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The Best Time of the Year Gifts for Her

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Mondiah Essentials Total Body Butter

Give the gift of healthy skin to your family and friends this year.  With Mondiah Essentials that healthy skin can be attained naturally.  Their rejuvenating and moisturizing formulas are plant based and preservative-free!  These Total Body Butter options are sensitive enough for a baby’s skin, but effective enough for daily use.  These Body Butters are good for head to toe nourishment, and can reduce blemishes, dry patches, scars, and stretchmarks.  Choose from unscented, Vanilla, Citrus, and Green Tea, and allow your friends to feel good and smell good too! 

Wild Cloud

With Wild Cloud sustainable goods, you can get the women on your list beautiful Bamboo earrings, and give back to the planet!  The earrings are made with sustainably sourced bamboo, which is the most environmentally friendly material in the world.  Plus they are hypoallergenic, lightweight, and easy to wear.  The titanium posts are great for even the most sensitive ears.  The designs are beautiful and stylish and everyone on your list will want some in their stockings.  Most noteworthy about Wild Cloud is when an item is sold, they plant a tree.  They partner with Trees for the Future and have planted 13K + trees and counting!

Maya J Bracelet Hair Ties

Most of us use hair ties, so why not have them be dual purpose.  With Bracelet Hair Ties from Maya J Jewelry, you get the functionality of hair ties with the added benefit of them looking like bracelets on your arm.  With these Bracelet hair ties, you may not even want to use them in your hair because they look so great on the wrist.  Plus you can mix and match them with bracelets you already have for a trendy look!  These are must haves for the holidays and make ideal stocking stuffers.  Grab some for all the ladies on your list!

Best 365 Labs

It seems as if everyone is getting some flu or bug every time you turn around this time of year.  Well Best 365 Labs helps people stay healthier, and would make a wonderful addition to stockings and gifts for under the tree.  After all who wouldn’t want the gift of better health.  EZ Safer Air is for diffusers and humidifiers.  It will improve air quality, freshen, and oxygenate your air.  Be-OnGuard Mouth Spray has a patent-pending combination of mineral oxides and NanoSilver.  This combo has been shown to be very effective against some very nasty viruses out there.  Be-OnGuard Nasal Spray cleans your nasal passage which can lessen allergic reactions, help you sleep better, less congestion, fewer illnesses, and even improved gut health!  



Time to cook may be limited with all the other exciting things happening this time of year, so make her life easier by getting her some great dinners from EatClean!  After all doesn’t she deserve a break after all the shopping, baking, wrapping, planning, and everything else she does!  These meal plans feature Chef cooked meals delivered right to her door.  There is a plan that fits everyone’s life, since they offer traditional, paleo, Keto, and even plant-based.   Most Noteworthy is the fact that these meals are made with all-natural ingredients.  They are already fully prepared, fresh, and ready to eat in just a few minutes.  Eating right has never been so easy or delicious!  While you are ordering for the ladies on your list, grab a few meals for yourself.  


Keep > Going First Aid Kit

Mom will never say that they have enough first aid kits and other elements that help them handle any urgent situation for their kids. Unlike anything on the market, the KEEP>GOING GoKit contains 130 pieces, deftly packed into a portable, highly organized, and visually appealing pouch, making them a must-have for any Mom, Dad, or Grandparent to have on hand. This kit includes the essentials needed to treat everything from small booboos to more significant injuries, including splints, antiseptic wipes, tick removers, and much more. Add it to your list of essentials and use it whenever the situation arises. What’s more, you can take it with you on your trips or add it to your kid’s luggage when you send him/her to camp or to his/her grandparents.


Persona Nutrition

image by Persona

One of the most impressive gifts that you can think of for your loved ones is something that shows them how much you care about them. Persona Nutrition can be a smart idea to show your partner that you care about her wellness and health. This brand offers more than just vitamins. It offers personalized solutions to its clients, adapted to their health status and needs. All they have to do is fill out a 5-minute questionnaire and enjoy the experience of having an expert nutritionist dedicated to finding the perfect vitamin formula for their needs. Besides, the supplements are delivered directly to their home, offering a unique customer experience. 


Kayleigh-May Scrunchies

This year put some Kayleigh-May Scrunchies in her stocking.  These beautiful Scrunchies are made from Mulberry Silk and are so good for her hair.  These scrunchies are levels above your average scrunchie because the Mulberry Silk allows hair to move freely which prevents split ends and breakage.  It is the strongest natural fiber in the world and is coated with sericin.  That makes them antifungal, antibacterial, and mold and dust mite resistant.  It also will not absorb hair oils and prevents frizz.  It contains amino acids which help condition hair and skin, so it feels good to wear on the wrist when not in her hair.  Really with all these great benefits, everyone on your Christmas list should get a gorgeous Mulberry Silk Scrunchie from Kayleigh-May


Aromasoles by MinxNY

Your lady will love the feel of these amazing Aromasoles from MinxNY that are infused with the finest essential oils.  They are exceptionally soft, warm, and so comforting.  They will help her relax, and breathe a long-awaited sigh of relief.  They come in pretty pastel colors to further aid in setting one’s mind at ease.  Get her several sets, so she always has some soft slipper socks to put on to help her relax after all she does every day!


Volo Beauty

All the ladies will love the Hero Hair towel from Volo Beauty.  This towel will help save her hair because it is the most vulnerable when it is wet.  The Volo Hero will gently absorb water from hair due to the extra plush Nanoweave.  Plus there is a unique strap on the towel that keeps it in place on her head no matter what she is doing.  With this Hero Hair towel, hair dries much faster and is damage free.  Volo Beauty also has body towels, face towels, headbands, a cordless dryer, and much more.  All these great products will help save her beautiful hair and body any unnecessary damage.


Mulberry Park Silks

This year surprise her with the luxury of a silk pillowcase and sleep mask gift set from Mulberry Park Silks.  She will be able to sink into slumber, and wake up with fewer wrinkles, tangles, and bedhead.  These items are handmade from 100% 22 momme grade 6A mulberry silk.  The pillowcase has an envelope closure to keep it from slipping off.  The Mulberry silk sleep mask will allow for deep sleep day or night with its light-blocking design.  It is a great addition for traveling, and is the perfect present for her to find under the tree! 


The Beauty Tea Company

Photo by The Beauty Tea Box

Women’s beauty should be celebrated inside out and encouraged to focus on wellness and relaxation. The Beauty Tea products take beauty to the next level. Thanks to the delicate and delicious tea blends, these products will make you feel loved, energetic, and at peace. I recommend that you try the Beauty Tea Box, a collection of 3 delicious White, Green, and Roboois Teas: I am Love, I am Peace and I am Energy. Each box includes natural ingredients exclusively like rose petals or blueberries. Also, these fresh artisan green, white and herbal teas are hand packed in beautiful stainless steel tins to preserve their freshness for up to 2 years.


The Biscotti Company

For a sensational gift, bring the taste of Italy with biscotti from The Biscotti Company.  It is an artisan bakery that creates delicious biscotti cookies from all-natural ingredients.  You will find almonds, chocolate, and other nutritious ingredients in this biscotti which is baked fresh in small batches.  What you get is a perfectly decadent biscotti cookie bursting with flavor that makes the perfect snack any time of the day.  Everyone on your list will love getting a bag from The Biscotti Company this Christmas!

Lakrids by Bulow

This year help everyone to really appreciate liquorice with the Winter Selection Box from Lakrids by Bulow.  This box will allow those on your list to share the love for liquorice in many great varieties.  This luxury box will enchant your senses with flavors like Butter Cookie, Coffee Kieni, Raspberry, Original, Salt & Caramel, Crispy Caramel, Salty Caramel, and Dark & Sea salt.  This chocolate-coated liquorice will be your new family favorite, and a must-have each year!


Serenity Tray Organizer

Serenity specializes in offering a clean and organized travel experience. The brand’s organizers will offer you a different perspective on traveling as they are lightweight, antimicrobial, and washable. You can say goodbye to balancing your belongings on your lap or worrying about leaving them on the plane. The Serenity organizers have all the built-in pockets that you will find very useful during your travels. In addition to providing more much-needed storage, these products provide a clean surface for your food and belongings. Give them a try and you’ll definitely love them. 


Earth Baby

A hydrated and healthy skin will always look good, even without makeup. But, to keep your natural beauty, you will need non-toxic, gentle products that use organic ingredients. Earth Baby products follow these rules and are committed to using top-quality ingredients that help in providing immediate moisturization and superior hydration. Apart from the emollient and vitamin-rich cremes, Earth Baby also produces hand sanitizer for all family members, including children. Founded by a grandmother, mother, and orphan, Earth Baby’s founder donates 1% of all sales to NGOs and contributes to building a better tomorrow. 


Upright Instant Oatmilk

Upright high protein is ideal for traveling, especially when you can only tolerate dairy-free alternatives. On top of that, this product uses technologies and ingredients that protect the environment. So, when you use it, you will not only keep your health status in good parameters, but you will also contribute to environmental protection. With 2x or more protein, Upright is the right choice when choosing a non-dairy product. All you need to do is just add water and enjoy! Upright is the perfect milk substitute for baking, cooking, or drinking this holiday season!


Lemi Shine


Parents, and especially mothers, know that having kids around can get messy sometimes. It’s almost impossible to keep the house clean when kids are around. Especially around the holidays, when the kids are mostly at home, anything can happen. While using bleach and hygienic spray in the entire house may be tempting, using products like Lemi Shine is better for your health and will save you a lot of time and stress. Lemi Shine products use citric acid, which acts as a natural cleaning agent to address anything from grease, grime, build-up, bacteria, and even hard water. Also, they are ideal for every kind of mess and are cost-effective.


Saltverk Luxury Gift Box

This Luxury Gift Box would make the perfect gift for the home chef, gourmet, or experimental mixologist.  Saltverk Salt is hand harvested in the remote Westfjords of Iceland.  They leave zero carbon footprint because they use 100% geothermal energy.  The unique flavors will take her next meal, or cocktail to a new level!  Your gift recipient will love to experience a true taste of the wilds of Iceland, and to cook with such great flavors!


Project Watson Eye Wash for Dogs

This Christmas don’t forget about her canine bestie!  You can treat her dog to Project Watson Eye Wash, and see how taking care of the pup is a sure way to show her how much you care.  Project Watson Eye Wash will reduce tear stains, clean eyes, remove debris, pollen, and irritants, and support your dog’s eye health.  This eye wash is gentle because it is made with naturally inspired ingredients that can be used everyday.


Is your thick and curly hair too much for an old fashioned banana clip?  If that describes you or some other ladies on your Christmas list get yourself, and them a PuffCuff.  PuffCuff is the only clip made for thick, curly hair.  It will keep your hair in place without pulling, or tugging.  Best of all the PuffCuff won’t break or damage your hair.  It works on all types of thick hair including locs, braids, and twists.  They come in different sizes and would make great stocking stuffers this Christmas!


Strapsody Sandals from Famolare

These Bohemian Strapsody Sandals are perfect for the special lady in your life. They are stylish and comfy too!  These sandals will complement everything in her wardrobe. She can wear them to the beach, to the pool, or out on a date night. They are also great for everyday errands or running around town. They come in a variety of colors too!

She’ll love the way these sandals make her feel: confident, beautiful, and stylish! It’s the perfect Christmas present for her, Strapsody sandals from Famolare will have her looking and feeling her best!


Render Goods Towels

It might seem weird to offer someone dish towels as a Christmas gift and expect her to get excited by the gift. However, once you’ll see the dish towels from Render Goods, you will understand that they are like no others on the market. As the manufacturer also mentions, good things should only come in threes! Each pack of three dish towels made by Render Goods has a beautiful design. On top of that, they are so absorbent! When you first order them, it is probably because the appearance grabbed your attention. However, once you have them, you will instantly love the material a lot. It’s so soft and absorbent. You’ll definitely want to order a set for yourself and your gift recipient. 


iLive’s Indoor-Outdoor Dual Bluetooth Speakers

Is your gift recipient the type of person who enjoys good music either indoors or outdoors? Then you cannot go wrong with the iLive Indoor/Outdoor Dual Bluetooth Speakers. It’s exactly what she would need to enjoy the 360° full-bodied sound whether she is indoors or out. These cleverly designed Bluetooth speakers include removable stakes, so she can strategically place her favorite music outdoors for optimal results. What’s more, you can offer her a pair of two units and organize together a special backyard moment regardless of the weather. The durable, waterproof design ensures you can keep the party going, wherever you take it.

Blend Jet 2 & Jet Packs

Looking for gifts that will help your gift recipient keep her healthy lifestyle and accompany her everywhere she goes? Look no further. The BlendJet 2 portable blender provides top-notch performance perfect for any place she chooses to use it. The BlendJet 2 is the perfect gift for anyone who is constantly on the go and wants to have a healthy diet despite having an extremely busy schedule. Plus, it’s quite comfortable to pack and take it everywhere with you. If you think of how many things fit in a woman’s purse, then the BlendJet 2 can definitely find its space in there, too.
BlendJet also sells JetPack freeze-dried protein smoothie packs that are available in 14 flavors. Just add water, blend, and a few seconds later you’re enjoying a delicious smoothie packed with vitamins and antioxidants. You’re going to need one of these after a long day of shopping!


Everlasting Comfort Soft Cooler Backpack

image by Everlasting Comfort Store on Amazon

Is your partner in love with outdoor trips and experiencing new adventures? Then she definitely needs the Everlasting Comfort Cooler Backpack. Whether she is planning a cross-country road trip right after the holidays or a fun family picnic, this backpack will be ideal for food and drinks. While traditional coolers are bulky and heavy, the insulated bag is redesigned into a portable and convenient accessory that easily goes along on all your travels. Besides, this cooler backpack is full of features, extras, and benefits that your wife will love. Besides, the main compartment is lined with waterproof and leakproof PEVA material surrounded by insulated foam. Choose this top-quality product and start organizing your trip without too much stress!



CatLadyBox is the ideal gift for anyone who loves cats and is proud of it. It is the exclusive subscription box for cat ladies everywhere. The box includes anything from chic clothing to adorable glassware that matches a modern style and taste while showing off cat pride. You can choose from the 1, 3, or 6-month plan and receive the purr-fect box directly at home. Another great thing about CatLadyBox is that it works to save cats and give them a better life. Each week, their program makes a cash donation to a new rescue organization. This gift can be purchased as a subscription with a start price of $34.99 a month with monthly, 3-month, or 6-month payment options.

50-Hour Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

image by Everlasting Comfort Store on Amazon

The Everlasting Comfort 6 Liter Humidifier is exactly what your better half needs to transform the room from uncomfortably dry to comfortably perfect. This bedroom humidifier is suited for rooms up to 500 square feet. So, it becomes ideal for a small apartment or large home. The great thing about it is that it is equipped with a 6-liter water tank that can keep pumping for 50 hours straight. It’s quite impossible to find a humidifier with a similar autonomy to this one. What does it mean for the user? You will have to do fewer refills and less maintenance compared to similar humidifiers. On top of that, for added convenience, it is equipped with an essential oil tray. A couple of drops in the tray will enhance any space by putting out a pleasant aroma. Such a small humidifier produces excellent results.


MALACASA Dinnerware Sets

Are you looking for the ideal gift for your partner this Christmas? Have you thought about something that will make every dining count and brighten up any table? MALACASA versatile and exquisite dinnerware sets are your best choice and better service for your family’s daily meals. Exquisite dinnerware is ideal for any occasion. This exclusive dinnerware set will help her decorate the dinner table to perfection. Square dinner sets are stackable and save much space for the cabinet. She will be amazed by the fabulous table experience and be happy to organize delicious dinners with her family and friends as often as possible.



With ScenTree you will capture all your favorite holiday smells!  Ulta-Lit Tree Company has spent the last ten years creating the perfect diffuser.  It uses a proprietary blend of oils to captivate your senses with the smells of a Christmas tree as well as scents of cooking, cocktails, and more.  Grab one of these awesome holiday home diffusers for everyone on your shopping list.  That way they can all enjoy the smells that make Christmas so special.  ScenTree can hang on the tree, or be placed anywhere around the house.  


HarperCollins (Zondervan Books)

Books make wonderful gifts, and HarperCollins (Zondervan Books) has a bunch of books to pick from for all of the ladies on your list.  Peace is a Practice is about releasing all the things out of your control, and breathing in all the grace available.  Through this you can discover peace.  I think peace is something we could all use more of.  I Guess I Haven’t Learned That Yet is a New York Times bestseller.  This book helps you figure out where to go once everything we have been clinging to falls apart.  It can help you transform your life along the way.  You are my Sunshine by Sean Dietrich is a short bio of his life.  This true story is a laugh out loud adventure full of love, promises, and a long bike ride.  You can find these and many more great reads!



This is the best gift you can get for anyone who wears makeup, but also cares about their skin.  Oxygenetix is unique because it features an Oxygenating Foundation and Concealer that breathes.  It also protects and heals your skin as you wear it.  Oxygenetix uses a unique aloe vera base which is both antibacterial and soothing.  Another neat thing about this collection, is it goes on sheer.  Once it is set you can add more if you want to cover blemishes and give the finished look you prefer.  For those who like the natural look, you can get Hydro-Matrix!  This moisturizer can be added to the foundation to create a hydrating and healing tinted moisturizer.  This is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to look their best, while still treating their skin right!


Do the ladies on your Christmas list have furbabies?  If so, they will love Zoop products.  Forget getting them one more toy or a gaudy dog treat that looks like a candy cane.  Instead gift them with great solutions to many pet issues that we all have.  Accidents on the floor are no problem with Zoop Stain + Odor Pro Eliminator.  It penetrates old stains faster than anything on the market.  Plus it’s all natural and safe for pets, people, and the planet.  Odor issues on your pet are easily addressed with Zoop Health + Odor Grooming Wipes.  These wipes are safe for all parts of your pets.  You can clean eyes, ears, teeth, and the entire body with these safe wipes that are nanosilver ion infused.  This keeps the pet’s sebum layer intact for long lasting odor control.  The wipes get rid of odor causing bacteria, leaving your pet smelling wonderful.  


Kyte Baby Lounge Robe

Photo by Kyte Baby

The Kyte Baby Lounge Robe is ideal for any woman who is during her maternity or postpartum period. This robe is ideal for any fresh mom who just transitioned from maternity to holding her baby in her arms and needs soft and comfortable lingerie for everyday use. The soft, buttery fabric is light and breathable enough to wear as an outer layer or alone. Also, it features an inner string that is just perfect to keep everything tucked in place, while an outer belt is sewn into place so it’s easy to tie and never lose. When it comes to Christmas gifts for your better half, you have zero excuses not to choose top-quality products. So, with this lounge robe, you will show her that you care about her comfort and you support her during the postpartum period!


Boom Again Game

Boom Again game is an ideal gift to give someone who enjoys spending fun nights with their family and friends. It immediately takes the players to the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s and it is packed with a lot of energy and joy. The game was initially designed to be played by two players. However, it is even more fun when played by two teams.

What makes Boom Again game a special and unique gift? It tests the participant’s knowledge as it features over 2,200 questions drawn from advertising slogans and jingles, politics and social movements, movies, music, and television. 

Dr Wells’ Pain Relief Magic Cream

For aches and pains this winter, reach for Dr. Wells’ Pain Relief Magic Cream!  It was created by a Board Holistic Health Practitioner to give instant relief from pain within the body.  Best of all it is quickly absorbed by the skin providing instant pain relief!  The ladies on your Christmas list will love the instant pain relief due to the organic ingredients like camphor oil, menthol, and magnesium sulfate.  All of which are known for their efficacy in pain relief.  This Magic Cream is made in the USA and can also improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation.  This business is black and woman-owned and is dedicated to making consumers feel their best.  They do this through a range of organic supplements, homeopathic products, and skincare.  You will love this Magic Cream!

Kate’s Real Food

A gift idea that will keep your beloved ones healthy will always be much appreciated by those who receive it. If you are not sure what to buy for this Christmas, then Kate’s Real Food products can be a smart idea to promote health and wellness. What makes these products so special? These products represent a unique experience. Once you try the products, you will quickly become addicted to them. Made of organic ingredients, these protein-packed bars will fill your beloved one with energy and fuel her for a busy day or outdoor adventure. Besides, the products are lightly sweetened with honey to create a nourishing, lower-sugar snack or meal replacement.


Grove Bath Faucet: Flow by Bemis

Women are passionate about interior design and comfort. Thus, if you want to surprise her this Christmas, a smart idea would be to offer her something she can use at home. Bemis Manufacturing Company, a leading manufacturer of toilet and bidet seats has exactly what you need. The company has launched the highly innovative Grove series bathroom faucet. They are available exclusively on The Grove series will surprise your partner with a modern design. The manufacturer succeeds in integrating advanced technology to obtain the highest level of convenience, comfort, and hygiene for its clients. On top of that, the product features include motion and touch activation, as well as a LED temperature display and a built-in hand-washing timer.


Heirloom Video Book

The Heirloom Video Book is not just a gift for this Christmas or a special occassion, but it is also a shared experience. There’s nothing that might surprise your spouse, mom, girlfriend, or someone special in your life like opening a slim box in the mail and suddenly hearing all the laughs and great moments you shared together. All you need to do is mix some recent videos that will make her laugh or remember some of the greatest moments together and add them to the app. The videos are a joy to watch at any time, and the Heirloom is a perfect gift, especially at times when in-person hugs have to wait.


Cozy Earth Bamboo Clothing

Nothing is more important for a woman than feeling cozy in the comfort of her home. While the atmosphere created at home is important to stay energetic throughout the way, what you wear will also make a difference in your mood. That’s why, if you wonder what would be a perfect Christmas gift for your spouse this year, then you shouldn’t look further than the Women’s Bamboo Ultra-Soft Hoodie from Cozy Earth. This softer-than-soft hoodie, made of breathable bamboo viscose, will make your better half get as cozy as while using her favorite blanket. Also, it offers her a relaxed look and will keep her snug at the perfect temperature while lounging or drinking her coffee in the garden.

You can complement this comfy gift for her by pairing the Ultra-Soft Hoodie with the Women’s Bamboo Ultra-Soft Wide Leg Pull On Pant. Just like the Hoodie, this wide-leg pull-on pant is made of the softest fabric ever that will make your gift recipient instantly fall in love with it. Besides, the thick and breathable bamboo viscose will keep her warm and cozy during chilly days, but not too hot. 


Pamela’s Brownies

When you first taste Pamela’s Brownies, you will feel like you’re in Heaven! It’s difficult to find any other treat from this category with such intense flavors as these brownies. Your partner will appreciate this sweet gift and be amazed at how delicious its toppings are. Pamela packs them with care and makes sure that everything arrives on time and in perfect condition. You can request to have your holiday gift box customized by choosing the flavors your gift recipient prefers the most. Get ready for the smile when she receives this delicious gift!


Christmas in Blue Dog Valley

photo credit: Tiffany Anderson

With Christmas quickly approaching, Christmas in Blue Dog Valley by Annie England Noble, is a must have for your Christmas list!  This book combines a Hallmark style romance with some adorable animals, giving you the perfect heartwarming holiday read.  This story was called the perfect holiday read by Booklist.  It combines humor with fun animal characters such as alpacas, and goats in tutusGet this book for the ladies on your list, and you will be giving them warm and fuzzy feelings that surpass a mug of hot cocoa and a Hallmark movie marathon!   


Silver Hope and Peace Ring


If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your better half, these stacking rings can be a unique and pleasant surprise. Each ring transmits a deep message to your dearest one. It is engraved with a word of wisdom – “hope” and “peace.” The third ring is adorned with Balinese fern motifs, adding a touch of exotic flair. Handcrafted from sterling silver, these rings can be worn together or separately. So go ahead and add them to your cart. Your spouse will be happy to mix and match to create a personalized look!

This piece of jewelry is created by Novica. The company’s mission is to empower global artisans and preserve endangered cultural art forms. In addition to providing economic empowerment, Novica also works to preserve cultural heritage by onboarding individual artisans and working with them to create unique, handcrafted products.


BodyBio Wellness Products

If you’re interested in finding a holiday gift that’s sure to please, BodyBio has you covered. The company’s line of high-performance, science-proven supplements is perfect for anyone interested in promoting holistic health. And because wellness is always in style, you can rest assured that your gift will be appreciated long after the holidays are over. Gut+ Prebiotic is one of the products included in BodyBio portfolio. Gut+ is a powerful combination of ingredients that work together to support gut health. It combines cutting-edge prebiotics + postbiotics to balance your microbiome and nourish your gut, without needing any extra bacteria.

So, if you’re looking for a prebiotic that does more than just help with digestion, but also makes your dear one feel her best, Gut+ is the answer!


MouthWatchers Toothbrush

MouthWatchers toothbrushes are not only an ideal gift for someone you love but also for the entire family. While it might seem uncommon to offer a toothbrush as a gift for holidays, wait until you see its list of benefits. First, in comparison to a normal toothbrush, it is infused with silver to naturally eliminate 99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Also, its flossing bristles reach deep into grooves, under the gum line, and between teeth to break up plaque and brush away food residue. What message would you send to the person who receives this gift from you? Apart from offering the perfect toothbrush for travel, you also demonstrate how much you care about her health and wellbeing!


Bluu Gas Fire Pits 

There’s no denying that gathering around a campfire is one of the best parts of spending time outdoors. But if you don’t have access to a safe and reliable fire pit, it can be tough to enjoy this experience at home. That’s where the Bluu Propane Gas Fire Pits come in! The producer’s team has designed these fire pits with safety and durability in mind, so you can enjoy all the fun of a campfire without having to leave the comfort of your own backyard. Apart from top quality and resistant products, this fire pit will astonish your dearest one with the touch of elegance it adds to any outdoor space. These fire pits come with 9 pounds of blue glass beads. So, when you ignite a fire, it looks like the flames are dancing on ice cubes!

Bluu Propane Torch

This Christmas gift for your perfect match wouldn’t be complete without the Bluu Cooking Propane Torch. Whether you’re searing a steak, glazing a ham, melting cheese, or caramelizing sugar, this versatile tool is perfect for any task. And because it’s so easy to use, your wife will quickly become the hit of any party or cookout. Bluu will be your trustable partner that not only takes care of you and your guests with its reliable and well-manufactured products, but also takes care of the planet through its sustainable efforts and partnership with the American Forests and The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Zibra Paintbrush Kit

Are you looking for the best gift for someone who always has a DIY project in her mind? The Zibra Paintbrush Kit is exactly what you need, for various reasons. It includes different brushes that will make her work easier as they can be used on different surfaces. For instance, she will find a brush dedicated to curved surfaces or one which is just right for flat & narrow surfaces. From trim and molding to walls and ceilings, these brushes will help you get the job done quickly and easily. Plus, they’re made with high-quality materials that will last for years to come. Add this kit to your cart and help your loved one to effectively tackle any project in her home!


Petsies Renaissance Blanket


This blanket from Petsies features her favorite best friend.  Now she can snuggle with a really cool Renaissance Blanket that will warm her heart as much as her body.  This is a wonderful way to celebrate a beloved pet, whether they are cuddling on the couch with you, or have gone on.  You pick the design from many choices such as a Duchess, Duke, King, and even the Mona Lisa.  Then you upload a picture and end up with a work of art that is both beautiful as well as fully functional!  Get her a masterpiece she will cherish forever this Christmas.


Fleuri Beauty 


The cold weather calls for an update to her skincare routine.  She will love Fleuri Beauty products which originate from Japan.  Since 2002, Fleuri has been an expert in providing skincare that is both effective, and gentle at the same time.  Unlike other brands which focus on temporary effects, this brand focuses on long-term skincare, to help consumers get care for all their beauty needs.  Fleuri Beauty is well known, and a celebrity favorite already in Japan.  They are excited to now be able to expand into the US market.  You can get Fleuri for the ladies on your list, and help them achieve beautiful skin for the new year!  


Pick ‘N Peel Stones- The Original Kit

anxiety relief

Who do you know that needs to relax?  In the fast-paced world we are running through, probably lots of people on your list, fit that description.  Therefore grab a Pick ‘N Peel Stones kit for those on your list who fidget, suffer from anxiety, bite their nails, or just need to be busy all the time.  This kit will help your loved one to stay calm while chilling in front of the TV or sitting through class, or in any other situation requiring them to sit still.  This Pick ‘N Peel Stone will allow them to get some much-needed self-care.  These stones will satisfy all their needs to pick and peel and help them relax.  They will adore this novel and functional gift!


CMY Cubes

As the holiday season is coming close, it’s absolutely natural to think of the nicest gift ever for your loved one. So, if you are not sure what to choose for this Christmas, the CMY Cube should be on your list as one must-have sensory toy for adults. This amazing cube creates an ever-changing spectrum of colors, providing endless enjoyment. Each face of the cube is coated in electromagnetically subtractive materials which appear as cyan, magenta, or yellow. With a twist and turn of the geometry, these primary colors magically transform into a variety of different colors. The CMY Cube is sure to fascinate and addict both children and adults alike. So don’t wait, get your CMY Cube today!


Taco vs Burrito

Still looking for the unique, yet perfect gift for your spouse? Have you thought about buying one of the most popular all-ages card games on the market? Let me tell you a secret! You cannot go wrong with Taco vs Burrito card game. While it is a surprisingly strategic game, it keeps all players excited and enthusiastic up to the very last card. You will be surprised to hear that it was created by a kid, who thought to the tiniest details. Alex, the creator, thought of this strategic food fight as an exciting game for kids and adults ideal. It can be played from 7 to 77 years as it is easy to learn and quick to play. Use this brilliant gift idea and surprise your wife or girlfriend with a fun activity that she will enjoy with family and friends!


Earth Kiss Super Naturals Organic ‘Kombucha Heal’ Collection

Your partner deserves the best products and ingredients whether you are thinking of a gift for Christmas or as an appreciation gesture in general! Earth Kiss is the answer to your search and can be your “secret weapon” to show your spouse or partner how much you love her and care about her well-being. Earth Kiss offers a range of vegan, certified organic face masks designed to maximize the health and vitality of your wife’s skin and body, being also perfect for her soul. Well-grounded in nature the Earth Kiss story doesn’t stop here. The company follows the most strict ethical standards and a holistic approach to delivering sustainable products to its clients. If you take a look at the Super Natural Collection, you will be surprised by the list of superfoods and nutrients. Each Kombucha-based mask will give your soulmate a different glow. They will help re-energize and enliven her skin’s overall tone, texture, and appearance. Don’t miss it for this Christmas and offer her an impressive gift!

Fruit Vegetable Produce Storage Saver Containers

with Lid & Colander

What would be an ideal gift for someone who loves fresh ingredients and is passionate about cooking? While it may seem unusual to offer a Storage Saver Container, for someone with such passions this would be a greatly appreciated gift. Luxear thought of all aspects when they created this group of containers, lids, and colanders of varied sizes to meet different storage needs. In comparison to other food containers available on the market at this moment, these ones come with a removable drain. Therefore, you make your wife’s life a lot easier and help her effectively separate fruits and vegetables from water, prevent water accumulation in the container, and prevent fruits and vegetables from soaking and rotten. Also, the Colanders can be used to effectively wash fruits and vegetables. Besides, all materials used for these products are environmentally friendly, 100% safe, and durable!