Why Should Dubai Be on Your Bucket List in 2022?

Dubai is an oasis of modernism in the middle of the desert. When thinking about this cosmopolitan and extravagant city, it’s difficult to choose only one touristic objective as its landmark. Starting from Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall and continuing to Ski Dubai or the Palm JumeirAh, Dubai can completely blow your mind and make you fall in love with it.

Are you getting curious already? Keep reading the following paragraphs to understand why this destination should be on your bucket list for 2022.

How to Get to Dubai

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Dubai continued to receive a high number of tourists from around the world. Your Dubai adventure should start with a comfortable flight, during which you will be already tasting the exquisite “Dubai life”. Therefore, you can book your trip with Flydubai, which is one of the most popular airlines for this destination. Depending on your budget, you can choose between Business and Economy Classes. Still, if you want to be totally impressed by a luxurious lifestyle, then you should definitely try Business Class.   

Discover Dubai and Get Amazed by It

Now that you know how to get to Dubai, you should know what to expect from this mesmerizing city. So, grab a pen and paper and learn more about the surprises that it has prepared for you.

A surprising mixture between old and new architecture

If you do a quick search on Google about Dubai, you will discover that it is the city of records. Judging by the Burj Khalifa and the modern buildings you can find here, it seems that for this city sky is no longer the limit. While the buildings are a magnet for amazed tourists, all this progress is a clear sign of strong leadership and innovation. On the other hand, its traditional culture is well preserved, offering the tourists an incredible mix between modernism and traditions. Therefore, your checklist should also include visiting the Dubai Museum. It offers you the opportunity to learn about the story of old Dubai through inspiring stories and interesting artifacts.

Feel the taste of adventure and entertainment

One of the best words that describe Dubai (apart from luxury) is “adventure”. Whether you choose to skydive or go for a ride with a hot air balloon, your adrenaline level will reach the maximum level rapidly. As these activities were not enough, Dubai offers you the opportunity to go on a desert safari. Thus, you’ll experience, maybe for the first time in your life, activities like sandboarding, camel riding, or dune bashing. The underwater world is magnificent as well. So, you shouldn’t leave Dubai before exploring the Underwater Zoo and Dubai Aquarium’s wonders. What’s more, if you are into slides, sharks, and rides, then you need to book a visit to Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, located in the Palm.

Food tastes better in the desert

One of the many reasons that attract tourists to Dubai is its delicious and flavored food. The traditional Arabic food will make you fall in love with it thanks to unique spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, saffron, or cardamom. On the other hand, Dubai is a mixture of cultures. Therefore, each of them came with its traditional flavors and created a “rainbow of choices” that can please even the critical tastes. So, if you are not a big fan of Arabic food, you can spoil yourself with the juiciest beefsteak prepared by the world’s famous chefs or try the French cuisine in a fancy restaurant.

Shopping Paradise

Even if you are not a shopaholic, you cannot leave Dubai without a shopping session. Dubai Mall is one of the most impressive shopping centers. Here, you will find not only the biggest brands in the world but also very reasonable prices. Also, you shouldn’t end your shopping experience without trying the intense and electrifying fragrances. Buy one perfume for yourself and re-create the memorable “Arabic Nights” when you get back home.

Final Thoughts

Dubai is one of the cities that you should visit at least once in your life. It takes entertainment and relaxation to the next level and spices everything with good food and endless shopping opportunities. What’s more, getting to this flamboyant destination is very convenient, thanks to airline options like Flydubai. Add it to your bucket list for this year and spoil yourself with a fabulous trip.


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  1. I have visited Dubai pre-pandemic and I loved it there! it is such a relaxing stress-free place! As a passionate cyclist I highly recommend visiting cycling in the desert they have there: the experience is fantastic and it’s easy to do for any level of bike confidence, plenty of rentals too.

  2. Oh yes..Dubai is on my bucket list, my supervisor went there on vacation recently and loved it.

  3. Wow Dubai really got so many cool places, can’t wait to visit there some day. Any Idea on how much it could cost to get there tourism visa ?

  4. I really want to go to Dubai someday, I heard wonderful things about it. It looks really cool!

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