Upcoming Releases From Skydance Animation and Legendary Producer and Director John Lasseter

Skydance Animation is a new animation studio focused on original stories and artists who are deeply creative and passionate about the stories they tell. The studio’s goal is to touch the heart of the audience and to keep them captivated. Skydance Animation creates features, shorts, and series that are all highly original. Its audience is all ages. Along with producer and director John Lasseter, the studio is creating a global, creative community from highly talented and dedicated creatives. Skydance Animation is headquartered in both New York and Madrid. 

John Lasseter is the former chief creative officer of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios and one of the original pioneers in the use of CGI in animation. Today, he is the chief creative officer of Skydance Animation. He brings enormous experience and creativity to the new studio. Skydance Director of Animation John Lasseter has won two Academy Awards for his amazing animation-industry work. 


Skydance Animation has released an animated short called Blush. This short is semi-autobiographical, based on the experiences of Joe Mateo, a former story artist at Disney, and his experiences with love, suffering from a loss and healing from it. The story of an astronaut and horticulturist has this character crash landing on a small planet and the struggles he goes through to stay alive on it. The introduction of a character who is outgoing, bright, and ethereal makes the planet come alive with blooming succulents. The no longer lonely astronaut starts building a new life and finding joy in it. Blush is a helpful movie for families to use to talk about grief and loss as well as healing. The story was made in partnership with Apple Original Films and is available on AppleTV+. 


Luck is a full-length animated movie that is part of a multi-year deal with AppleTV+ to produce both TV series and full-length animated movies for kids and families. The upcoming movie Luck has been acquired by AppleTV+ and is being eagerly awaited by audiences. This release will be the debut full-length animated movie by Skydance Animation.

It is the story about the world’s most unlucky girl who finds out about the nature of both good luck and bad luck. She teams up with a variety of magical characters to find a force that is even more powerful than luck. After aging out of her foster care, Sam finds the Land of Luck. She then begins a quest along with her magical friends that could change her bad luck for good. The voice behind Sam is Eva Noblezada. The character of Marv, a flower store owner, will be voiced by Lil Rel Howery. Sam’s roommate Hazel will be voiced by Adelynn Spoon. The film is written by Kiel Murray and directed by Peggy Holmes. The film also uses the voice talents of Simon Pegg, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jane Fonda. It will be released on August 5th.


Spellbound is another full-length animated film that is part of the deal between Skydance Animation and AppleTV+. This film is a musical, and it’s not yet known whether it will have a theatrical release. In the world of Spellbound, a girl lives in a kingdom that has been split into two, and she must break the magic spell that caused it. As light and darkness oppose each other, teenager Elian must use her magic to keep her family safe. It uses a rich, magical world with amazing and compelling characters to tell its story. 

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