Fake Being A Morning Person By Glowing Every Day!

Do you ever come into work in the morning, look at your colleague next to you and wonder how on earth she looks so fresh at that hour of the day? Sure, some of us are morning people, and some of us aren’t. But often, some people just manage to achieve that ‘glow’ every single day – so you’d never be able to tell if they’d only rolled out of bed half an hour ago, or if they were managing on just a few hours of sleep. The thing about this ‘glow’ is that it tends to be so elusive, and subtle. It’s something that is quite hard to recreate unless you truly know what you’re doing, but it can certainly make you look a lot brighter, healthier and ready for the day. Plus, when you know you look good, your confidence will shoot up, which in turn only adds to the effect! Here are a few things you may want to consider to help you achieve such a look.


Our skin goes through various phases in life – the soft childhood stage, the acne-ridden teenage stage, and before you know it, signs of aging have started to arrive. There is nothing wrong with this, of course. Getting older is simply a part of life and is nothing to be embarrassed about. But if your skin is aging prematurely, this can be worrying. Aged skin can lack vitality and the ‘glow’ so many people crave – so try your hand at turning back the clock. Firstly, make sure you have the right products on hand, such as the ones curated by Dr Cynthia Bailey. These types of product work in a way to directly target the signs of aging, whether it is wrinkles, dullness or age spots. Also, try and cut down on lifestyle habits which tend to speed up the aging process, such as spending too much time in the sun or smoking cigarettes.

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Makeup hints

Often, putting a heavy face of makeup on over a tired face can make you look worse – almost as though you are wearing a mask. Instead, learn some subtle hints and tricks that can make you look more awake and alert. Highlighter is a product that will soon become your best friend, and putting white eyeliner in the corners of your eyes is a great way to brighten up your whole face.

Start with a clean, fresh base

This may sound obvious – but you would be surprised at a number of people who don’t wash their faces thoroughly enough! Often, makeup wipes and a splash of water simply don’t cut through the dirt and grime, and this can leave your skin looking discolored and dull. We don’t need to tell you to take your makeup off every night, but it can be worth starting your day with a gentle exfoliator to remove anything you may have missed the night before. Then, gently cleanse and buff your skin before finishing with a moisturizer. If you choose to wear makeup from that point on, you’ll have a great base to work with – and if not, your skin should look glowing regardless!


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