Home Improvements to Bring Luxury in Your Life

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Modern homes, whether they are private houses or cozy apartments, seem to resemble one another more and more. Being unique or simply different in terms of interior décor has become mission impossible. However, you can always go for opulence to make your residence stand out from the crowd. The best thing about this tactic is that you needn’t purchase a new estate since all you need are some luxury additions. Here are the top 7 luxury additions that will transform the simplest of homes into a posh residence a Hollywood star could live in.

From a big tub to a big shower

new shower

Not so long ago, a huge soaking tub was the ultimate sign of bathroom luxury. However, the standards have changed because spacious showers are making headway into opulence. If you think of the standard shower cabin, there is hardly anything appealing or luxurious about it. Once you add black granite tiles, a fancy chromed tap and a glass door, the atmosphere in the bathroom changes abruptly. The final touch to a posh washing area is its size, as the shower should be at least 2 square meters large. Remember, spaciousness and luxury go hand in hand.

Creating an entertainment room

game room

Speaking of the importance of space, the ultimate token of luxury is a room meant to have fun in. An entertainment room is a must if you’re often having friends over. The number of functions it can have is limitless: a home cinema complete with vintage seating, a wine rack with the world’s finest wines or a comfy armchair to read a book from the home library. Whichever amenities you throw in, just the fact that you can afford to have a room that is not used every day is an unmistaken sign of luxury.

Better curb appeal

curb appeal

Apart from interior design alterations, you can add an improvement or two to the exterior of your house. For instance, the front façade can be spruced up nut not in a cheap and popular ay by repainting the front door or something like that. What you really need are a house number and a doorbell that glow in the dark, i.e. have a power source of their own. During the daytime, visitors should be impressed with the garland around the front door that will always be in bloom thanks to meticulous gardening. There is nothing that screams luxury more than well-kept plants.

A private Garden of Eden


Speaking of plant life, instead of placing cheap flower pots made out of plastic all over the apartment, you can create a garden in one place. The best location is one corner of the living room right under the windows where the plants would receive the maximum amount of natural light. When it comes to selecting the best houseplants, we recommend ferns and climbers as they create the best atmosphere. Do we need to remind you that plants crate oxygen you breathe in, which has nowadays, unfortunately, becoming almost a luxury?

An indoor sporting venue

tennis ball

Owning a swimming pool in the backyard is a clear sign of luxury but do you know what is even more luxurious? An indoor sports venue like a tennis or a basketball court. Due to its size, the former is perhaps more convenient to construct. All you need is room inside the house large enough to house a tennis court.

If you lack such space, you can always expand the existing rooms or erect an entirely new structure. Whichever option you decide on, the final touch to your indoor venue should be tennis court lights that turn instantly on. Furthermore, they use up to 40% less energy than conventional sporting lights so you’ll save money without losing on luxury. Say, how cool is that!

A new countertop


As far as the kitchen is concerned, the best luxury addition to this room is a new countertop. Go for a stone countertop, either granite or quartz, that will last you a long time. Stone countertops are in vogue today because of the quality of their design and the ability to build in pretty much everything inside, such as a cutting board. Furthermore, if you install some LED lights in the form of LED strips under the kitchen cabinets, you’ll get a light show the next time you invite friends over for dinner.

The importance of a mudroom

If you have a large family with children then a mudroom is the apex of both luxury and functionality. A mudroom takes the place of a hall, as it prevents dirt from getting dispersed all over the house. Cleanliness is an integral part of luxury. Also, a couple of stylish cupboards will reduce clutter and add storage space that every home chronically lacks. As time goes by, you will be grateful you included a mudroom in the design of your home because the floor will not deteriorate as it would without a room for taking the shoes off.

These are merely the top 7 luxury addition to your home but there are many more. Use your imagination to think of many other features that you can introduce to convey the impression of opulence. Strangely enough, not all of these improvements will cost you a fortune but they will increase the market value of your home. 

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