Trolley Bags Make Shopping a Breeze #Review

Trolley Bags Make Shopping a Breeze!

Don’t leave home without ’em!

I love it when you get a product that changes the way you do things, for the better.  One of my most detestable jobs as a wife/mom is being in charge of pretty much all of the shopping; groceries, clothing, home repairs, you name it and I’ve probably had to go shopping for it.  I see no need whatsoever to make a hundred trips back and forth to the car to unload said items.  I will load my arms down with bags until the feeling is gone and my arms resemble noodles.  Trolley Bags has changed the way I shop (and unload my car ๐Ÿ™‚ ) !


“Trolley Bags are four different sized bags, connected together with Velcro along the integrated rails can be placed open and upright in the shopping trolley, allowing you to pack and sort groceries with 2 hands as they are scanned through the checkout, halving the time it takes at the supermarket”



You can use one bag, all four, or any where in between – depending on your shopping needs.  I got groceries for five in these bags for an entire week!  If you’re only getting a few items fold up the ones you don’t need and store them in the bag you’re using.

I love how the Trolley Bags fold into each other and take up very little room while riding in the trunk.  The fact that you can keep them “linked” together in the shopping cart and still carry them separately is ingenious!  I took these shopping today and had women stopping me asking about them!  Trolley Bags is going to revolutionize the way we shop!


See that pack of TP?  That’s one of the larger packages.  I could easily fit two in the next to largest bag and had room for more items on top of that!


Remember that whole “more than one trip to the car thing”?  These bags hold a tremendous amount of stuff, making it so much easier to… you got it – get everything into the house in ONE trip! ๐Ÿ™‚

These bags would make a great Christmas gift for those hard to buy for friends/loved ones in your life.  Wrap these babies up with a gift card to the local market and you have a winner! 

Go here and order yours today!


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