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Pop Art You

For anyone on your gift-giving list who loves a little levity, give the gift of Pop Art You. This company creates portraits from photos by inserting people and pets into paintings that preserve memories from the past. 

Creating portraits from photos, Pop Art You superimposes a person’s head or pet’s head onto renaissance-style paintings to create a truly unique gift. These personalized portraits are the perfect gift to bring a little joy to the recipient every time they look at them.
The custom royal portraits available at Pop Art You range from themes like military figures to couples, and so much more. If he or she has a pet they adore, give them the gift of one of Pop Art You’s royal pet portraits, where Fido become Sir Fido of the House of Goodest Bois. Pop Art You has a wide variety of personalized portrait ideas to choose from, so you’ll easily find something they will love. 


Infinite CBD

Infinite CBD is a vegan CBD company focused on the research, development, and distribution of CBD products. Infinite CBD’s line of pet products features the Launch Pad, which can be applied to pets’ noses and paws to protect them from the elements and helps them stay moisturized during the winter. Using Pet Droppers can be a simple and easy way to incorporate CBD into your pet’s lives to reduce stress, pain, and anxiety. All Infinite CBD products are paired with individually batched testing to prove consistency and purity.


Security for Furry Family Members from Tile


Tile is the perfect gift for anyone and everyone on your list, from your significant other who always loses track of their keys, to your mate who can never find their phone. Right now Tile has 11 fun and unique limited edition designs that are only available at

Simply download the free Tile app on your phone (it works with Android and iOS), pair it with your Tile and attach to anything you want to keep track of — keys, wallet, purses, makeup bag, etc.

Tile is perfect to keep track of your furry little instigator that likes to slip out of open doors! With Tile, you never have to worry about your beloved pet being lost or stolen. Simply attach a tile to their collar and you will always be able to track them!


The Alpha Pet Flex – Waterproof Couch for Dogs & Kids

The Alpha Pet Flex is the perfect gift for anyone with pets or children this holiday season. This beautiful, stylish microfiber couch cover was designed especially for dogs, giving them a comfy place to hang out while protecting your furniture at the same time. The big bonus is that even people without pets can benefit from the Alpha Pet Flex. It’s waterproof so it protects against spills as much as it does against pet accidents. 

The Alpha Pet Flex features a soft, microfiber top layer that is stylish, comfortable, and durable enough to stand up to your dog’s nails. This layer absorbs spills or accidents, while the 100% waterproof oxford layer underneath prevents the liquid from damaging your furniture or floor – wherever you choose to lay out your cover. Finally, its unique corner and seat anchors fit any style of couch to keep the Alpha Pet Flex firmly in place. At 46″ x 46″, it’s nice and big, and it’s machine washable, too. 


Imaginal Hemp

Imaginal CBD products are the perfect wellness gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list – even pets. Their premium CBD products; Vegan Gummies, Soft Gels, and Pet Chews are made with the highest quality and efficacy in mind, as well as a spirit of making the world a better place. Through their products, Imaginal helps people live better lives by providing a full range of health supplements that do everything from improving overall health to supporting healthy sleep, joint health, heart health, and more. Their products come in chews, capsules, and even slaves to help ensure that their products do what they’re supposed to do where they’re supposed to do it. 

Perhaps the greatest part of Imaginal is what they do to help make the world better. They highlight and work with non-profits along with companies and individuals who work to improve the lives of people around the world, giving a percentage of all sales to help them in their various charitable missions. Give the gift of better health and a better world with Imaginal.


Unique Pet-Inspired Subscriptions Box from Dog Mom Lifestyles

We can all agree that 2020 has been a tough year for most people, filled with worry, uncertainty, and changes to our fundamental routines. For dog owners, however, one thing has remained true; our unconditional love for our dogs, and vice versa! Navigating through uncharted waters with a dog by your side has its advantages thanks to the many known health benefits they provide us with. With that being said, now is the “paw-fect” time to celebrate our love for animals and honor the human-canine relationship with the recently launched Dog Mom Lifestyles Subscription Box!

Dog Mom Lifestyles is passionate about helping dog moms see themselves the way their dogs see them (#imperfectlyperfect). This innovative and unique company achieves this by connecting dog moms with a community of like-minded women and a regular pleasure ritual: unboxing surprises together with their pup. This monthly box ritual helps create a habit of trying new things, exploring new places, and enjoying simple pleasures (all from the comfort of home) while giving back to animal welfare.

“We’re so excited to offer dog moms this unique and uplifting subscription box, where mom and dog can open, explore and enjoy the wonders inside, together,” says Jocelyn Mizrahi, Founder of Dog Mom Lifestyles. “With so much negative news circulating throughout the world today, it feels great knowing that we will be warming hearts and wagging tails for pet families each month!”

Each Happy Dog Mom Box Includes:

  • Uplifting animal rescue stories
  • Sensational lifestyle surprises for both mommas & fur babies to enjoy
  • A dog toy or accessory for your pup to keep the good times rolling
  • A relaxation ritual for you to create habits of balance and self-care
  • Yummy treats for your dog
  • VIP Boxes: Classy matching apparel/accessories for both dog & mom

In addition, all members receive access to Dog Mom Lifestyles intimate online community for #imperfectlyperfect dog moms that includes a monthly workshop featuring guest experts from around the globe. These special guests will help you learn more about your dog, and help you take on whatever adventure life brings your way. Dog Mom Lifestyles feels strongly about giving back to the animal community and donates $1.00 from each monthly box to a featured animal welfare group.

As we spend more time at home due to the pandemic, you can now look forward to your Dog Mom Lifestyles box each month while giving back to animals in need. Since we are approaching the holiday season, Dog Mom Lifestyles makes a great gift option for your pet-loving family member or friend! Please visit Dog Mom Lifestyles website for more information and pricing (Packages start at $44.99 per month). Learn more at:

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Bonne et Filou

Bonne et Filou was created with inspiration from French King Louis XIV. He is said to have the most loyal of the Royal dogs, and they deserved the best. Bonne et Filou feels the exact same way about our furry friends. They have curated their company to be a luxurious, royal, dog treats brand featuring a trio of dog treat macaroons. Yes, macaroons! You won’t find a more indulgent dog treat than Bonne et Filou for your pet. They come in lavender, mint, and strawberry so there is always a flavor for your dog’s particular taste. They are adorable, and our dogs love them!


Goat Grass CBD


Goat Grass is a CBD oil company that makes a wide variety of CBD oil-based products from gummies and capsules to topicals, drops, and more. Designed to help with every aspect of our health and well-being, each of their products is meticulously crafted to help with different aspects of our health. From formulations for energy and vitality to calming and even pain relief, Goat Grass CBD products help people take their health to the next level using only all-natural full-spectrum CBD ingredients. 

What makes them so special is that their products are made in the USA, lab tested, organically grown, full-spectrum, vegan, non-GMO, and fully cGMP Compliant. That’s not something that all CBD companies can say. This commitment to quality and purity is why you can trust Goat Grass as your go-to shop for CBD health gifts this holiday season. 

In addition to products for humans, the company also has products created specifically for pets to help them live their best lives right alongside us! So whether you’re buying for a loved one with two feet or four, Goat Grass is the place to get all things CBD this holiday season. 

Unique Oral Care for your Furry Family

Canine gum disease is the silent, #1 killer of dogs. Yet, most pet owners don’t take proper care of their pets’ oral health besides periodic cleanings. This holiday season, give your dog the gift of cleaner, healthier teeth with NEW Yummy Combs ingenious flossing treats. Yummy Combs‘ patented honeycomb shape flosses and scrubs between and around dogs’ teeth and down to the gum line – where oral disease can start.

 Plus Yummy Combs feature:

  • 44% protein content. Way more than conventional treats, our chews provide energy, and essential vitamins and minerals for joint health 
  • 12 wellness ingredients
  • No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, gluten or GMOs

The Yummy Combs shape isn’t just an interesting design. It’s designed to re-shape the dog treat category.


Dog Chewers from SodaPup presents Durable Chewers for dogs serving up a Roasted Turkey for Thanksgiving and a Gingerbread Cookie toy just in time for the Holidays. These make great seasonal gifts for your dog to chew while you gobble up your Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas cookies!  SodaPup dog toys are inspired by our favorite iconic American junk food!  Soda cans, coffee cups, pop tops, rocket popsicles and more!  These durable natural rubber dog toys are made in the USA.  SodaPup dog toys are available in three rubber compounds: Original for average chewers, Magnum for power chewers, and Puppy for the tender mouths of teeting puppies.

Specializing in innovative, American made dog toys for power chewers SodaPup and their targeted collection of products are manufactured in the USA to ensure the integrity of the materials, process and ultimately the quality. 


PawPurity Healing Paw Conditioner

PawPurity Healing Paw Conditioner treats painfully cracked, rough or dry paws and nails naturally, keeping them nourished, resilient, and conditioned year-round. Plus, it protects from future harm caused by a lack of moisture, toxins, allergies, licking, and walking on rough or extreme temperature surfaces. It keeps paws from losing their suppleness, keeping them soft and free from painful chafing and injury.

This paw treatment contains 37 natural plant-based healing and conditioning agents combined with pure high-grade tallow. Also, its essential oils are used as preservatives and also provides aromatherapy to soothe and calm your dog. Add PawPurity to your pup’s stocking this year. He/she will thank you for it!


Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf is the first “pet only” company awarded the U.S. Hemp Authority seal and is the No. 1 trusted pet CBD brand in America. All of the products incorporate hemp that is certified USDA organic, pesticide-free, and grown at joint-venture hemp farms. By utilizing the entire hemp plant and making products using all-natural and organic ingredients that are sustainably grown, Pet Releaf has created products with proven positive results for animals. They also give back to the community all year long through their Rescue Releaf program in an effort to make the situation a little less stressful on rescue and foster pups as they adjust to new homes.

My dog loves the peanut butter and carob swirl CBD Soft Chew Edibites. These grain-free dog treats are a “superfood smoothie” for him, and are considered an immune system turbo boost. If you are expecting visitors, will be traveling or boarding, the CBD Hemp Oils and Liposome Hemp Oils will give your pup or cat the gift of relaxation this holiday season!



Pet Portrait from Iconic Paw

Any pet-lover will be ecstatic to receive a personalized portrait of their furry friend! Iconic Paw offers a number of different styles, with one of the most popular being the Crowned King. This regal style really captures the pup’s personality and works as a stellar piece to show to guests. Preserving our pets is essential, and a great way to do that is with art!


Custom Pet Socks from Cuddle Clones

At Cuddle Clones, they recognize the unbreakable bond pet moms and dads have with their fur-children. But oftentimes that bond is disrupted due to travel, going away to college, military deployment or sadly the loss of a dear pet. Cuddle Clones captures that connection with 100% handmade plush replicas of YOUR PET! That’s right! They capture all of the physical details and personality traits of our pets in a variety of ways! You can get a plushie of your favorite fur-baby, socks like pictured above, coffee mugs, blankets and more!

This is the perfect gift for anyone with a fur-baby this year! Go here and check out their HUGE selection!


Dog Accessories from Rope Hounds


Handcrafted in Bentonville, Arkansas these dog products from Rope Hounds use colorful and strong rock climbing rope along with durable hardware – making them perfect for your next adventure! With over 50 color options, a variety of leash, collars, seatbelts, doggy doorbells, and more you can mix and match to find the perfect color combo for your pup’s unique personality!


Snuggle Puppy to Help Your Fur-Babies Anxiety


The Snuggle Puppy celebrated its 22nd birthday in November, and since being created has helped hundreds of thousands of dogs with anxiety. The Snuggle Puppy is an all-natural solution for pet anxiety, whether that be transitioning to a new home, crate training, separation anxiety, thunderstorms, and more. It soothes pets by mimicking maternal intimacy through a “real-feel” pulsing heartbeat and physical warmth. Beyond helping animals, the Snuggle Puppy adds the value of a good night’s sleep for many new puppy owners. All of this makes it a perfect gift, especially for new pet owners!


Handmade Face Mask from Seva Stray

Over 35% of the world’s human rabies deaths occur in India each year, many of them come in contact with infected dogs. Julie & Reet Singh, founders of Seva Stray are working to vaccinate street dogs in conjunction with ABC programs to ensure that they return to their homes in community streets healthier than ever before.

Seva Stray works to combine giving and doing good into a business model that help stray animals, benefits local communities, empowers women, and helps keep the traditional art of Indian handicrafts alive. How can you help?

  • Customers:  Seva Stray strives to bring you beautiful, unique, ethically sourced, vegan products. These products may not change your life, but it will significantly improve the life of a stray animal. 
  • Helping Animals:  20% of Seva Stray sales goes to truly amazing organizations that are working hard on initiatives to improve animal welfare and make local communities safe.

Go HERE and order for everyone on your list! Masks, scarfs, earrings, pillows, dog collars, and MORE! Seva Stray offers you the opportunity for a TRIPLE win! Help artisians in India, help the dogs, and knock out your Christmas shopping!


CBD Products from Receptra Naturals CBD

Dog sitting with CBD botles

CBD is an all-natural compound that helps with a variety of wellness concerns from pain and inflammation to nerves. There are literally hundreds of CBD products on the market, and while they all have “CBD” stamped on the label, some of them are honestly just snake oil. It’s important to choose companies that are reputable and use only the finest ingredients so that you get all of what you want and nothing you don’t.

Receptra Naturals CBD is a company you can trust for all-natural and effective CBD products. This Colorado-based company has their own hemp farm, where they grow, harvest, and process all of their hemp products. In addition, they have an in-house chemist who formulates each of their products. Those products are then third-party tested. That means you get a quality product you can trust that’s produced and controlled from start to finish in-house.

Receptra’s Pain Relief Set is the perfect gift for anyone living an active lifestyle or dealing with muscle or chronic joint pain. Consisting of a topical stick and a CBD + Turmeric tincture, this product is designed for athletes, weekend warriors, those in physically demanding jobs, or those who have age-related joint or muscle pain.

The Receptra Serious Wellness Set supports overall wellness by promoting better sleep, relaxation, and pain relief. These formulations include both CBD and added natural botanicals for effective overall wellness. It’s the perfect set for parents, grandparents, and anyone looking for a way to boost their overall wellness.

Finally, the CBD for Pets is perfect to help keep nervous pups calm during the hectic holiday season or during fireworks and storms. In addition to being calming, this blend also supports mobility, making it perfect for helping aging dogs with joint issues.

HandsOn Gloves for Grooming our Furbabies

Grooming, bathing, and massaging innovation adds comfort and joy to your pets at home groom time adding TLC! HandsOn Gloves also offer support for those that may suffer from inflammatory arthritis conditions in their hands adding a health benefit for the mobility of the finger and palm joints. HandsOn Gloves scrubbing nodules and hypo-allergenic, bio-friendly components clinically are proven to be safe for use with humans and animals. The gloves work wet or dry allowing for the perfect combination to care for your pet at home and on the go. Users will find their animals wanting to come closer at groom time and the gloves help keep fur shedding to a minimum and their bond with your family to a maximum. The gloves come in the following sizes: Kids Junior and Adult S, M, L & XL and Colors: Green, Black, or Purple


Healthy Fresh Dog Food Delivered from PetPlate

The way to my furbabies heart is thru her stomach, without a doubt. She will sit and wait for minutes on end if she thinks a treat is in store. We all love to hear the sound of her feet pitter pattering when she hears us open the food pail. However, as our sweet Sadie grows into her senior years, we are learning it is even more important that we fuel her with healthful foods. It helps her energy and her joints that have many miles on them. PetPlate delivers personalized meals for our Sadie that she simply adores!

Their meals are made with 100% human-grade ingredients and are kettle-cooked in a USDA kitchen, following the same safety standards used to make human food. With four different “main dishes” to choose from, Sadie will not get tired of the same meal everyday! PetPlate also offers organic dog treats,  Chicken Apple Sausage Bites.  Not only are they high-protein, they’re easy to break apart and oh so delicious. Go here and order your favorite furbaby some yummy treats for Christmas! They will thank you! 


Dog Leggings and Leash from Walkee Paws

Wet and Cold weather is coming quickly here in the Carolinas. Not only am I gearing up my kids for the winter weather but I’m making sure our fur baby is ready for the colder temps as well. These sweet waterproof leggings are going to make it so much more comfortable on her little paws as she navigates the frigid temperatures. 

New “grippies” for traction: Slipping and sliding on wet pavement or icy sidewalks is no fun for your Fido. That’s why we added “grippies” to the outside of our booties for better traction. They’re also perfect for older pups who struggle on wooden surfaces.

A flawless fit: We added a second over-the-back connector to help you better adjust the fit on both the front and back legs, offering even more canine comfort and staying power. Plus, the extra connector comes in a super cute heart shape, which makes it easier to distinguish the front from the back leggings.

Enhanced waterproof features: We switched to a new water-resistant technology for our leggings, while our rubber booties remain 100% waterproof.

You can even get leggings to match your pooch! There is a good selection of different leggings HERE to choose from! 


You can go HERE to get a stylish leash and harness to coordinate with your Walkee Paws leggings. Our furbabies have to make a statement too, right? The leashes come in three different sizes; small, medium, and large. Stuff your babies stocking this year with some new gear from Walkee Paws!

Dope Dog

We can’t forget about the pups this holiday season. If your pup is like mine, he won’t allow you to forget! Especially when it comes to treats. Dope Dog CBD bite-sized dog treats, Calming Crunchies, have 3mg of hemp oil per treat. Calming Crunchies are regularly available in peanut butter flavor, Asian Carp, and Sweet Potato. Although very soon, if not already, they are rolling out Pumpkin Tumeric flavored Merry Munchies just in time for the holiday season. 

These cute little bone-shaped dog treats are not the only thing they offer. You’ll find Dope Dog pure CBD isolate flavored and unflavored along with Soothing Suds for dogs with sensitive skin. All of the items at Dope Dog make great stocking stuffers. Your fur-baby will thank you! 


Bow Wow Labs

How many times have you given your pup a chew stick hoping they don’t get the tail end of the treat lodged in their throat? I had that fear every time I gave a treat to my dog until I was introduced to the Bully Buddy Starter Kit. The ingeniously designed Bully Buddy is made from durable nylon, which is great because my bulldog is pretty intense when it comes to chewing! It’s also easy to use and tightly secures the Bully Stick treat, preventing him from choking. Each Bully Stick treat is sourced from grass-fed, free-range beef which is a great alternative to rawhide.

The Bully Buddy Starter Kit comes with 1 Bully Buddy, 1 pack of Bully Sticks, and 1 sealable stay fresh jar. These kits are available for dogs from 15 to over 100lbs. You can select the size perfect for your pup! So don’t forget the fur-babies, give them a delicious safe treat that will help remove plaque and tarter this Christmas.


Mask and Bandana from Sam & Nala

Sam & Nala lives by the motto, “Do good while doing well!”.  They believe in creating connections between artisan-entrepreneurs and you, your furry friend and your home. Together, they design and create inviting and unique global handmade goods that highlight your taste for beautiful and spirited design. 

I love that they provide handmade products that will last a lifetime and beyond. If you have a fur baby like ours, that is just another family member, you can get a matching mask and handkerchief! Fur baby can match mommy or daddy! How darling is that? Go here and order your matching set today and share a photo with us! We love seeing your fur family members!


Pet Hair Remover Dryer Balls from Grand Fusion

We have all done it. Get ready to walk out the door and pick up our little fur baby for one last snuggle before we hustle out the door. The result is tiny little reminders of that hug all over our black jacket! Have no fear – Dryer Balls are here! I just love these dryer balls. They are completely re-usable, gentle on my clothes. Simply place your laundered clothes in the dryer for a few minutes with one of the dryer balls. When you retrieve the clothing from the dryer – voila! No more pet hair.

The dryer balls also work on common lint, making this a fantastic stocking stuffer for literally everyone on your list. NO MORE LINT BRUSHES! My family knows I like to use my dryer as an ironing board ahem… now they can “iron” their clothes and get the lint (or pet hair) off at the same time! Go here and order a pack of these for everyone on your list! Dryer Balls all around this year! 



Enjoy long walks with your furry companion? It’s not easy carrying a water bottle and a bowl without carrying a little bag.  The XUANRUS Dog Travel Water Bottle is extremely helpful for moments just like these.

Not only is it just like carrying your own water bottle, but it also comes with a lock so you can allow some water into the small bowl-like top on the top of the bottle. This alleviates the need to carry something to dump the water in. Did I mention there’s a little spot for food or treats? I actually found out it works great to put ice in as well to keep the water cooler longer. I love finding products that make my job as a pet parent easier!