2022 Graduates Gift Guide

Help your graduate mark this milestone with a gift that will last a lifetime! Whether your graduate is going straight into a career path or heading off to college, This Lady Blogs has a gift for the graduate on your list!

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Customizable BusyBox 

BusyBox boasts a simple and clean aesthetic — no disorderly designs, clunky features, or unsightly wires. Easily fit it in any style of home without obtrusion. With a variety of different colors and styles, you can match the look to your location.

Simply slide in your message, or create your own, and let your roommates know what you’re doing. Want to change it up?  Remove the cover, slide out the old message, slide in the new message, replace the cover.  That was easy.


Ultra Comfortable Leggings from DryWorld

Founded in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 2010, DRYWORLD is a performance athletic brand offering innovative, superior quality apparel and gear for the athlete in all of us.

This classic CoreD Pro Sports Legging is anything but basic. With a wide waist band for comfort and support for every sport. Perfect for the on-the-go graduates! Go from the gym or walking to trail to class with ease when you have a pair of the CoreD leggings from  DryWorld!


Rule Breakers Plant Based Snacks

Going on a road trip? Want to snack without feeling guilty? Rule Breakers has got you covered. The Road Trip Survival Kit has something for everyone. This kit has a box of juniors for smaller sized snacks, full-sized brownies and blondie for a delicious treat, and bags of bites for sharing (or not). This set makes it easy for anyone to survive any road trip, from 5 miles to 500. 

All Rule Breaker Snacks are vegan (100% Plant-Based), allergy-friendly (no wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, soy, coconut, sesame, fish or shellfish), certified gluten-free, nut-free and great for school, verified by the Non-GMO Project, certified kosher by Kof-K. 


Nest WiFi

Wi-Fi coverage has become the trend nowadays given the amount of time we all spend at home. Graduates make no exception as they prefer user-friendly gadgets to use anywhere. The Nest WiFi is a smart gift idea that offers excellent Wi-Fi coverage at a very affordable price. 

This device is great for parents as well. They can use it to manage the children’s Internet usage. In fact, instead of having to physically check on kids throughout the day, parents can grant themselves the peace of mind of knowing that all adult content is off-limits through parental controls. Could you think of anything better than this? 

Nest Audio

Is there any graduate who doesn’t like music? I don’t think so! 🙂 As a mother of teenagers, I can tell you that choosing the latest Nest smart speaker is what you need to impress your graduate this summer.

The Nest Audio was made for music. It’s 75% louder and has 50% stronger bass than the original Google Home, and produces full, clear, and natural sound. Besides, you can use your voice to play songs, podcasts, and more from streaming services including YouTube Music, Spotify, and Pandora. 

On top of that, the Nest Audio can become the center of your whole-home sound system with some user favorite features like speaker groups and message broadcasts.

I also have a special offer for you! With $20 off for every two you buy at the Google Store, you can gift a stereo pair – or just keep one for yourself!

Eco Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 25

Summer is already here! So, there’s no better time for a graduate to spend time with friends and family by a pool or relax on the beach.

If you don’t know what to offer to a graduate, the Spa Technologies everyday lotion with its antioxidant-rich formula and sun protection is both a practical and appreciated gift. It goes great in a gift basket with a towel, pair of sunglasses, and their favorite beverage!

The Eco Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 25 helps protect the skin against environmental damage and stressors. Lightweight and creamy with a mild fruit scent, it absorbs quickly, leaves no white residue, and provides the ideal base under makeup. Wearing it on your body feels like going to the spa every day and helps you feel spoiled and protected. This is definitely a gift idea worth trying!

iLive Bluetooth Tailgate Speaker

iLive’s Bluetooth Tailgate Party Speaker is the ultimate, versatile gift for any graduate. That’s exactly what a teenager who just graduated from school would want for an all-night garden party this summer. The device not only has a room-rockin’ bass, 60-foot wireless range, and microphone input but also features color-changing lights and roller wheels for easy transportation. It’s the perfect gift for graduates who love music, tailgate parties and having fun with their friends.

Some of its features include:

  • Supports Bluetooth v5.0
  • 8″ full-range speaker
  • Voice prompts announce speaker functions
  • Built-in FM wire antenna

California Cowboy Apparel

Still not sure what gift would be appropriate for a graduate? What about the California Cowboy Apparel? These shirts are sure to be the ultimate conversation starter at the BBQ or a summer garden party!

California Cowboy is where sports performance and after sports connection meet. The brand’s vision is that the right product design will lead to more meaningful experiences and serendipitous encounters with those you’ve just met – or might meet – once you’ve holstered your tech. California Cowboy Apparel wants to help you switch from being socially anxious to being socially confident. This strategy is an entirely new and original way of thinking about clothing design. Choose the color and model that matches best your graduate’s personality and offer him one of his favorite clothing pieces this summer!

Haute Shore Cellphone Bag

The perfect bag to take all your essentials anywhere you need!

Teenagers are interested in fashion and comfort. So, this Casey Cellphone Bag is perfect that will take away the frustrating online hunt for the perfect bag this summer. Haute Shore has the latest accessories that can become a great gift for graduates. With over 1,000 accessories, Haute Shore is committed to helping customers stay fashionable with ease.

Wanting to instill the confidence and power that comes with loving your outfit for the day, the founder launched Haute Shore to provide every person with beautiful, affordable accessories that stay on top of the latest trends.  With this cute Cellphone Bag, you’ll never run out of designs to fit your individual needs and style preferences. It is simply perfect for your easy beach trip and festival looks! Check the entire collection online today and choose the product that fits your graduate’s style.



Imagine having silky soft, nourished skin while also keeping it protected from harsh sun rays! 

SUNPLUS is the sunscreen that has you covered no matter the activity. It’s a luxury lotion of vitamins, rich and multi-level moisturizers, antioxidants, and skin-loving superfoods. When you are at a young age, the sunscreen is important to offer protection from the sun’s harmful rays while moisturizing, soothing, and guarding skin against pollutants and premature aging.

The SUNPLUS suncreen is a great gift idea for someone who loves a moisturizing sunscreen that won’t sting the eyes and is gentle on sensitive skin, plus water-resistant and sweat-proof. It’s also available at the Ritz Carlton Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara, joining the brand’s growing list of resort customers (and their guests) such as Montage, Terranea, Pasea, and the Ranch at Laguna Beach. 


Sun Patch

Summer is so close that graduates can hardly think of anything else apart from holiday, tanning, spending time at the pool! During this period, protecting your skin is essential. Thus, offering a Sun Patch is an excellent gift idea for someone you care about.

Sun Patch is the only peel-and-stick UPF+ silicone sunblock on the market (UPF measures the amount of radiation that can penetrate fabric to reach your skin). This can be an accessory to your sunscreen. The patches feel like a second skin and have a California vibe that’s irresistible. They look like cool neon stickers in bright colors, making it perfect for teenagers who want to show off. Founder Gena was a mom looking for a solution to applying and reapplying suncare products on her kids, eliminating the fuss and mess. Hence, Sun Patch was born, becoming not just an effective product, but also an ideal gift for summertime.


Wristlet Phone Holder from Atrac USA

This wristlet phone holder from Atrac USA was designed for convenience wherever you go! It can become an ideal gift for graduates who can attach this magnet strap to their purses or pants to keep their most important assets such as keys, mobile phones, ID, or anything else that fits in this ingenious product!

ATRAC is almost like a snap bracelet but with magnets that you can “slap” or “wrap” around your purse/backpack strap without losing them. The magnets are that strong and secure so you can even hang them from your bathing suit bottoms. Thanks to ATRAC, the lucky grad who receives it will say goodbye to the minutes spent rummaging through their purse/backpack digging for keys, phones, or other small things they usually carry with them. On top of that, the patent-pending strap is high-quality vegan leather and made to look like a luxurious accessory for any activity. Choose it as a unique and “life-saving hack” for someone you care about!


College Maps Tumbler from Well Told

Which college to attend is one of the biggest decisions we make. What better way to celebrate this monumental step than with a personalized tumbler from Well Told!

Stay refreshed and inspired with these College Map Stainless Steel Tumblers from Well Told. Not only does this 20 oz. insulated tumbler keep your hot or cold drink the right temperature down to the last sip, it comes engraved with a detailed map of your favorite U.S. college town for a uniquely personalized and eye-catching beverage container.

Add custom text to make it even more personal or to create an amazing, personalized tumbler



Magic Weighted Blanket

The name chosen for the MAGIC WEIGHTED BLANKET was selected on purpose. Many customers have fondly referred to it as “the blanket that hugs you back” and as the original “OG” of weighted blankets.

Do you know what’s the most impressive fact about it? It was invented by a father, driving his young daughter who was playing in the back when she put a “beanie baby” toy on his shoulder and it felt surprisingly very comforting. He had an epiphany-what would a whole “beanie” blanket feel like? He came home and told his wife and she made a prototype in 1998! Since then, the weighted blankets helped in many situations like bringing down anxiety or comforting people with autism or who suffer from PTSD.

This product is manufactured solely in the USA and comes in a variety of the softest material coupled with the glass beads sewn into the blanket. Thus, they make this product the best on the market. Buy it for a fresh graduate and offer it for the chilly nights. 


Timeless Jewelry from Honey + Ice

Celebrate your graduates achievements with jewelry from Honey + Ice.  These timeless classics can never go out of style, being worn with your Sunday dress, or your favorite pair of jeans. At Honey + Ice you can be assured each piece is crafted with love here in the USA. They are devoted to quality jewelry made from quality materials; a standard they just cannot go back on. 

From bangles to rings to necklaces – and everything in between – Honey + Ice has the perfect gift for your favorite grad! I especially love the “Don’t Miss This” Collection!  We all need a reminder from time to time. Jewelry is a great way to be reminded of special moments and people. The “Don’t Miss This collection was made in collaboration with Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler. It was named after the podcast they host and helps you to remember someone very special–your creator and Heavenly Father. 

These pieces have been carefully designed to remind you of how well God knows of you and how much He loves you. So, every time you need a reminder, you can simply look at your bracelet, and instantly be reminded of a loving God who is always mindful of what you are doing and what you are going through, day-to-day.  Today’s graduates, more than ever, need to be rooted in Christ’s love – this sweet reminder will be with them even on their hardest days!


Fashionable Bags from TrendHim

 At Trendhim, they’ve put together a collection of beautiful, sharp-looking carrying cases. We’re confident you’ll like what you see.

Because bags should not only look great but also serve functional and practical purposes, TrendHim has assembled a wide range of types and sizes so that you find the right one for you.  Their selection features bags made with either 100% leather, sturdy canvas, or a combination of both materials. Some bags are specially made for work or school. Others can serve more than one purpose, including weekend use, sporting gear, or holiday packs. 



Teenagers are passionate about technology and gadgets! So, this practical, yet very stylish 5-in-1 Desk Lamp, Bluetooth Speaker, and Wireless Charger from LumiCharge can become the perfect gift for them!

Rarely does one find a functional desk lamp that is design-friendly in a home office, kitchen, bedroom, study, or office! The T2W model meets these criteria and many more!  The idea for this amazing product came from an engineer who’s desk was always cluttered. He reached a point when he didn’t have any room to work between his phone charger, lamp base, or clock. So, this is how he got a bright idea to design a SLEEK and SOPHISTICATED smart lamp that looks good anywhere!

LumiCharge dimmable LED desk lamp features include a charging station, Qi 10W fast wireless charger, a universal phone dock, motion sensor, aesthetically pleasing for both home & office décor, full calendar display with date, time, temperature settings, dimmable display backlight, multiple brightness levels (remembers the last setting) and “new” UV and ANTI-MICROBIAL paint coating to reduce the growth of germs on the surface! Buy it for your graduate today!


Cove Hanger

Teenagers are known for being quite messy. Especially when they need to prepare for a special event, their room becomes chaotic and it seems like they cannot find anything. Have you thought of offering a practical hanger like Cove Hanger? Traditional hangers often come with a lot of headaches. They cause wrinkling, a collection of floor dust/pet hair, and can snag clothes touching the lower rack!

The Cove Hanger comes with a ground-breaking patented top locking feature that secures the bottom half of the garment-place over and through the hanger then lock-a hanger for TRAVEL too! On top of that, this is a unisex hanger that can accommodate all longer garments: suites/jackets/coats, trench coats, skirts, evening gowns, or jumpsuits. There’s more than that! It is made of recycled plastic and has an anti-slip velvet base. It comes with a scented ribbon with a custom fragrance, plus Morgan Park-a modern take on sachet fragrance for clothes that is also available. Buy it now and make a great surprise for someone you care about!


Power your Home with Generark

The Generark Solar Generator is the most reliable, versatile, and portable emergency power supply for your home. It includes the HomePower ONE backup battery power station and the SolarPower ONE portable solar panels.

It provides a continual emergency power supply to charge your electronic devices and operate your home appliances in any emergency situation. It enables your family to overcome any disasters and accidents by staying fully charged and connected in the safety of your home.

The HomePower ONE has 3 AC outlets with the pure-sine wave, supporting 1000W rated power and 2000W surge power at 110V. Each SolarPower ONE panel emits 100W of power for up to 200W power output, providing ultra-fast recharging your HomePower ONE power station.

Portable, light-weight foldable design with an adjustable kickstand. It takes 30 seconds or less to set up and is ready to provide eco-friendly power supply in any emergency situation.

This generator brings a peace of mind along with it! The perfect gift for anyone on your list this year!


Fashionable Sunglasses from Topfoxx

TopFoxx’s Megan 2 sunglasses went viral during its launch in 2019 and has remained a best-seller ever since, with its unique yet classic look. With the increasing popularity, this style has been expanded into five fashionable colors, including the Faded Brown, designed to be a year-round staple with its neutral shade and timeless features. A high quality, universal style designed to last, this product is the perfect gift to share with a fashion lover, outdoors enthusiast, or simply to compliment any outfit.

As TopFoxx has been transforming its brand into sustainable fashion, this style and many others are now produced with recycled metal through green warehousing methods, and shipped with carbon-neutral shipping and FSC certified sustainable packaging. When purchased, a pair of high-quality reading or distance glasses is also donated to someone in need across the globe. With so much positivity packed into this purchase, the Megan 2 – Faded Black is the gift that keeps on giving.


Elegant Jewelry from Isabella Grace

At its core, Isabelle Grace Jewelry is all about accessories that are effortless, elegant and timeless. And because they believe in quality as much as looking good, each piece is made by hand, right in their New Bedford, MA studio.  There’s no assembly line, no mass production. Instead, their designs are made of the best materials and expertly crafted by people who love making beautiful things. And that will never go out of style.

This is the perfect necklace for your horse lover! Have you ever heard the old saying: Keep the open end of your horse shoe pointed up to catch good luck and keep it from running out. The belief of this is that the luck inside the horseshoe will spill or will be lost if pointed downward. This beautiful necklace is sure to bring “lots of luck” to the lucky lady wearing it! Find this necklace and MUCH MORE HERE!


African Coffee Club

Give coffee lovers the gift of premium single-source whole bean coffee from Africa (the birthplace of coffee!) with African Coffee Club. Using only the finest coffee beans grown and harvested from 9 regions and 6 countries is like a  tour of Africa with each sip! Each coffee has a unique note profile specific to each region’s coffee farm–providing a variety of aromatic blends for coffee aficionados to experience. The unique combination of climate, altitude, and soil makes Africa the ideal place to grow the world’s best beans. Coffee grown at high altitudes has floral and sweet flavors–which come through in every cup! Dedicated to living wages for African coffee farmers,  African Coffee Club’s premium whole coffee beans are sourced from farms across Africa that pay well above market value, helping to ensure ethically sustainable farming practices. Its flavorful single-origin whole bean African coffee is perfect for drip coffee makers, french press, and pour-over enthusiasts and are freshly-roasted each week in California to ensure freshness with each order. Available in beautiful gift sets and subscriptions.


Gourmet Popcorn from Opopop

As one of the fastest growing snack startups, Opopops is reinventing the popcorn industry with their proprietary  Flavor Wrapped Kernels — individually coated popcorn kernels that come in delicious flavors like Cinnalicious, Fancy Butter, Chedapeno, and Maui Heat. Opopop’s farm raised popcorn kernels combine a secret technique and gourmet ingredients to create the most delicious wrapped kernel. Opopop also recently launched their new product offering, perfect for single size snackers: Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups. This interactive combo of raw Opopop kernels is paired with a mouthwatering flavor core. Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups are easy to make quick batches in Opopop’s reusable silicone microwave popping bowl. Opopop has raised 640 acres of popcorn, handmade over 160,000,000 Flavor Wrapped Kernels, and produced 100,000+ Pop Cups. Prices range from $13.99 to $64.99 and are available at Opopop.


Journals from Paper Sunday

Paper Sunday believes in the power of God’s Word. Jesus’ message of eternal hope is good for the soul and uplifting to the heart. Students carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Often, they juggle so many roles they fall into bed with lists rolling around in their heads. With a Paper Sunday journal, they can not only keep track of all their special memories and notes, but they can also keep their lists inside. And the best part is that each page is filled with personalized Scripture. Choose from over 150 designs with personalized scripture n both journals and planner formats at Paper Sunday!


Trendy Phone Cases from Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity began in 2010 with the goal to create unique products for consumers who sought something other than mainstream. They are a tech accessory company that focuses on function, fashion, and creativity. Their company originates from the heart of Los Angeles. They draw design inspiration from the hustle of downtown LA and the calming breeze of the Pacific Ocean. They are dedicated to creating one of a kind iPhone cases that are protective and express individuality.

Zero Gravity iPhone cases blend artfully designed embroidery with protection for your iPhone. Drawing inspiration from rad art from around the world, there are designs for everyone, and every iPhone.


History Cartoons from History by Mail

When was the first use of Uncle Sam in a cartoon? Which president had a stuffed animal created in his name after a cartoon of him was published?

Find out by learning from this collection of 50 cards from History by Mail covering over 200 years of American history.

These 50 cards touch upon major moments in American history from the colonial period through the civil rights era. Each card is printed on high quality card stock in the original color and style. On the reverse side of each cartoon is a full description of the historical context and an explanation of the image. The cartoons are contained in a high quality bamboo or plastic keepsake box. Tour through history in a novel and entertaining way!


AI-powered Auto-tracking Phone Mount from OBSBOT

OBSBOT Me empowers phone with more features selection, whatever you are using your phone to document the wonderful life, or show your best on air, it always captures your every best moment.

Just put your hands up or simply press the button on OBSBOT Me, the AI-Tracking phone mount will automatically recognize you and act accordingly, Make it easy to take selfies and videos.  Thanks to the built-in wide-angle camera and the Al image processor, OBSBOT Me can finish all the tracking algorithms by itself and doesn’t require any extra App or Bluetooth connection. Just use any App you want.

Spark your inspiration for creating and ignite your passion for action. There is no limit of what OBSBOT Me can do, just your imagination. 


Opulence Diffuser from My Alchemy

The Opulence Diffuser by SpaRoom transforms water and a few drops of Essential Oil into a fragrant mist to refresh your space. This elegant gold design gives the ambiance of a candle. A remote control is included to select bright white light or soft white candlelight. It operates quietly with a 3 hour continuous mist or up to 6 hour intermittent mist with the floral, fruity or holiday scented Essential Oil you select.


Greetings Card for Your Favorite Graduate

Celebrate their next great adventure with a Lucky Dog Design Co. graduation card. Fill them with graduation advice and words of encouragement (+ a little cash?). All cards are paired with a colorful envelope and blank on the inside so that you can craft the perfect message. If you want to learn more about Lucky Dog and grab a 25% off discount code for your first order, sign up here.


Keep your Beverage cool with Puffin Drinkwear

Puffin Drinkwear is on a mission to bring fun and celebrate good by creating fabulous drinkwear to keep your beverages cold. Their tagline of “Fun Together” is no accident. Puffin products work 20 percent better than a standard koozie. Puffins Drinkwear prices range from $12.95 to $21.95 and are available online at Puffin Drink Wear and in over 4,000 retail locations in the US and Canada including every R.E.I store. Puffin is the perfect gift for Mom or Dad or hikers, bikers, skiers, fishers, boaters, park goers, back yard bbq’s, you name it!

Fashionable Glasses for Everyone

Hemingway had the page. O’Keeffe had the canvas. Eyebobs has each and every idiosyncratic member of the human race. From day one, they’ve fashioned original readers for original people. 

In every city, everywhere, you can find them. The doers. The dreamers. The makers. The creative forces smashing the status quo. No matter your vision, Eyebobs is there to help bring it into focus.

Today, along with their amazing readers, they offer progressives, single-vision prescriptions, Blue Light, All Day Readers and polarized sunglasses. They’ve got it all. Just for you. Whether you’re shopping at one of their retail stores, with their wholesale partners, or surfing the website, consider Eyebobs your one stop shop. They’re out to change the glasses game, one frame at a time.


Ramen Noodle Recipe Cards

College kids, seasoned cooks, and Instagram stars love cooking with ramen. With 51 recipes, there’s something to fit everyone’s tastes–including vegan stock and homemade noodles. The deck has 28 unique cards with different recipes for ramen, along with a fold out booklet with 23 recipes for basics. Cooks can mix and match to create easy, delicious, homecooked comfort. Just ramen-ber your chopsticks!


High Rise Standing Desk from Victor

This Standing Desk from Victor is great for college and high school students, employees working from home, or anyone with a small office setup looking to integrate a standing desk solution into their environment. Each desk features unique distinctive grain styling. This 4-piece standing desk brings a simplistic and minimalist design, with a modern look into your home or office. Assembles and disassembles in less than 60 seconds. Does require use of screwdriver to attach tension strap for increased stability. It is fashionable and easily transportable.


Classic Backpack made from APPLE PEEL from Allegorie

Apples and backpacks aren’t just for the back-to-school season. This environmentally friendly backpack from Allegorie is created to be the ultimate transitional piece – whether you’re headed into the city, escaping to the mountain air or walking into the gym to crush your next workout. Featuring multiple interior pockets and four functional exterior pockets, this backpack can hold it all. With a designated laptop sleeve – including extra padding to protect the computer and cushion your back – you can transport all of your gear while remaining stylish.


Crunchy Mushroom Chips from Popadelics

Popadelics crunchy shiitake mushroom chips aren’t just a snack, they’re an experience. Although these snacks are highly addictive, they do not contain any psilocybin or any other narcotics. These crunchy caps are shiitake mushrooms reimagined for the modern superfood snacker. They’re a radical sensory experience of taste and crunch, thanks to their intense flavor combinations and revolutionary cooking method. 3 Different Flavor Options: trippin’ truffle parm, rad rosemary + salt, and twisted thai chili. 


Mobile All-In-One Desk from Worky

Worky The Home Office  is the first-ever portable desk in a box. It is the ideal solution for today’s mobile work setups  – allowing busy college students to quickly set up and put away desk stationson the go: hybrid office, kitchen table to desk, easy store-away for a decluttered living space. Worky is also a student favorite for organizing and maintaining the hectic college environments.


Coffee from Barista Cup

A revolutionary way of brewing the perfect cup of coffee from Barista Cup. At your convenience, using only half the amount of grounds. The cup brews fresh coffee in two simple steps: pour in hot water, add fresh coffee grounds. The coffee grounds release luxurious oils and crema to create a perfect cup. The innovative coffee channel traps grounds to the bottom of the cup after releasing its avour. No over-brewing and no bitter taste!


Arnica Balm from Punkin Butt

This soothing Arnica balm is perfect for any age. Punkin Butt infused organic herbs with arnica and chamomile in their organic sunflower oil and mixed them with beeswax and vitamin E. Lovely ingredients to soothe and comfort when you need it most! They make this in small batches by hand to ensure you have the best quality possible.


Moroccan Leather Sandals from Puey

PUEY UNISEX MOROCCAN LEATHER SPORT SANDALS – Comfort and style is never wrong with this color blocked, white & anthracite variants Puey – Unisex Moroccan Leather Sport sandal crafted from Moroccan leather and rubber insoles. Embellished with the gold decorative monogrammed Puey Quinones and Lenny Lu collaboration. The ease of taking on and off with the help of velcro straps for a secure fit. 


The Muscle Duffel from Groovy Guy Gifts

We’ve all come across that guy out there, squeezing in workouts at 6 am before classes start, still going strong when others are horizontal, willing to do what it takes to get the job done and make the most of the moment regardless of circumstance.  

Here is the bag equivalent of that guy – strong, tough, versatile, ready for all occasions. The Muscle Duffle from Groovy Guy Gifts works for anything! This bag is truly amazing! My son has taken it to camps, school functions, and camp-outs … he has put it through the wringer and it still looks brand new! Any graduate will love this bag – a to make it even better you can have it personalized with up to 10 letters! 


Custom Art from Caricature Master

What better way to celebrate your graduates BIG DAY than with a personal caricature of them in their cap and gown! I can’t wait to give my son his as a graduation gift – He is going to LOVE it!

CaricatureMaster.com makes the process of ordering your personalized art beyond super easy. Simply send them an image of your loved one with some ideas, and in a few days they will send you their drawing! Simple as A,B,C’s!

Get a Fully Personalized Caricature of You and Your Loved Ones. Have some special Idea or Life Story? They will make it a Piece of Art to mark special occasions for years to come!


Health Monitoring Smartwatch from WITHINGS

ScanWatch (Not only a smart gift option but the fashionable one as well)

Established in 2008, Withings, is a world leader in connected health technology. Its team of engineers, data scientists, and healthcare professionals have enthused everyday, elegant lifestyle objects with medical and wellness capabilities to efficiently track health vitals. Its range of in-home devices can monitor more than 20 health parameters and are used daily by millions of people worldwide. Its portfolio of devices includes connected scales, hybrid watches, smart thermometers, blood pressure monitors, and sleep trackers to empower individuals to takeback control of their health and track medical and wellness data.

Using state-of-the-art technology, ScanWatch can help detect atrial fibrillation through ECG and blood oxygen levels through SpO2, as well as perform general wellness functions like monitoring sleep quality, and physical activity, and checking heart rate. ScanWatch has already been adopted by countless users around the world.  ScanWatch has been FDA cleared to both record ECG & SpO2 measurements. 

Your favorite Graduate has worked hard to get to this time in life, so why not give them a gift that will show them how much you care about them – Give them a Beautiful Timepiece from WITHINGS?


Personalized Rings from JOYAMO

To find the perfect gift for your graduate one is not easy, but with the help of JoyAmo, you will find that unique ring for her. The rings selection from JoyAmo come in different metals and designs.

You can find her ideal personalized ring in Sterling Silver 925, Rose or Yellow Gold Plating, or 14K Solid Gold; just choose her favorite metal and surprise her with a unique ring that only she can wear.

Check the original Engraved Hearts & Names Ring, the Mom Names Ring with Hearts, or the Five Stackable Name Ring. Any of these fashion rings will fill your graduates life with love and tenderness.


Made for Freedom Necklace

If you are looking for finely crafted goods made by survivors and those at risk of human trafficking, then Made for Freedom is the brand you are looking for. You can use their ethically-made statement jewelry pieces as lovely gift items that share a powerful message while impacting lives in the fight to end human trafficking.
The Seek Justice Necklace, for example, is a 32-inch stainless steel pendant necklace on a bead chain. The bar is engraved with the compelling message Seek Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly. What makes this product unique? It is handmade by women in Asia rescued from human trafficking. With such a powerful story of restoration and hope, this stainless steel necklace can make the ideal gift for a graduate.

Art Within Subscription Box

Art Within helps teens build confidence through creativity. A monthly art box is the perfect gift for your graduate to get creative! Your box comes with all the supplies you need, simple instructions, learning concepts, and a video tutorial. Build skills and explore different mediums each month. Choose a 1, 3, or 6 month gift subscription at checkout. 


Luster Pearl Infused Pro Light Dental Whitening System

Do you have an event invitation and you need to whiten your teeth fast? The Luster Premium White’s Pearl Infused Pro Light Dental Whitening System helps you whiten your teeth 7X faster than all major whitening kits! On top of that, this kit is very easy to use. All you need to do is follow three easy steps and you get visibly whiter teeth in just 30 minutes and 6 shades whiter in 3 days!

This product uses both light and heat. Their patented Xenon teeth whitening light is proven more effective and quicker than other teeth whitening LED light systems. The Luster Premium kit was developed by dentists. This kit includes: Pro Light, Serum, Rinse, and Pearl Infused Mint Whitening Toothpaste. Use it and you’ll benefit from a great experience that will convince you to offer it as a gift as well.


The Hoodie that Helps you Sleep from Dep Sleepwear

Give your favorite graduate the gift of sleep. The patented, doctor-recommended Dēp sleep hoodie will help them get the quality sleep and rest they deserve at home, in the dorm, wherever and whenever they need it.
The Dēp sleep hoodie is purpose-built for sleep and provides the three most important ingredients for quality rest – darkness, quiet, and body temperature control – all in one cozy, comfy, lightweight hoodie.
-Built-in, wrap-around sleep mask blocks light
-Mask and hood combine to muffle sounds
-Materials keep body temp cool and consistent


Small but powerful, ZVOX AV30 true wireless earbuds sound great – and offer remarkable technology that makes voices clear and easy to understand. They are light and comfortable and loaded with features:

• Hybrid noise cancellation reduces ambient sounds 100-fold.

• True wireless design lets you easily connect to multiple devices via Bluetooth.

• AccuVoice technology boosts dialogue so you hear every word.

• Perfect for watching movies and shows on mobile devices.

• The ideal accessory for phone calls or video conferencing.


Silk Accessories from Celestial Silk

We know the importance of a good night’s sleep: Better mood, better complexion, an extra glow, and more zest for life. Add some silk to your sleep, and it turns into a sublime, rejuvenating beauty sleep. It’s the mission at Celestial Silk to offer the highest quality eco-friendly 100% Mulberry silk products at an affordable price. Their proprietary DiamondSilk pillowcases, eye masks, sheets, scrunchies, and spa headbands are durable, sleek and dyed with only toxic free dyes.

Every purchase from Celestial Silk also gives 10% of profits made from your silk bedding purchase clothes, feeds, shelters and educates those in need.  You’re also supporting the American community when you buy silk sheets and pillowcases from Celestial Silk. They are headquartered in the US and support local causes.


Complete Curl Care from Royal Locks

 Royal Locks Curl Care is a nice Direct To Consumer curly hair products brand that provides high-performing, multi-benefit, curl enhancing hair products with simple routines to fit your lifestyle and enhance your unique beauty.

Royal Locks Complete Set: The Complete Curl Enhancing Hair Care Set For A Healthy Foundation Of Stylish Beautiful Curls is an astonishingly low $90! Give your curls the foundation of hydration and moisture they need to thrive! This starts with curl enhancing cleansing and conditioning. Their sulfate free shampoo doesn’t strip oils and maintains pH to help your pattern form and minimize breakage. Paired with a hydrating conditioner of nourishing Argan oil and Macadamia Nut for oil regulation that repairs and protects. Then, choose a styler depending on what your curls need. Lightweight Pro Curl Cream Gel for, definition, frizz taming and softness. For fine or medium textures. Midweight Dream Cream for volume, clumping, stronger hold. For fine or thick textures.

This line is great for the entire family- Moms, Dads, and Grads. Always sulfate, paraben, and cruelty free with high-performing curl enhancing ingredients and nourishing natural botanicals. 


Science Test Tube from The Spice Lab

Looking for stylish spice storage or a perfect gift for your favorite graduating chef, foodie or crafter? These 11 empty Pyrex glass test tubes from The Spice Lab come in a stylish bamboo base. Fill them with your favorite spices, salts or blends, or use them for art material storage.


Organic Aromas Aurora Nebulizing Diffuser

The design of these diffusers from Organic Aromas means that you get to enjoy the most from your essential oils. It is important to take advantage of the distinct benefits that these diffusers offer.

You get all of the benefits that people talk about when discussing essential oils and essential oil blends but without any of the risks or hassles that other methods of diffusing can bring. It’s perfect for your home or as a gift that someone will love.


Hand Over Heart Care Pack

Your mother deserves to be spoiled not only on Mother’s Day but every day of her life! Therefore, if you want to show her your appreciation and gratitude, you won’t go wrong with the Hand Over Heart Personal Care Bundle. This set includes a hydrating shampoo, a body wash, and an organic deodorant. What makes Hand Over Heart more special in comparison to other famous brands? Its products are all-natural, hypoallergenic, and contain a pH-balanced formula.

The hydrating shampoo contains all-natural cleansers and emollients. They work up a smooth, gentle lather to remove build-up as it moisturizes to leave hair nourished. The natural deodorant contains naturally-occurring antibacterial properties that stop odor before it can begin. It will surprise your mum with a refreshing herbal scent blended with zesty notes of lime. Finally, the body wash is formulated with a hydrating blend of Coconut Oil, Glycerin, and Pentylene Glycol. This bundle can be your perfect ally to take care of your mother with top-quality products!


Love Knot Necklace from Aeares

For a daughter who is graduating, you can never go wrong with a jewelry gift, and Aeares.com has the perfect piece for this! Their ever-popular Love Knot necklace which is ideal for women and girls of any age is accompanied with a motivating yet loving message card. Comes with a choice of 2 gifting boxes (we recommend the mahogany style case!)


Personalized Graduation Gifts from Groovy Guys Gifts

Groovy Guys Gifts takes gift giving to a whole new level – adding a personal touch to many of their gifts. Graduation is one of the most memorable days for many of us. It sets us on the journey to becoming our own person. What better way to celebrate such a milestone than a gift that will last forever. Groovy Guys Gifts has a plethora of gift ideas; from personalized knives to hiking bags to timeless watches with personal etchings. Groovy Guys Gifts has a gift for every guy graduating on your list!


AMP Color Enhancing Sunglasses from Fuse

Fuse AMP sunglasses allow you to see the world like never before. Utilizing patented AI technology, AMP provides a lens with up to 4x more color enhancement than the competition to give you a view with heightened color contrast and crisp details. These sunglasses reveal details hiding in plain sight, enhance the colors around you, and can greatly improve any outdoor activity.

Fuse lenses are:

-Custom Cut in the USA – Clearwater, FL

-High-Quality Polycarbonate lenses (crystal clear optics, impact-resistant, and lightweight)

-Low Cost ($24.99non-polarized lenses – $54.99 polarized + anti-reflective lenses)

-Tons of options (lens colors, polarized starting at $79, prescription, tons of brands available OR a custom lens program if we don’t have yours on file)

-Easy to change your lenses yourself (OR Send in glasses through our concierge program)


Universal Travel Adapter from OneWorld

Meet OneWorld, the world’s first all-in-one universal travel adapter with a built-in USB C PD charger, plus 3 additional USB A ports. The USB C PD port allows you to charge and power the latest USB C powered MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13″/15″, and MacBook directly without the need for an Apple power adapter. Three additional USB A ports for phones, power banks, tablets, etc… OneWorld comes with a grounded AC outlet for any non-USB devices and it is able to support 10A of power consumption. It is also the first travel adapter that complies with the BS8546 safety standard making it not only the world’s most powerful but also the safest travel charger/adapter in the world. Make your traveler powered and connected no matter where they are. 



Neoprene Tote Bag

This Neoprene Tote Bag would be a perfect gift for your favorite graduate. It can be used as a smaller everyday purse. But when you need to add additional bulkier items to it you simply unsnap the two side snaps and it becomes a much larger tote. So no need to switch back and forth from a smaller purse to a larger tote on different days… it can do it all! It is lightweight and durable since it is made out of neoprene which is the same fabric that scuba wetsuits are made out of! It is also the perfect tote to bring to the beach, pool, or outdoors.