Work from Home and Earn Extra Money with 7 Side Jobs Online

There is money to be made on the internet. You can supplement the income from your day job with side gigs after work. If you know where to look and how to manage your time, your earning power grows. And when you have found your groove, you may be able to skip the office altogether to freelance full-time. 

Engaging in online work lets you hone your skills, learn new things, or land yourself lucrative opportunities. There’s generally no need for specialized equipment, and the best part of it all is you get paid in cash when the project gets done, then you move on to the next gig.

Learn how to boost your income this year with these kinds of work online. 

Teach English

English continues to be the global language of business, and if you are a native speaker or fluent in the language, you can sign up as an English teacher online. For an hour or two a day, teach students across ages and professions from around the world.

Answer Surveys

This one promises a quick buck for answering surveys from market research groups. A typical survey, which asks your opinion or preference on products, services, brands, and trends, can take a few minutes to complete. You will need an account with paid survey sites to start answering and earning.

Commission Artwork

Do you have an Instagram account? Use the platform to promote your art and accept commission work. For inquiries, you can direct people to use the app’s DM feature. You can learn about posting high-quality pictures and using the appropriate hashtags to reach your audience.

Write Freelance

People’s reliance on the internet for answers spurs the demand for the written word. Create articles, blurbs, listicles, product listings, and other forms of content for blogs and websites as a freelance writer or ghostwriter. Because writing is one of the more readily available jobs, the competition is stiff. You may have to build a reputation of dependability to get more clients through referrals and secure better rates.

Manage Social Media Accounts

Social media is the way marketers nowadays, so it’s likely to chance upon a company, brand, or business looking for someone to take care of their social media accounts or their clients’. Social media marketing jobs can be about posting, engaging with followers, and creating content that combines writing and designing. While being a social media or community manager is a full-time post, some hire part-timers for their accounts.  

Do Dev Work 

If you know how to code and build websites or their web pages, you are up for some of the most lucrative side gigs you can get on the internet. Highly skilled website developers and professionals in related disciplines are paid handsomely and are in demand all year round. It’s not unusual for these people to earn the same or even more from part-time work alone. 

Sell Online

You can sell anything online, especially the contents of your closet. More are becoming aware of the impact of fast fashion on the environment and thrifting is seen as a more sensible option. You can also adopt a drop-ship business model in which you don’t keep a physical inventory of products listed in your shop. If you are interested in monetizing your extra stuff, try this platform to sell online

Besides these, you could sell online courses like music through platforms like, and make money out of your professional expertise. Such platforms make it easier for students to find classes and tutors to schedule lessons that suit their interests. 

Ready Your Gear 

The biggest draws to doing online work are you can do them at home and you spend little to none as an initial start-up investment. If there’s anything to purchase, it may have to be a replacement or a new computer. Because while you can complete surveys on your phone, some of the tasks mentioned here require a fully functional desktop.

Your best bet is to shop online for a business laptop. The ThinkPad E14 by Lenovo is a good option. Learn more about the performance and features that business laptops offer. I think you’ll find that these units are designed to perform the jobs you set out to do.  Choose the specs carefully, particularly the CPU power for the more intensive tasks.


Play to your strengths, and prepare your gear, internet, and time to take on moneymaking adventures online. 

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  1. There are some great ideas here. With the internet making almost anything available at the click of a a mouse, it’s a great time to start a side hustle.

  2. If you are willing to work hard then there are great online jobs. The problem is most people think that online work will be easier than other jobs and think that they can do your job.

  3. These are all great ideas. I do a lot of them already too. They are great for making some extra money.

  4. I do photography on the side and absolutely love it. I have a friend who does writing as a side gig.

  5. Lots of ideas here. Online side jobs are so convenient and at some chances can really give you a fortune. Thanks for posting this article.

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