Cute Travel Bags to Hold All Your Clothes and Accessories

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Whatever your travel plans, from personal to family and business to jet set, your bag selections are pivotal. A travel bag doesn’t just hold all your things but also protects and keeps them organized. Whether you opt for a leather handbag, a gorgeous set of luggage, or the cutest mini backpack you’ve ever seen, the right bags can make or break your travel experience. 

Read on to learn about the best recommendations for travel bags to keep your items secure and organized.

Luggage Sets

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A set of suitcases typically consists of a large bag, a medium-sized bag, and a smaller carry-on-sized suitcase. Usually, they match in color, but sometimes each bag can have its own aesthetic and design. 

When choosing a luggage set, there are some important features to consider. You want to ensure you’re not breaking the bank on luggage. Some luggage sets can have prices in the thousands, but may not actually be worth the price tag. You may just be paying for the brand recognition. 

Your luggage set should be durable and withstand a lot of movement, tosses, hard landings, and shifting without scuffing, scratching, or breaking open. You want it to keep you organized with a multitude of compartments and zipper pockets, so all your items can be easily placed in their own space and you won’t find yourself digging through your bags to find what you need. 

Additionally, choose a luggage set that matches your style. You can find sets in the materials, colors, and designs that are your exact choice, so there’s no reason not to opt for those. Finally, some luggage sets come with a warranty against damage or breakage which is always a good idea for the frequent traveler. 

Leather Bags

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For those who love leather, you’re in luck as many suitcases, handbags, and purses are offered in the soft, buttery material. Leather travel bags can be more durable than other materials like nylon or canvas. They are easy to clean and maintain if you use the right leather cleaners. 

More importantly, leather is stylish and timeless. A leather bag adds sophistication and elegance to your aesthetic while traveling and is a style that will never go out of fashion. 


Whether you’re traveling for work, fun, across the country, or the globe, a backpack is critical. These small bags are perfect for holding the imperatives you want to keep on your person at all times without weighing you down or being difficult to carry. 

Backpacks come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials to ensure you can have the one that fits your style the best. Choose backpacks with multiple pockets for organization, tough zippers, and even warranties if you’re able to find those gems. 

Some other options that make a backpack stand out from the rest include insulated pockets for food or drinks, ball pockets for those traveling for sports, mesh pockets for items that need to air out while traveling (swimsuits or sports attire), and those that have built-in chargers for your electronics.

Carry-On Bags

With most airlines charging for checked baggage these days, a solid carry-on is absolutely imperative. You want a carry-on that is lightweight and easy to roll. When traversing huge airports, a carry-on with wheels is necessary. Those with telescoping wheels that can be pushed in any direction are even better. 

Additionally, a solid carry-on is one with multiple compartments for organization and a hard exterior that can withstand a lot of travel without breaking open. You may want to opt for carry-on bags that have built-in chargers or even ones with small motors that you can ride in the airport. 

Purses or Handbags

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A small bag is a necessity when traveling and is usually something you’d want in addition to your backpack or other carry-on. A purse, handbag, or cross-body bag is perfect for anyone wanting to keep their necessities close to them. They are ideal for passports, cash, valuable small electronics, and toiletries you don’t want to store elsewhere. They also add a pop of fashion and color to your aesthetic, keeping you stylish as you travel. 

Look for high-quality purses or handbags that will last a long time and keep you traveling with ease. 

Fun Accessories

Once you’ve found your ideal luggage, handbags, purses, and other options for travel, finding fun accessories to pair with them is a great way to show off your style even further. A customizable luggage tag or printable purse case are some top options for personalized accessories. Plus, you can find customized hats, water bottles, and other options that will coordinate with your fun, glammed-up luggage. 

Happy Travels

With a full line of functional, fashionable, and fun bags, you’ll be ready to take on any travel that comes your way. Go rock that work trip, show off on that beach trip, or make a splash at your next glitzy destination trip!

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