Zipadee-Zip Swaddling Jumper


I WISH these unique swaddling jumpers were around when my children were babies!! I used to wrap them in a swaddling blanket and carry them around the house.  They loved the secure cozy feeling, so I can only imagine how much they would have enjoyed these.


Every mother has asked the question – What do I do when my little one outgrows their swaddle? Watch this short video clip to find out!

It gets even better! The Zipadee Zip is multifunctional. Check out these other great uses for this product:

  • Sleep – Aids swaddle transition and teaches self-soothing skills!
  • Travel – Encourages sleep and settling on long car or plane rides!
  • Dr. Office Visits – Eliminates tedious clothing changes!
  • Grocery Visits and Plane Rides – Provides a GERM-FREE environment!
  • Breastfeeding – Prevents a baby from scratching themselves and Momma!
  • Stroller walks or walks/rides in a sling or baby carrier – can be worn while buckled or strapped in!
  • MORE SLEEP! – Aids transition to crib off of a swing, or rock and play sleeper and helps sick little ones get rest when they wouldn’t otherwise!



Here is a coupon code for $2 off a Zipadee-Zip from Sleeping Baby!
Use code: SLEEP at checkout.


19 thoughts on “Zipadee-Zip Swaddling Jumper

  1. This looks like an awesome product. I could really use it since my twins have learned how to break out of their swaddlers.

  2. My older son had so much trouble transitioning from the swaddle to the sleep sack; this would make it so much easier for his little brother due in March!!

  3. I have been wanting one of these for my 3 month old. I think its a brilliant concept and love that it was designed by a problem solving mommy. Fingers crossed….I’d be tickled pink to win it.

  4. We received a small as a gift before our daughter was born, and now she is almost too big for it, so I would love to win the next size up for her!

  5. A friend of mine recommended the Zipadee Zip when my 3 month old started breaking out of her sleep sack. I am happy to see so many others excited about this product!

  6. This looks like the perfect product for us! My daughter needs to be swaddled to sleep but has recently started to fight it because she wants more freedom in her arms.

  7. Our girl is just about outgrowing her swaddle and I think this would make a great transition! They’re also adorable 🙂

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