Moving the Fam? How to Make it Seamless and Simple

Are you moving across the country? Do you need to get your family safe from one state to another without tearing your hair out? We have four tips you may want to use to help your next relocation go smoother than the last.

Organize Early

U.S. News says that real estate agents and brokers tell property owners to begin planning a move at least eight weeks in advance. Schedule move-in day by counting backward from the day you plan to stay overnight in your new home. Use the first two weeks to decide whether you want to hire movers or you plan to drive your belongings to your new residence. By week six, you should be on the packing phase of your schedule.

Use Lists to Keep Track

To keep everything in order while you pack, you will want to choose one corner of each room to put your boxes. Clear out this corner first and then pack up things you will not need for three to six months. Out of season clothing and holiday items are excellent items to start with first. As you pack, make trash and donation containers that you can take from room to room. Choose one spot in your home for donations. You can schedule a one-time pickup or deliver items to your local charity as your space gets too full. As you work around the room, keep a clipboard with a list of items you want to work on and things you need to do to stay on top of packing.

Hire Professional Helpers

Whether you want to employ a long distance moving company, or you plan to hire help loading the truck, you will want to investigate anyone you hire. U.S. News says the first two weeks of your planning works best for this task, so you can research companies and get quotes. Keep a list of companies with notes and estimates to stay on track of whom to keep on your short list. Remember to ask about liability for items you pack instead of the movers unless you use their packing services. Some moving companies only cover items that company employees pack up.

Plan for Delays and Changes

Every long-distance move will have challenges at some point. A vehicle breaks down, traffic slows progress, someone gets sick, or something else happens. Add extra cushions by scheduling utility hook-ups for a couple hours after you expect to show up. You can add additional time to the schedule for the morning of the move so everyone can get showers and has time to pack up the few things you have left to get ready.

Remember travel items can help you get more in boxes in the last three days of your stay in your old house. Paper utensils and plates will be a huge lifesaver. Keep treats, snacks, and single-serving drinks at the ready to keep the family comfortable the entire trip. A cooler or two in the trunk of your car will be a welcome item. Pack a change of clothing, some wipes or wet washrags for messes, blankets and pillows, medications, chargers, and care items in tote bags you can easily grab too.

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