Tons of Teenagers—How to Maximize Your Current Home Space

If you have multiple teenagers in your home, then you may not have enough space. Teenagers require larger beds, and they often have numerous possessions and privacy. Fortunately, there are ways to augment the spaces in a room or to increase a home’s size. Here are some of the ways to make more space for your teenage children.

Renovate a Home’s Basement

When your home has an unused basement, you can renovate it to make a livable space for teenagers. With this remodeling project, you can create multiple bedrooms, a sitting area and a bathroom where teenagers will have plenty of space for listening to music or watching television. With the assistance of a knowledgeable contractor, you can create a floor plan for the basement that will maximize its space.

Create Customized Storage Systems

Creating customized storage systems is one of the best ways to augment the space in a home to meet the needs of teenagers. There are companies with designers who can design custom closets that have adjustable shelves and clothing rods. It is also possible to build storage systems along a wall in a teenager’s bedroom, making it easier to store entertainment equipment, books, and clothing.

Adding Rooms to a House

If you have enough land, then you can add home extensions to create additional space for teenagers. By adding a family room, bathroom and bedroom, you can have extra space for a teenager to live in a home. It is also possible to add a second floor to a single-story home, and this type of project would double the size of a house. To complete this variety of renovation process, you would want to hire an expert.

Remodel a Home’s Attic

When your home has an attic, it is often possible to remodel it to create additional space for teenagers. To have a livable attic, it will need a sturdy floor, and you will want to add amenities that include electrical wiring or water pipes. A designer can create a floor plan so that you have several rooms in the attic so that a teenager can have privacy.

Buy Multipurpose Furniture

You can find several types of multipurpose furniture to use in a home to create more space for teenagers. There are couches that convert into beds, or alternatively, you can build loft systems that have beds at a higher level with desks or chests of drawers underneath the beds. Additional furniture that is multifunctional includes tables that fold to place against a wall or a bed that flips up into a shelving system along a wall.

Last, getting rid of the clutter in a teenager’s bedroom is one of the best ways to make the space feel larger. This process can take several days to eliminate the unneeded possessions, and afterward, you will want to organize anything that is left in a teenager’s bedroom.

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