Why Should You Regularly Review Recruitment Metrics?

Businesses sometimes need to look back so that they can go forward. Recruitment metrics are one area of a firm’s infrastructure that should be under constant review. 

Many firms struggled to hire at the end of last year despite high unemployment levels. Critical roles need to be filled, but the process of finding the right professionals for the job has become more complicated. The coronavirus has no doubt disrupted many of these processes. Today, many professionals are revaluating what they want out of their careers. For employers, enticing prospective workers into the fold is now more challenging. Reviewing your recruitment metrics could help with many of these concerns. Here is why.  

Identifying Viable Recruitment Channels

Review your recruitment metrics to determine which channels are most promising. Look at each source of hire you have at your disposal.  

Analyze your use of recruitment websites and referral programs. Decide whether recruitment agencies are doing a good job securing any new talent. Stop being their client if their results are underwhelming and search for a better competitor of theirs. 

Put more resources into the more promising recruitment channels. Control costs and eliminate wasted spending. Review hiring metrics regularly as they can be subject to frequent changes. Consider how things like coronavirus restrictions can quickly influence your efforts here. 

Discovering New Hiring Opportunities

Do not be disheartened by any recruitment shortcomings in your data. Use your metrics as a facilitator to more promising hiring solutions. 

Thnk about how TN visas can benefit your business. Know that you can hire temporary accountants, engineers, scientists, and more from either Mexico or Canada. Browse the employer requirements for TN visas so that you can be certain you are following the necessary lawful procedures. Work with an attorney who can guide you through the process.

Be creative with your hiring strategies. Source talent from multiple places and cast a wider net. Improve diversity within your firm in unison. 

Reevaluate Resume Procedures

Know that each recruiter in your business will have their own way of doing things. Review the ways they judge job applicants and make necessary changes. 

Look into how much time they spend on recruitment, and how they spend it. Assess how quickly your recruiters follow up with applications. Try to remove baseless bias from the process and set blanket rules on selecting strong candidates. Secure consistent workers of high quality when each hiring manager has a unifying company mandate to follow. 

Evaluate whether hiring managers select the correct candidates by looking at return on investment data. Review the performances of new starters. Determine whether they contribute to the company’s prospects in an impactful way. Improve hiring solutions if the data does not meet expectations. 

Gauge Satisfaction Rates

Gather data on whether hiring managers or successful candidates are satisfied with the recruitment process. Use their comments to refine things further. 

Send out an anonymous survey to collect impressions. Expect workers to be more honest when their identities are a mystery. 

Browse your turnover rates – do employees stick around for the long haul, or leave soon after the hiring? Interpret fast exits as a metric of how effective your recruitment methods are. 

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