Creating a Study Space for Your Teen

As our children get older, the amount of homework that they bring home seems to multiply. As they
head towards important exams, it also gets more serious, and the coursework that they are asked to
do at home can impact their final grades and future opportunities. As a parent, you want to do what
you can to help them and make their lives easier. While you can’t, and shouldn’t, do their homework
for them, you can make sure they’ve got a productive study space to help them to work well,
without distractions.

Create Zones in Their Bedroom

A teen’s bedroom can be filled with distractions which make it hard to concentrate. They won’t want
to give up their hobbies, interests, and comforts for the sake of homework, so the best thing that
you can do is create zones in their room. Make sure their desk is near to bookshelves and a window,
and not in the same space as the TV and games console. If the room is large enough you could try to
separate entertainment, sleep, and study zones with large items of furniture.

Look to Other Rooms

If their room isn’t big enough to add a desk or study area, look to other areas in your home where
you can create a quiet space. This could be a corner in a room that you don’t use much, or even
under the stairs.

Make Sure They’ve Got What They Need

What your teen needs to do their homework might not be exactly the same as you needed but the
basics might be similar. Make sure you’ve got a spacious desk and comfortable and supportive chair,
to make those long study sessions more comfortable. Then, make sure their desk drawers are
stocked with things like pens, pencils, colors, rulers, paper, and exercise books. If they need a
computer, a Lenovo PC for Beginners can be a great option. You might also want to include
somewhere to store snacks and drinks. Then, speak to them about their needs. If they are studying subjects like art, they might have some more specific supplies, and they’re the best person to let you know.

Add Storage

Adding some storage, with shelves above the desk or something similar gives them somewhere to
keep homework and other supplies safely, without anything getting lost or damaged.

Get Them to Help

Your teen’s study space must be personal to them. They have to like it, and feel comfortable, to be
able to work productively. Let them help you to choose a desk and chair, paint the walls, and add
some personal touches like posters and prints, desk accessories, and cushions.

Create a Reading Area

Reading is an important part of education. But it’s something that should be enjoyed, instead of
something that’s a chore. A desk isn’t the ideal place to enjoy a good book, so make sure they’ve got
some more comfortable seating too.

A study space that’s away from other distractions can help your teen to get into good habits and give
them the best chance of doing well at school and in higher education. These good habits can even stick with them into their working lives.

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