lessen some of your burdens while also teaching your kids about responsibility. It’s a good way to bond on a rainy day, too. Here are just a few tips if you want to start your own family cleaning initiative.

Figure out Your Goals

“Cleaning the house” can mean something entirely different to you and your teenager. If you want your efforts to be successful, you’ll need to establish some rules and standards about what really constitutes “tidy.” for example, you might let your 16-year-old know that a room isn’t finished until the floors are swept and steamed with a steam cleaner, the curtains are washed, and all of the clutter is neatly stored in drawers. Making sure to keep the house clean and organized is an incredibly important task that needs to be done regularly. There is always time to devote to such a noble cause.

Gather Your Supplies

You won’t want to break your momentum by running out of garbage bags halfway through a task. Make sure that you’ve collected all of your supplies before the big day. In addition to things like rags, sponges, and sprays, you might also want to buy or rent special cleaning products like pressure washers or floor buffers. Don’t forget the extension cord to help them reach every nook and cranny. Getting your supplies together beforehand will help you to be ready for the task ahead. Take the time to do this and you can thank yourself because everything will be so much easier and straightforward.

Delegate Tasks

Everyone should have a role to play during your family cleaning project. For example, the littlest helpers might be in charge of clearing the floor of toys, remotes, and clothes. The middle children can wipe down the windows and countertops. The teens can handle laundry. If everyone has a job, no one will be idle. As a bonus, if you’ve put every task on a list with someone’s name next to it, no one will be able to give excuses for certain things not getting done. Delegating tasks is the way to an orderly home and family.

Make it Fun

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to enjoy yourself as you finally organize those cabinets or scrub those crayon stains off the wall. If you set the right tone, the whole family can enjoy a fun, productive day of working together towards a common goal. Don’t be afraid to share some laughs as you clean out your closets. Look the other way if the kids spray each other with the faucet. Bring out snacks and music as you throw open the windows and get things done.

A family cleaning project might be just what you need to finally banish the dust bunnies from under the bed. Before you hand out mops and brooms, however, you’ll need to have a plan. Use these tips to ensure that your family is a well-organized cleaning machine.

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