5 Ways to Give Your House an Industrial Look

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Home is the place where you spend most of your time and where you are most comfortable. It is the place where you live independently keeping in mind your likes, dislikes, and desires. Therefore, the decoration of the house is very important. It should not only be according to your taste but also according to the trends that are being followed. In this modern era to decorate the house, you use not only colors and fabrics but also the themes. Giving an industrial look to your house is one of the most followed themes. It adds charm to your house. It not only makes your home look different but beautiful too. Following are the five ways that will help you in giving an industrial look to your house:

1- Selection of furniture

If you want to give an industrial look to your home, then you must choose your furniture accordingly. Now different style of furniture is easily available from the market. The manufacturers manufacture such type that adds inspiration to the industrial style. You should buy iron furniture, and for your bedrooms, wrought iron beds are a great choice. Along with that, the lighting fixtures should match with the theme of the room.  To make a statement people start using iron and steel items. You can use the industrial products that are used all over the place, for example, those used in lighting fixtures or plumbing.                               

2- Adding mechanical details

If you want to give an industrial look to your home, then you must display some mechanical pieces in it. For this purpose, you can use cranks, pulleys, wheels, and gears and leave them uncovered. This will give them a unique appearance. You can also use vintage kitchen furniture. It will give an industrial atmosphere to it.

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3- Artwork

Art expresses the industrial atmosphere greatly. If you want to give an industrial look to your house, then you can paint your walls with powerful symbols or graphics. You can also have a brick wall. You can also use gigantic metal sculptures. They will give an industrial look to your house. You can also put the paintings on the walls influenced from the past. 

4- Recycled material

You can use things that were once used in warehouses, barns or any building that has been demolished. Former railroad ties give a rustic charm to your ceilings. Barn windows can be used in your bedrooms. It will give an industrial look to it.

5- Mixing of modern details with industrial charm

You can mix the current styles with the older inspired details. You can use pendant lighting such as filaments lighting it creates an industrial look. You can use stainless steel modern appliances in your kitchen.

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  1. I never heard of this style of decorating. I am not sure I like it. To me, it’s not very personal.

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