Why Choose Esports as Your Gaming Activity 

There are many genres we can consider to keep us amused and challenged when it comes to gaming. Esports is an area of entertainment that continues to grow in popularity. This article will evaluate why companies such as VamosGG are becoming the turn-to companies when looking for video games.

What Fascinates Players About Esports?

Those who play Esports are fascinated by their similarity to real sports as much as their links to fantasy. Any sport can be recreated on a computer screen and then made competitively. Many of the rules and skills you learn can then be applied to the physical aspects of a sport. This is all part of the challenge that starts behind the safety of a computer screen. There is no shortage of competition online because quite an audience looking to play Esports and interact with others of a similar mind.

The Chance to Improve

By playing Esports alongside professional players, you are learning their skills too. Also, you are mixing with players internationally and with people, you would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. It is almost like a dating service where you meet others virtually first. You may come across those same people in various competitions where you will also be competing.


The pay-outs from Esports tournaments will be significant. This is why many professional players are out there, all looking to win the big prize.

Some of the biggest pay-outs for Esports have included Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 ($15.1m), The International 2014 ($10.93m), Horror of Kings World Champion Cup 2021 ($7.73m), and PGI.S 2021 Main Event ($7.07m).

Types of Esports Games You Can Play at Tournament Level

So, let us consider the Esports that were made into the tournaments above in terms of what types of games they are.

Fortnite is classed as a survival game. It is where 100 players will fight each other in player versus player style to be the last one left standing. It is very Hunger Games in its eventual aim. If you like combat games, this popular game will be a must-play and give you a sense of what everyone else is playing.

The International was a Dota 2 event. This means that it was a MOBA. This acronym defines the game as a multiplayer online battle arena game. So, if you like to play games related to battles or warfare, you will enjoy competing in these types of games and competitions. Every day, millions of players will battle as one of a hundred Dota Heroes. It is a game where you can become a character and be your alter ego or alternative self. It is about escapism and fun to be someone else and then to succeed as that other person you might occasionally wish you were in real life. 

The Horror of Kings is a battle arena game that can also be played by multiple players. This is what allows it to work as an Esport. It is good to have another online game of the same genre as one already learned but with variations. The speed of popularity with which this game gained is thought to relate to Chinese society. This culture could be pretty inverted until the game allowed people to socialize. So, this is a reason to play Esports – it is one way that the shyest among us can get to know people. It is better than no interaction with people at all. This can make us very unsociable when it comes to parties.

Susquehanna Soniqs, in becoming victorious at PGI.s (PUBG Global Invitational. S), would take home a large share of the 9th largest prize pool in the history of Esports. The advantage of PUBG games is that, unlike Fortnite, they will not end in ten minutes or less. So, if you like a long game, seriously think about playing PUBG.

In conclusion, we choose Esports to enjoy competitive sports, enter battle arenas, socialize, escape to another world, and for the chance to win significant prizes. 

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