Tips to Prevent Your Summer Makeup From Melting

Oh, summer is right around the corner and I bet you are counting down the days. If you’re like me, you can’t wait to hit the beach and the pool. But, wait, what about your makeup? While the summer sun is great for fun and relaxation, it can cause havoc for your makeup.  Here are some great tips to prevent summer makeup melt.

Start with a fresh, clean face – By using a gentle facial cleansing product before applying your makeup, will help to ensure you have a fresh, clean canvas to start with.

Grab an ice cube or two – Yes, an ice cube. Why? Because after washing your face, applying an ice cube to your face will perform a few functions. First, it will close your pores. Also, it will cool your skin down and will help to prevent your makeup from melting in the hot summer sun.  Just grab an ice cube or two and rub it all over your face and blot dry.

Always use a primer – Applying a primer before applying your makeup is one of the best things you can do to ensure your makeup won’t melt in the summer heat. The primer is designed to be the base for your makeup, sealing it into place. Also, a primer will help to ensure that your makeup goes on easier and smoother.

Have blotting papers handy – Blotting papers are going to be your best friend in the summer. Blotting papers are designed to control oil and sweat on your skin. Use them after applying your makeup and whenever needed throughout the day. The most important spots to blot are your forehead, nose, and under your eyes.

End with a finishing spray – There are so many people that have never heard of or ever used a finishing spray. Many professional makeup artists use it for celebrities on the red carpet. A finishing spray is applied after all your makeup is completed. It is a fine mist that seals in your makeup and prevents makeup meltdowns from heat and sweat.

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