How to Build a Long-Lasting Home without Depleting Your Savings

When you build a home, it’s important to make sure that the finished structure is durable and will last as long as you need it to. At the same time, though, high-quality construction can be fairly expensive, making the home more expensive. Here are four of the best ways to make your home long-lasting without breaking the budget. On top of that, you can work with Alabama home builders to help you find a “move-in-ready” house or guide you through the building process from the ground.

Use Bamboo Flooring

As you’re probably aware, real wood floors have a tendency to last longer than almost any other type of flooring, but they’re fairly expensive. A great way to get the look and durability of hardwood without quite as much cost is to go with bamboo flooring. Bamboo is almost as durable as hardwood and costs significantly less per square foot. If used throughout your house, the cost savings of bamboo over hardwood can run into the thousands of dollars.

Make Use of Granite Remnants

When granite is cut for things like vanities and countertops, there are always pieces left over. If you’re handy, you can use these spare pieces, which can be bought very cheaply, to enhance your home with one of nature’s hardest materials. With larger granite remnants, you can make small counter areas and sink accents that will be extremely durable but cost you very little money for the materials.

Use a Durable Siding Material

Modern siding is rarely as durable as the brick that once comprised the majority of home exteriors. The downside to brick, though, is that it is extremely expensive, even though it lasts practically forever. A great compromise solution is to use cement fiber siding. Though not quite as long-lasting as brick, cement fiber siding is much more durable and will last much longer than vinyl, siding services will cost considerably less than building your home with a brick exterior.

Put a Steel Roof on

There’s no doubt that steel roofs cost more than asphalt, but at the same time they will last much longer and save you money on roof repairs and replacements down the road. You can keep costs down by using corrugated steel, which is less expensive than some of its counterparts. By putting a steel roof on your house, you can ensure that you won’t have to replace it nearly as soon as you would one made of asphalt shingles.

These are just a few of the great ways that you can increase your home’s durability without spending too much money. Though a truly durable home will cost more than one that will fall apart over a few decades, there are ways to keep the costs under control, and the finished home will be of much higher quality.

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