Uses of General Engineering in Steel Fabrication and Metal Pressing Industries

Guest post contributed by Melissa Hamler


General engineering with steel pressing, metal fabrication and pressed metal has now become one of the latest trends in the market because of the durability and the cost-effective features. Heavy industries are now mainly using these steels pressing and metal fabrication for designing their products, and now small furniture companies are also using these fabrications and pressed metal work in their segment. Now metal furniture has a huge demand in the current market because of the lightweight features and durability. These companies mainly use some metal fabrication works for reshaping their furniture products like stainless steel cabinet, counter top, sink and other attachments for home improvement. Apart from that, you may find these general engineering in the heavy metal industries such as automobile manufacturing because they need these engineering for making their car and other spare parts accordingly.

What is metal fabrication?

Metal fabrication is the building of metal structures. Cutting, bending, and assembling processes are the various steps involved here. It is a process adds value where it involves the construction of machines and structures from various raw materials. The metal product is built only after getting into a contract or after awarding the job.  All the above-mentioned tasks such as welding, cutting, forming and machining will be conducted in a large fab shop. You benefit as a customer in such a scenario as you will not be required for purchasing material or go to different locations for each task. Facility which specializes in this type of metal work is termed as fab shops.

Steps of Metal fabrication jobs:

  • Start with shop drawings including precise measurements
  • Fabrication stage and
  • Finally, to the installation of the final project.

What are the kinds of projects one can expect?

  • It includes loose parts,
  • Structural frames for buildings and heavy equipment,
  • Stairs and hand railings for buildings.

Tasks done during Cutting  

  • Sawing,
  • Shearing, or
  • Chiseling

Tasks done during torching

  • Hand-held torches and via numerical control


Tasks done during Bending

  • Hammering or
  • Press brakes

Tasks done during Assembling (joining of the pieces)   

  • Welding,
  • Binding with adhesives,
  • Riveting,
  • Threaded fasteners,
  • More bending in the form of a crimped seam.

What are the starting materials for fabrication?

  • Structural steel and sheet metal are the usual starting materials for fabrication.
  • Welding wire, flux, and fasteners are used to cut pieces.

What are the facilities that you get from a reputed general engineering service?

A high quality general engineering shop gives the ultimate channelization for high quality metal works and repairs, welding, pressing, sheet metal folding, and on-site welding and metal refurbishments. Fab shops usually haves the resources and capacity to handle projects of any size – from simple metal component, to major structural, architectural works. They need to have Quality Assurance. Employees must have the required experience and expertise to deliver on the most complex assignments. Education also plays a great role as Industrial engineers are responsible for improving an organization’s efficiency. Companies mainly focus on these general engineering because they need to reduce their production cost and they can easily manage their production unit with thee general engineering methods. Supply chain management, staffing and manufacturing can be dealt with by these steel fabrication and metal pressed systems, and companies can easily increase their latest trendy products as per the market requirement. 

Reach out to the fab shops if you need custom-made solutions fabricated from a wide range of metals – stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steels, copper and brass. Add style and break the monotony by adding timber, plastics and glass.

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