Women’s Shorts Styles Took Over Summer 2022

Shorts are no longer just for vacations or warm weather. They have become a new fashion trend when combined with a matching top. Known as the shorts set, this trend has fast become a pandemic-era hit. The shorts set has replaced the tie-dye sweat suit that dominated most of 2020. 

According to Chloe Baffert, the curation and merchandising expert at fashion site Poshmark, the demand for matching short sets jumped 223 percent between May 2019 and May 2022. She adds that the warm-weather version has also recorded a jump in sales – 24 percent compared to last month. 

What They Had To Say

Stylist Britt Theodora, who works with Pete Davidson and Sofia Bryant, says, “There is something so polished and cool about a matching set. I think a lot of people are gravitating towards short sets because it’s an effortless way to look put together. It also has a ‘90s nostalgia to it, which is an era that is widely trending right now.” 

Stylist Jared Depriest Gilbert agrees. He says that people are still interested in looking “polished and put-together” while still minding the current climate. He says he finds short sets attractive because “they feel intentional” when you factor in styling and that a short set displays a point of view.

The Top Women Shorts Styles To Match In 2022

Here is a look at the trending women’s shorts styles that form the foundation of good shorts set:

1. Bermuda

This style of shorts has many names. Bermuda shorts are also known as dress, walking, or trouser shorts. They are longer in style, falling roughly one to three inches above the knee. They are baggy, have a hand-sewn hem, and come in uncuffed or cuffed styles. 

Bermuda shorts are great as camouflage as they can easily hide thick thighs. They are airy, comfortable, and a good choice for casual or semi-casual wear. Bermuda shorts come in various fabric materials, which permits multiple matching opportunities.

2. Biker

Depending on the type of cycling, there are two different biker short styles. The idea behind biker shorts is that they contain design features that make bicycle riding more comfortable. The two styles are:

3. Road Cycling

These biker shorts are made primarily from a mixture of spandex and nylon and are tight-fitting. They do not have pockets, but some styles contain interior chamois or padding in the seating area. Durability differs from brand to brand.

4. Mountain Biking

Mountain biker shorts differ considerably from road cycling shorts. They have a baggy design and two or three pockets. The material composition is a mixture of spandex, nylon, and polyester. Both styles are everyday clothing and can be matched well with long tops or blazers.

5. Boyfriend

Here is a short that is baggy and loose. Boyfriend shorts don’t always have waistbands but usually have zippers and buttons. Most boyfriend shorts come in denim and usually fall to the thigh. They are oversized and often distressed, making them appear as if someone has raided their boyfriend’s stash of shorts. These are perfect for casual or semi-casual wear.

6. Capri

Capri shorts are longer than most short styles reaching down to above the ankles and covering most of the calves. They are incredibly comfortable and have many other names, including clam diggers, flood pants, three-quarter legs, or highwaters. They come in various colors or patterns and are a spandex blend. Wear Capri shorts in casual and semi-casual settings, match almost any top, and transition well into Winter wear.

7. Cargo

Cargo or combat shorts for women have a loose fit and several oversized pockets. Because the pockets are so big, they are perfect for such items as wallets, keys, cellphones, and other items of that size. Cargo pants are great for hiking and camping but are also very popular as everyday shorts. The material used is khaki, and color choice is limited to mostly camo, brown, olive green, and khaki. Cargo pants match well with just about anything, as seen on Sancturyclothing.com.

8. Cut-Off

These are shorts that were once trousers or jeans that have had the legs cut off them. Therefore, they usually fall above the knees or shorter, leaving the edges to fray creates a more stylish look. As a result, wear cut-off shorts in casual settings, and you can easily pair them with various tops, t-shirts, bikini tops, tank tops, and more.

9. Hiker

Hiker shorts are tough and durable but airy and lightweight. They are intended for hiking but have become an everyday fashion accessory. They are typically longer shorts extending to just above the knees. They contain a waistband and several pockets, some of them enormous. Hiker shorts are a good choice for casual and semi-casual wear.

10. Paper Bag

These shorts are baggy and have a dressy appearance. They have a smaller waist area, and with extra fabric, they look somewhat like you are wearing a paper bag when you add a belt. Some styles have built-in belts to create a flattering, natural look. Wear these in casual and semi-casual settings since they come in various colors or patterns and match with long shirts, blazers, and other loose-fitting tops.


Final Thoughts

Women’s shorts are not just for warm weather anymore. They have since become the one clothing item that has slipped under the radar and resurfaced as a welcome addition to styles fitting for fall and winter. Wear shorts year-round with the proper leggings.

With so many different types of shorts available, it won’t be hard to find the right kind of women’s shorts for any activity, from casual to semi-casual. They also fit well in the work environment when dressed in a blazer or suit. Shorts have graduated far beyond being just for vacations and fun in the sun. Shorts are the latest trending item that will have legs well into this winter and beyond.

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