Tips to Surprise Your Girl in Planning the Perfect Date

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If you plan on taking your date out for dinner, make sure you’re on time or a few min early. When making conversation, be genuinely curious about the topics she brings up. It will show her that you care about what she thinks, and that’s very attractive to most girls. 

Pick a Date

The most important part of any date is picking the right place to meet. Whether you’re going apple picking or taking her to a fancy dinner, the location can make or break your date. It’s a good idea to avoid places that are too over the top, as this will put too much pressure on you to impress your date. Instead, opt for more laidback locations to speak to her interests. You can have dinner together while looking out over the water and into the faraway sea by taking a table by the water in the best waterfront restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area.  If you need help deciding what to pick, try asking her for some ideas. It will show her that you’re interested in what she has to say and will make her feel listened to. If you pick an activity, let her know if any potential issues could affect the experience. For example, if you plan on going to a concert, make sure the music will be quiet and easy to talk over. You also want to ensure that the venue is open and that tickets are available. Then, set a reminder in an online calendar to give a heads-up the day before.

Make a Reservation

Whether trying to win the heart of your new crush or rekindle romance in an existing relationship, a little planning goes a long way. Ensure that both parties know the details of your date well ahead of time. For example, if you plan to go out to dinner and a movie afterward, purchase tickets ahead of time to keep the night on schedule. Tell them how many people are at your party when you call to make a reservation. It will help them determine if a suitable table is available for you. It is also a great opportunity to double-check operating hours and anything else that may affect your date. Everyone enjoys being heard and reacted to, so don’t be afraid to talk about yourself. However, remember that conversations are two-way, so listen as much as you speak. It is a simple gesture that shows her that you’re interested in her. Also, surprise her by leaving handwritten love notes in unexpected places.

Be on Time

A few minutes of catching up can ease the nerves and set the mood, but being late can be frustrating. If you know you’re going to be late, give your date a call or text them. Be polite and ask if they’re comfortable rescheduling for another time. It’s also important to keep in mind the importance of body language. For example, crossing your arms shows you’re nervous or uninterested in your date, so keep them open. Leaning toward your date and laughing at their jokes is another sign that you’re into them. Finally, don’t scour social media for dirt or dig into their past on your first date. Getting to know her as she is now and allowing her to show you her fun personality should be the main focus of your date. Try asking her questions about herself, like how they started playing guitar or their favorite hobbies. Everyone loves talking about themselves, so this is an easy way to show you’re genuinely interested in her. In addition, try touching her arm or shoulder when she laughs—this is a simple but effective flirty move.

Surprise Her

Once you’ve worked up the nerve and asked your crush out, it’s time to start planning. Don’t overthink it and go for the tried-and-true dinner-and-a-movie date, but think about adding some unique elements to your date to make her smile. You could play mini-golf, explore a museum or take a ferry ride. Girls are always impressed when men treat them with a sense of chivalry – so open her car door, pick her up or gently place your palm on her back while crossing the street. These small acts of kindness show that you care about her and put thought into making your date special. Also, pay attention to your language – avoid complaining about work or your life and instead focus on the positives. Your words are powerful and can have a huge impact on your date.

Make a Romantic Playlist

In the age of Snapchat and text messaging, it’s easy to forget how much a good old-fashioned phone call can add to a date. Calling your date before the date and talking about the plans can be a great way to build excitement and bond with her before you meet. It also shows you’re serious about your relationship and not just playing the field. Make sure that your playlist is romantic but not too sappy. It’s best to ask her what music she enjoys so that you can get an idea of what to include in your playlist. Choose songs in the same ballpark as her tastes and that will bring a smile when she listens to them. You can also surprise her by creating a list of lofty, adventurous goals for your date night. Whether it’s as simple as skydiving or as complex as a trip to the wine country, these bucket list ideas will be a fun and exciting way to spend time together.

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