6 Natural Ways to Successfully Alleviate Recurring Body Aches


Recurring body aches are, unfortunately, a normal part of life for many people. While there are seemingly countless over-the-counter solutions, long-term use of these tends to bring about some unwanted side effects and other limitations. Natural remedies are a great alternative without the usual long list of side effects. 

Temperature Therapy

Research has provided evidence that heat wraps can soothe sore muscles as well as reduce both short- and long-term lower back pain. Heat accomplishes this by opening up constricted blood vessels, increasing blood flow to reduce joint stiffness and ease pain. If you don’t have any heat wraps, you can use hot water bottles, or warmed towels or pads.

That same research also shows that cold therapy works too. Ice minimizes inflammation, swelling, and pain. Cold therapy works best when applied at the onset of the pain, but it’s important not to go overboard. Take breaks from icing after 20 minutes. You may find it is most helpful to alternate between hot and cold treatment for the best results.


Gentle stretches are key to easing muscle aches and pain. Body stretching at your workplace or home encourages better blood flow as well as assists in breaking down any lactic acid build-up. Warming up your body with dynamic stretches prior to any physical activity can also reduce body aches. These types of warm-ups minimize risk of injury by encouraging more flexibility of your ligaments, tendons, and muscles while also reducing friction between bones and joints.

Even if you aren’t a very physically active person, stretching is still important, if not more so. Spending too much time sitting at a desk or couch can lead to tightness and shortening of muscles, including your hip flexors, shoulders, and ankles. By doing some simple stretches daily, you’ll provide a boost to your blood circulation and heighten your energy levels. Some helpful and easy stretches to try are a low back stretch, a child’s pose, and the inchworm stretch.

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Massage Therapy

Stress and anxiety can actually lead to recurring body aches. Stress can cause your muscles to tense up and feel pain. The research backing massage therapy as a method of alleviating pain has mixed results. However, it is clear that for many people, massage is at the very least relaxing and can ease some stress. So, even if massaging the muscle doesn’t directly help alleviate your pain, it can have long-term benefits of reducing stress, which can reduce the prevalence of tense, cramping muscles.

Black Seed Oil

Natural health supplements made with high-quality herbs can promote a better quality of life for many. There are a wide array of options, but one example that has been linked to a variety of health benefits is black seed oil. Black seed oil products have an omega-6 fatty acid that may help your body reduce inflammation. Additionally, its main active compound, thymoquinone displays therapeutic properties such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory aid. Many people use it to reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis– a common cause of recurring body aches.

Moreover, black seed oil can help with more than just body aches. These supplements are often used to help with skin conditions, asthma, decreasing blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol levels, weight loss, and maintaining proper brain health. Depending on what benefits you’re hoping to get out of black seed oil, the dosage recommendations vary. It’s helpful to get a professional opinion based on your specific body. Consider getting a wellness scan that bioenergetically tests your hair and saliva to recommend the best natural remedies for you as an individual.

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This may seem counter-intuitive, as the last thing someone with recurring body aches wants to do is exercise. However, even light exercises like going for short walks can bring about a plethora of benefits to your aching body. Physical activity builds muscle strength and flexibility, both of which reduce fatigue, pain sensitivity, and inflammation. At first, you may find yourself struggling with the effort, but in the long term with a consistent effort, you’ll find yourself experiencing less pain. You don’t have to spend hours working out at the gym; start with simple, gentle exercises or choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator.


In a study involving 109 patients with chronic pain were randomly assigned to a standardized mindfulness meditation program or to a control group “wait list.” The researchers found that those who participated in the meditation program not only reported less pain but also reported reduced anxiety and depression as well as overall better mental health.

Meditation can work in a variety of ways. As discussed earlier, stress can contribute to body aches by causing tense muscles, and meditation can relieve stress. Additionally, meditation and mindfulness practices involve observing and accepting discomfort, which can help increase your pain tolerance. While simply increasing your pain tolerance may not sound like the solution you want, over time that can translate to other solutions that do alleviate pain, such as exercise and stretching.

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Generally, in order to combat pain relief most effectively, the best solution is to combine over-the-counter solutions and professional help with natural remedies you can do yourself. It’s important to understand all of your options for alleviating body aches. Moreover, many of these solutions target more than just body aches, so even if they don’t relieve your recurring pain as well as you might have hoped, you may find that in the long term, you’ll discover a better quality of life.

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