After Sales Service offered by Daikin

Daikin and its Products:

Daikin is one of the most trusted and reliable names in the industry of air conditioning in Australia. Daikin products are found in homes, offices, hotels and shopping centers across the nation. The fact that it has garnered such a huge customer base because of its absolute focus on delivering quality products which have a prolonging life and with minimal additional requirements. Daikin is one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioners around the nation and has a reputation of building good customer relationship and excellent after sales service which as pulled many towards its side. Daikin has manifested and invested a lot in its product service by ensuring regular checks and maintenance for increasing the life-span of the unit.

At Daikin, there is a multitude of product line up for grab suitable for various needs and different capacities. Each variant is an advanced version of the previous one and boasts additional features such as Wi-Fi compatibility, reverse cycle technology and much more. The company also has some of the most energy efficient rated units with high-performance delivery. It has gained a lot of positive customer feedbacks and tops the chart on customer satisfaction although it stumbles a bit on value for money.

Customer Support:

The Daikin air conditioning servicing promises to deliver timely repairs upon a call up with a team of experts and dedicated service technicians. A warranty of 5 years is applied to all its products and in this period the company will procure all repairs for free and replace the parts in case of any defect.

Daikin partners with many of the professional air conditioning service providers and invests heavily in their product understanding and training of the personnel. Some of the major services offered by the brand are:

  • Water Cleaning
  • Mechanical and Ventilation services
  • Filtration services
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Repair of the equipment

Along with this, the Daikin air conditioning servicing has established a number of call centers across the globe to cater to the needs of its customers. Some of the facilities available are:

  • Troubleshoot Guide: The company provides a troubleshooting guide and maintenance guide for all its customers and upon request helps the customer over the telephone to solve the issue. The website also enlists the guide and recommends customers to have a first-hand check before calling for a professional help.
  • Maintenance tips: They also offer some of the essential maintenance tips to its customers upon purchase of the unit and guide them about how to exercise a maintenance check. Some of them include:
  1. Cleaning filter once a fortnight is recommended.
  2. Cleaning filter of dust by washing or using a vacuum cleaner.
  3. Wash in lukewarm water and dry it in a shady place.
  4. Confirm the cooling fan to be clean before the commencement of the cooling season.
  5. If the dirt is persistent, contact for a professional assistance.
  • Spare Parts and Replacements: Various service centers across the world have a stock of different spare part for replacement available which are manufactured by the original equipment manager. Some of them include:
  1. Remote Controllers
  2. Filters for air conditioners
  3. Filters for air purifiers

Other Partners and Services:

Daikin air conditioning servicing has active consumer plans in place for special warranty coverage for which a minimum amount is charged. The team simultaneously hires fresh engineers who undergo an intense period of training before becoming a service executive technician for the company. In addition to this, many other private technical support companies offer services for repair, maintenance and quality check to the consumers at top-notch affordable rates. The online consumer portal allows the user to share their experience of the service and provide suggestions or register complaints against a less desired service rendered.


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