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Spread the Christmas Cheer Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Gifts for Kids

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Weighted Blanket from Bearaby

Have you ever needed a hug and noone was around to oblige? I have! With my new weighted blanket from Bearby, I never have to feel hugless (that’s a word … right?) again! Weighted blankets are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. They bring a security with them to many! This blanket is made of all natural cotton and is thick enough to make me feel secure but doesn’t overheat like some blankets do. Whether I am snuggling on the couch or cuddled up in bed – I keep my Bearaby close by these days!

The Nappling is perfect for pint sized humans! Help them fall asleep and stay asleep tucked snuggly under the Nappling from Bearaby. Give the gift of security this Holiday season. Give a Bearaby!


Good Grub Love

Graphic Tees are in fashion everywhere you look this year, from kids to guys and ladies! Good Grub Love has a variety of playful food shirts to add to your collection. Choose from fitted, tank, or 3/4 sleeve shirts. Share the food love this year while you’re spreading the holiday cheer. There’s just something special about these tees, besides, everyone loves food, right? 


Advent Calendar from McCrae’s

There is something sweet about traditions during the Holiday season; picking out a live tree the day after Thanksgiving, making gingerbread houses, family Christmas movie night, etc.  One of my favorite traditions from many years past is the advent calendar. They come in all shapes and sizes but my favorite kind is the one that rewards my sweet tooth! This advent calendar from McCrea’s has weeks of yummy caramels to help build the Holiday excitement. The little pitter patter of feet that once donned my halls has changed to what sounds as if a herd of elephants has been released – but they still love their tradition of peeking behind each door. This is a gift that gives all season long! Whether this is an age old tradition you’re accustomed to, or you are starting a new tradition for your family – go here and get yours ordered today! You can totally thank me later!


Sugar Plum Chocolates

Just YUM! I can’t think of a single human who wouldn’t be thrilled to open a box of chocolate for any holiday! These chocolate covered pretzels from Sugar Plum Chocolates are simply divine! You can go HERE and order a beautiful gift basket or box and have shipped to family or friends that won’t be home for Christmas this year. And while you’re at it… may as well have them ship you one as well! They have a variety of yummy treats to satisfy the sweet and the salty tooth as well! Now excuse me while I go hide in the pantry to eat my pretzel. 😉


Baby Says

Be still my heart. How perfect are these darling shoes from Baby Says. Write a message on the bottom of the shoes and snap that picture. I think these would be so cute for a baby announcement or to document the first 12 months of a baby’s life. With a pair for every occasion – these shoes won my heart immediately. How I wish these had been around a couple decades ago! The moccasins are absolutely darling! I simply can not wait to see my new little great-niece sporting these! She is so beyond spoiled already and I for one am loving it!


He’s Not Just Teasing Book

This is a great book to navigate telling the difference between teasing and bullying. A great read for middle schoolers or even to read as a family. Encourage discussion and help kids understand they don’t have to be bullied and they shouldn’t stand by and watch if someone else is being bullied either. 



Oxyboo has created a soft, breathable hypoallergenic floating swimsuit that is equipped with a smart sensor that senses heart rate, skin temperature, motion, and the child’s blood oxygen rate. The sensor is sealed in medical-grade silicone, fully encapsulated. 

Comprised of three connected devices, the Oxyboo sensor gathers 16 measurements every second! It is designed to help parents know how their child is doing in an aquatic environment. 

The Oxyboo mobile app, iOS and Android compatible, communicates the data from the swimsuit to a mobile app so parents can stay informed of the child’s sudden fatigue or significant changes in heart rate and/or skin temperature. In addition, the app will suggest if the water temperature is too cold or too hot and recommend breaks from swimming.