How Pocket Spring Mattresses Are Good For Health

While you may think that a mattress is merely for sleep, and therefore not so important, you couldn’t be more wrong. While you sleep, your body unconsciously undergoes various positional changes, and you may sleep in several different ways. Sleep in itself – mattress or no mattress, is an essential part of making you healthy. A good mattress enhances this further, and you can protect your spinal health by sleeping on a good mattress. 

Furthermore, certain mattresses like a Pocket spring mattress may be beneficial in case you are afflicted with a spinal or back problem. As with all the things around the home that you use, mattresses have their fair share of technology to boast of, and the best mattresses today can give your body a new lease of life. 

Advantages of Good Mattresses

Health experts recommend a good night’s sleep for optimal mental and physical well-being. It helps you maintain a superior quality of life. If it is hampered due to a bad mattress, you may face detrimental orthopaedic effects. How do you guarantee a good night’s sleep? By purchasing a mattress that suits your needs. It can’t be stressed enough that a good mattress can offer plenty of advantages. A few of them have been highlighted below.

  • Good mattresses support your back, hips, shoulders etc. 
  • Good mattresses enhance your postural health and positions while you sleep
  • Good mattresses ensure proper muscle alignment
  • Good mattresses alleviate ailments related to the spine and back, offering greater comfort

Spring Mattresses

A conventional mattress, spring mattresses comprise springs commonly called ‘mattress coils’. These coils have a role to play in supporting your body while you sleep. They give you weight reinforcement support and prevent your mattress from normal wear and tear.  Two common spring mattress types include the Bonnell spring mattress and the pocket spring mattress. 

Types of Spring Mattresses

Before you buy any spring mattress, you should know the details of the mattress configuration. The Pocket spring mattress has several springs fitted into pockets made of soft cotton. Due to the softness of the cotton, these springs can move quite flexibly. Overall, this kind of mattress is cosy and comfortable with the right amount of bounce. 

Furthermore, due to deft spring coil technology, this mattress can accommodate individuals with a range of body weights. The mattress has the ability to adjust itself based on the body contours of the sleeper. Spring mattresses are very popular, not just because of their comfort but because they are durable. Moreover, pocket spring mattresses are known to improve circulation, which is a clear benefit of sleeping on them. 

The other popular spring mattress available today is the Bonnell spring mattress, in which the springs are arranged differently compared to the pocket spring mattress. Rather than being coiled up in a pocket, springs are compressed into hourglass-shaped configurations and cannot move independently. If you are a person who does a lot of rolling and turning in their sleep, this mattress is a good bet for you. 

The Pocket Spring Mattress

Now that you are aware of the general benefits you get from any spring mattress – and a few positives about the pocket spring mattress type, you should know the reasons for buying a pocket spring mattress to maintain your well-being. Here are a few clear advantages of a pocket spring mattress.

  • No Transfer of Movement – Unlike other kinds of mattresses, a pocket spring mattress permits the weight of your body to spread across the mattress surface. This promotes a good night’s rest.
  • Always Firm – The degree of firmness across the total mattress’s surface area is equal, ensuring a consistent level of tension. With individually constrained areas of springs, your comfort is assured. 
  • Pressure and Pain Relief – A mattress that’s too soft or too hard may be pretty uncomfortable, especially if you have existing orthopaedic problems. Since every set of coils is packed in separately, each part of your body gets the right amount of support in a pocket spring mattress. Pressure is automatically applied depending on how you position yourself or move in your sleep. Pocket spring mattresses are, therefore, effective in providing pain relief to people with shoulder and hip issues.
  • No Interference – It’s likely that you may sleep with another individual on the same bed, and no matter the weight of the other individual, you won’t get affected by their sleeping positions, twists and turns. A pocket spring mattress supports all sizes and prevents interference while sharing mattresses. This can be a great relief to people who suffer from orthopaedic ailments.

Sleep Easy

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