How to Transition Your Lake House Decor for Different Times of the Year

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As winter melts away and spring takes center stage, your lake house becomes your favorite place to go boating, hiking, and fishing. Come summer, it’s the family hot spot for picnics, barbecues, paddleboarding, and jet skiing. When fall arrives, your lake house becomes the most beautiful camping and canoeing destination thanks to the autumn foliage. Ice fishing takes over the itinerary when the cold months arrive, and the cycle of lake life begins again.

That’s the beauty of lake life, and it’s why the sales of lakefront homes have been booming during the past several years. States like New York, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia were some of the top places to buy lake houses in 2023, with buyers valuing lake houses in these areas for their investment value, private lake access, and scenic views.

How do you transition your lake house decor for different times of the year? Let’s explore how to effortlessly elevate your lakefront home’s look in every season.

Spring Bling

When spring is in the air, it’s time to refresh your lake house with color. Vibrant greens and soft pastels are perfect for echoing the fresh growth outdoors. Complement solids with botanical prints and floral patterns for your wall art, cushions, table linens, blankets, and throw pillows.

Wall Art

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Wall art lovers can choose either framed art or canvas prints displaying spring landscapes or blooming flowers to bring a spring touch to their homes. Abstract pieces featuring pastel hues are another excellent way to brighten up any lakehouse space. Pastel hues can instantly evoke light-heartedness, joy, serenity, and calmness, conveying a feeling of relaxation and peace. They can also provide a sophisticated yet subtle palette to complement your existing interior design without overwhelming your space.

Additional Touches

Don’t forget to bring in potted plants and fresh flowers to top off your lake house’s indoor spring look. Adding these natural elements to your lake house can infuse life into your home, the perfect way to add a hint of spring inside. Consider accents like stain glass lamps featuring bright hues, like pink and turquoise, decorative bowls, vases, and candles to sprinkle some color around your home.

Summer Style

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The dog days of summer are the perfect time to add an airy and light feel to your lake house. Swap out those heavy curtains for sheer ones that will allow breezes from the lake and natural light to pour in, and introduce light-colored linens to the bedrooms for a cool and breathable touch.

Got a patio? Add a swing chair, hammock, furniture, outdoor rugs, and waterproof cushions for lounging. Choose summery, bright colors like orange and yellow to inspire your family members and guests to relax at the lakeside. Open-air lanterns and string lights can also go a long way in creating the perfect magical setting for your favorite evening lake get-togethers.

Bring the lakeside beach indoors with the perfect beach home accessories, like sea-themed outlet covers, fish-shaped metal art figurines, and turtle-themed wall racks for guests’ coats and purses. Trinket dishes with sea turtles or dolphins can also add a lovely lake vibe to your home in the summer.

Fall Flair

The air is crisp, you’re craving hot apple cider, and you envision a bonfire in your future. It’s fall. For your lake home decor, that means it’s time to embrace warm tones like yellow, red, and orange to reflect your landscape’s changing leaves. Golden yellow, burnt orange and deep red can especially evoke a sense of autumn.

Fireplaces and Table Fun

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Your fireplace mantel can easily be adorned with small pumpkins, gourds, autumnal garlands, and candles to pay homage to the fall harvest season. Let your dining table join in the fall vibes by pairing white dishes with gold or copper flatware and decorative fall napkin rings. Rings made with burlap, acorns, and twigs can instantly add the perfect rustic touch.

Textile Transformation

Introduce velvet cushions and heavy textiles, such as knitted throws, to your living room for an additional touch of warmth and coziness. Fabrics like faux fur, flannel, and wool are perfect for giving your home’s interior a fall ambiance. These accents should feature caramel, peach, burgundy, and forest green hues for the perfect fall feel.

Outdoors Inside

Set up mums, hay bales, and corn stalks near your lake house’s entryway for an even more festive touch. Interested in bringing the outdoors inside? Collect pinecones, branches, and colorful leaves outside, and arrange these elements in vases you can place throughout your home. They can also be used to create a gorgeous centerpiece for your fall dining table.

Winter Wonderland

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As Kris Kringle prepares to make his rounds around the world, you can easily give your lake house the perfect winter look with cozy textures. Place blankets made of faux fur in your setting area, and add plush rugs for comfort. A faux fur throw is especially excellent for giving your home a luxurious feel.

Table and floor lamps can also create the warm glow you and your guests will appreciate on those shorter winter days. Evoking feelings of wintertime and Christmas is simple with diffusers and candles featuring scents like vanilla, pine, and cinnamon, too. 

Add potted evergreens to your living room to further give your lake home a winter welcome. Adorn your walls with wooden elements such as artistic pieces for the walls, rustic furniture, and driftwood accents to finish off the wintry look.

Upgrade Your Lake House in Every Season With Confidence

Giving your lake house a facelift every season is the perfect way to keep your lakeside home current, eye-catching, and inviting. Keep in mind that focusing on elements you can easily swap out, like small furnishings, textiles, and decorative accessories, can make the transition from one season to the next seamless. Consider the above-listed tips for transitioning your lake house decor for different times of the year to effortlessly enjoy fresh looks that align with every season for years to come.

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