For Kids & Teens 2022

The Best Time of the Year Gifts for Kids

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Keep > Going First Aid Kid

When you have your first kid, you’ll quickly understand that a situation can change very fast. Children, especially the small ones, can bump into different objects or need your quick intervention and some elements from your first aid kit. Therefore, if you’re not sure what to offer yourself and your kids for Christmas, you should add the Keep > Going First Aid Kit on your list. It includes the essentials needed to treat everything from small booboos to more significant injuries, including splints, antiseptic wipes, tick removers, and much more. Unlike anything on the market, the KEEP>GOING GoKit contains 130 pieces, deftly packed into a portable, highly organized, and visually appealing pouch, making them a must-have for any Mom, Dad or Grandparent to have on hand.


Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll

Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Dolls are unique gifts that will make your child love them from first sight. They are made from high-quality, plush material, just perfect for a lifetime of hugs and play from your kids and their friends. This product is made with the highest safety standards for baby’s safety, including embroidered eye and nose details. If you haven’t seen these Baby Starters Dolls yet, you should know are soft and snuggly for newborns, infants, and toddlers without compromising on design. Extra special details and design make each doll unique and diversified. 


Kayleigh-May Mulberry Silk Scrunchies

This year put some Kayleigh-May Scrunchies in her stocking.  These beautiful Scrunchies are made from Mulberry Silk and are so good for her hair.  These scrunchies are levels above your average scrunchie because the Mulberry Silk allows hair to move freely which prevents split ends and breakage.  It is the strongest natural fiber in the world and is coated with sericin.  That makes them antifungal, antibacterial, and mold and dust mite resistant.  It also will not absorb hair oils and prevents frizz.  It contains amino acids which help condition hair and skin, so it feels good to wear on the wrist when not in her hair.  Really with all these great benefits, everyone on your Christmas list should get a gorgeous Mulberry Silk Scrunchie from Kayleigh-May.


Aromasoles by MinxNY

Your teen girls will love the feel of these amazing slipper socks from MinxNY that are infused with the finest essential oils.  They are exceptionally soft, warm, and so comforting.  They are super cute and will help her be snuggle-ready.  They come in pretty pastel colors to further aid in setting one’s mind at ease.  Get her several sets, so she always has some soft slipper socks to put on, and let the daily stresses slip away!


Mulberry Park Silks

This year surprise your teenager with the luxury of a silk pillowcase and sleep mask gift set from Mulberry Park Silks.  She will be able to sink into slumber and wake up with fewer tangles, and bedhead.  These items are handmade from 100% 22 momme grade 6A mulberry silk.  The pillowcase has an envelope closure to keep it from slipping off.  The Mulberry silk sleep mask will allow for deep sleep day or night with its light-blocking design.  Plus it comes in a variety of colors that your teen will love. It is a great addition for trips, and is the perfect present for her to find under the tree! 


TeeTurtle Rudolph Reversible Plushies

TeeTurtle has launched these adorable plushies that will help you show your mood without saying a word! Most likely you have already seen the videos on TikTok of couples who choose the TeeTurtle plushies to show how they are feeling or what they are going through. These plushies come in a variety of models, that will surprise you with vibrant colors. They are ideal for the holiday season and can become a cute and cuddly gift for the kiddos. 



Tame your child’s thick and curly hair with the PuffCuff!  This clamp will easily hold her hair in place without pulling or tugging.  Plus it will not damage or break her hair.  Now you can ditch the uncomfortable elastics and control all types of thick hair including locks, braids, and twists.  This clip is far better than the old-style banana clips, and you will love how useful it is.  Therefore grab a few for stocking stuffers all around!   


The Dearest Grey

With The Dearest Grey brand, you can focus on comfort and safety first with products that are 100% food-grade silicone, free of phthalates, lead, PVC, and BPAs.  You can get awesome must-have baby essentials, and support a small Texas brand founded by Summer, a stay-at-home mother.  Their Mod Pacifiers feature a sleek, modern design.  They are perfect for all baby’s mouths because they adapt to the natural mouth shape to allow a natural latch.  Grab a Teethy Utensil which is both a teether as well as a spoon for babies to feed themselves with.  You may also want a Mini Silicone Bento Box that is reusable, unbreakable, and perfect for traveling.  The Bento boxes are both freezer and microwave safe.  Check out the site and pick your favorite color combinations.  You can be sure your baby is putting the safest, most stylish pacifiers and teething utensils in their sweet little mouths! when you shop with The Dearest Grey!


Adventure Force Alpha Auto 72

Your children will love finding some Adventure Force nerf guns from Buzz Bee Toys under the tree this year!  The Adventure Force Alpha Auto 72 is a motorized high-capacity blaster that will thrill pros or newbies to the nerf blaster scene.  This blaster has everything you will need on the battlefield.  It holds 72 darts, and delivers major distance, accuracy, and unprecedented power!  Your kids will thank you for this one for sure!  The Adventure Force Blitz 6 is smaller and so easy to use.  As soon as you take it out, you can start blasting.  With its range of 100 ft, it is great for both indoor and outdoor play.  These Adventure Force blasters are just two of the great line up you can find.  Check them out now and score some great toys for your kids this Christmas!



This Christmas you will want Oxygenetix under the tree for your teen daughters who wear makeup.  Oxygenetix is unique because it features an Oxygenating Foundation and Concealer that breathes, so it protects and heals the skin as it is worn.  Oxygenetix uses a unique aloe vera base which is both antibacterial and soothing.  Another neat thing about this collection is it goes on sheer.  Once it is set you can add more if you want to cover blemishes and give the finished look you prefer.  For those who like the natural look, you can get Hydro-Matrix!  This moisturizer can be added to the foundation to create a hydrating and healing tinted moisturizer.  This is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to look their best, while still treating their skin right!


Pairs of People

This lively and vibrant book helps your kid learn how they can turn the world into a better place.  Pairs of People is an inspiring follow-up to the 10 Hidden Heroes, an exceptional Christopher Award-winning book. The book shows your child how our service to others multiplies when people pitch in together to better our communities. If you want to teach this new generation of young kids how important it is to help others, then you can start with this great Christmas gift. Plus, you can use it when your child’s friends come over to visit and start meaningful conversations with them! 


Pool Candy Rainbow Waterslide

It’s not difficult to guess what the perfect Christmas gift would be for a kid who loves water! What do you think he/she would say about a 14-foot rainbow water slide? I can bet that your kid will go crazy about the PoolCandy Rainbow Waterslide. It is not only quite long, but it is also simple to set up and can be easily connected to a standard garden hose. So, apart from making your child happy, you will also have zero headaches when it comes to installing and using it. Add it to your shopping cart and give your child a surprise that he/she will remember many years from now! It’s also great for teens (trust me 🙂 )!


Mae and Namaste

Mae’s feelings are as big as the ocean, crashing like waves on the beach.  But when she lays out her yoga mat, the world is still for a moment, and a calm rushes over her.  Mae and Namaste is an interactive picture book to help children find their inner calm through yoga.


Heirloom Video Book

Teens love everything about technology and gadgets. They are also quite connected to their friends and enjoy creating videos together and sharing memories. So, if you are looking for a gift idea for your teen for Christmas, then the Heirloom Video Book is exactly what you need. Compile some of the funniest videos that your teen has with his/her family and friends and add them to the app. You don’t need any editing skills to create a special gift and memory. Even though it might seem more natural to send the compilation directly via email or message, you’ll be surprised to see how much your teen will enjoy having something physical that he/she can revisit whenever he/she likes. It will certainly get a special place in his/her room from now on.


Tickle & Main Unicorn Gift Set with Book

Is your child a Unicorn lover? Then the Tickle & Main Unicorn Gift Set with Book must be on your list for this Christmas and it will definitely become his/her favorite. This absolutely adorable 3 piece unicorn gift set includes a rhyming illustrated book, a soft and fluffy unicorn plush toy, and a child-size matching unicorn headband. With this generous set, you will certainly bring lots of fun and smiles and plenty of imaginative play. The headband fits all ages from toddlers and little girls to big girls and is as comfortable as it is cute. It features decorative flowers, ears, and a metallic gold horn. The unicorn plush is super soft and cuddly and will become your child’s favorite storytime friend. Gift your child into the magical world of unicorns with this amazing set!


Zen Battle Game

Surprising your child with a gift for Christmas can be quite difficult as he/she most probably already has tons of games and gadgets of all kinds. The Zen Battle game is a newly-launched game that succeeded to get the teens’ attention already. It is ideal for kids aged 8+ and it brings a lot of fun to the table. This game requires 2 to 4 players. Thus, it’s perfect to be played with friends or together with the family. Apart from being easy to learn and fast-paced, it is also shockingly strategic. Players compete to transcend first by aligning their Chakra cards from #1 to #7, with a Mastery card on top. The first player to transcend 4 times wins the game. While it may seem easy, it’s actually quite difficult to stay chill and transcend all levels to win. So, join your kid for a few rounds in the Zen Battle game and get ready for lots of laughter and fun.

Pamela’s Brownies

Is there any kid or teen who doesn’t love sweets and brownies? Definitely not! Pamela’s Brownies will surprise your kid with their rich taste and fudgy texture. Besides, they come with different toppings, to meet even the pickiest tastes. These brownies definitely hit the mark. They are not only rich and decadent but also quite large and generous with flavors and toppings. They are addictive not only for your teens but for the entire family, as well. While they can be your kids’ sweet escape, you can also use them as your morning coffee treat. 🙂


Elegear Rainbow Throw Girls Blanket

The Elegear Rainbow blanket is exactly what your teen needs for a sleepover with school friends. It is made of super comfortable flannel material and uses Japanese Heatwarm +2℃ technology. Besides, it is a safe product for kids as it has passed the OEKO-TEX certification. Even though it is a product sold online, each piece of unique. How is this possible? Each blanket is handmade and uses tie-dyeing technology. So, each pattern is different than the others. Therefore, offering this blanket as a gift for your teen would be a smart idea as he/she can rest assured that this is a unique blanket. On top of that, it can quickly be packed and used during traveling or camping with friends. Save 10% with code: CKCZHIN6. Expiration date 9-07-2032. The code can be applied in addition to the 30% off coupon available on the product page. 

Peel ‘N Pick Stones- The Original Kit

Do you have a child who cannot sit still, and constantly fidgets?  Maybe they even pick at their skin, scabs, or nails.  If so, this Peel ‘N Stick Original Kit is the perfect Christmas gift!  These stones are fidget, sensory stones that will help calm the mind.  They work great for ADHD, Dermatillomania, anxiety, and those who just find picking things satisfying.  In this kit you get one stone that you can peel the teal material off of on one side, and pick the teal material off on the other side.  Then you can use the refill teal filler to get your stone ready for another round.  This kit is perfect for busy fingers of all ages!


Petsies Blanket

This blanket from Petsies features your child’s favorite best friend.  Now they can snuggle with a really cool blanket that will warm their hearts as much as their body.  This blanket is  great for sleep overs, camp, even going away to college.  With this blanket, a beloved pet is there to comfort and soothe wherever your children may be.  This is also a  wonderful way to celebrate a beloved pet, whether they are cuddling on the couch with you, or have gone on over the rainbow bridge.  You can pick from a regular picture of your pet, or put them in a fun Renaissance outfit for a fun masterpiece of your furbaby!



Looking for something special and unique for your baby? Check out the SoleBaby handpainted baby shoes! These shoes are designed to be both fun and practical and come in a variety of colors and designs to match any outfit. They’re perfect for everyday wear or as a special gift for a new mom. Best of all, they’re easy to keep clean – simply wipe with a damp cloth. These cute and comfortable shoes are available in two sizes (0-6 months and 6-12 months), with additional sizes available upon request. Slip-ons with elastic are also available by request. Besides, SoleBaby’s shoes are individually handpainted and signed with love. They make the perfect gift for Christmas for any new mom who appreciates a personalized gift for her baby!


MouthWatchers Toothbrush

Children need to be taught from an early age the importance of cleaning their teeth properly. Even though it might not seem an exciting gift at the beginning for them, both kids and teens will quickly understand how lucky they are to receive a MouthWatchers Toothbrush. It is recommended for ages 3 to 12, as well as teens with braces.

On top of that, it offers a breakthrough in oral care thanks to some innovative features. First, the silver-infused bristles naturally eliminate 99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Secondly, the dual-layered flossing bristles are 10x thinner than leading brands and as thin as human hair at the tip. Thirdly, this toothbrush has an ergonomic comfortable grip and long-lasting polyester bristles. Help your kid build a healthy and radiant smile with this unique gift!


CMY Cubes

Are you looking for a special gift for your child for this Christmas that will make him/her happy and also add a learning benefit to him/her? The definition of what you are looking for is fidget toys. These toys are often thought of as simple playthings for children. While they can be an excellent gift for kids, they can actually be quite beneficial for neurodivergent learners. The CMY Cube is a perfect example of how fidget toys can help calm down and focus. By providing a different sensory input, the CMY Cube can assist children with autism to de-stress and increase concentration. So next time your child is feeling overwhelmed, don’t forget the power of fidget toys!


Taco vs Burrito Game

Not sure what to choose for your kid this Christmas? The Taco vs Burrito card game will quickly become your favorite as it can be played by kids and adults alike. Even though it was created by a 7-year-old kid, you will be surprised to discover a surprisingly strategic game that is easy to master but also shifts you to unpredictable territory. It will keep your kid excited and active until the very last card. Also, it just takes a few minutes to play, which adds even more attractiveness to it. It is optimal for 2 to 4 players and can quickly become your child’s favorite game to play with friends or together with his/her brothers and sisters. Add it to your list for this Christmas and you won’t regret this decision!

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Barbie Be Good to Yourself Face Masks


When you think of teens, especially girls, they would do anything for looking good and impressing their friends! 7th Heaven has partnered with Barbie to offer an exquisite experience to teenagers and make them feel comfortable with how they look.  Impress your teenage daughter this Christmas with the Strong Girls Make Waves’ Pink Neon Peel-Off mask that will help her get the pore-fect complexion. This is a purifying blend of grapefruit peel oil, sea salt extract, aloe vera, clay, and vitamin E that will help your daughter feel super fresh and get the clear skin that she always wanted. Also, you will complete the bundle with the Pink Chocolate Clay mask. She will be surprised by the rich blend of Cocoa butter, Sweet almond oil, Cocoa powder, and Juniper fruit oil. It’s so easy to create a perfect home SPA Day and enjoy the Barbie ‘Be Good To Yourself’ Starter Collection masks’ benefits!