Three Often Forgotten SEO Tips for New Online Merchants

Your first sales are very symbolic and essential. Conducting business in the competitive online market is not as simple as some people think. Yet, your enthusiasm and efforts can make a big turning point for your online shops. The concept of making the first sales should not mislead you. Building the first list of clientele base can be an arduous task. How can you make the battle easier? Let’s see three sure-fire ways to boost online stores and drive sales.

What to Publish on a Merchant Store

As more people seek solutions online, they will discover your site, giving you a better customer acquisition chance. The good thing about SEO content or a company like is that they keep the online shop visible by boosting the rankings even when the readers don’t intend to buy. That is why you need to balance your blogs with commercial and non-commercial information. Ideally, an online merchant store comprises of:

  • Homepage
  • Products page
  • Categories page
  • Privacy policy section
  • Blog and knowledge

As far as SEO goes, the blog and category pages are more crucial.

We need quality backlinks to establish our website as authoritative in our niche. One significant step to link building is focusing on non-commercial content. There is so much freedom in terms of content creation in the blog section. Backlinks must not refer to your category pages since Google’s algorithms will be suspicious. Most of the linkable assets are on non-commercial pages. Then you can place external links on the commercial content. Google can never penalize you for optimizing with internal links.

2. Broad Content

Broad information represents in-depth knowledge of a particular subject matter. Relevant content helps internet users find precise answers, and this garners positive user responses. For instance, let’s take hiking boots: An avid hiker is seeking advice on the best shoes for hiking in a cold climate. Then they come across a tip like this- ‘Good traction is critical when hiking in wet areas.’

The reader will undoubtedly feel that their question has been addressed. Nothing will stop them from checking the recommended boots with good traction. So, when creating content for an online shop, it is good to go the extra mile. Many webmasters and SEO marketers may also forget that content doesn’t just have to be text-based. The content can also be infographics, videos, and video graphics that outline information regarding a product or business. Many SEO experts focus on link-building, and text content, however, it shouldn’t be forgotten that a business could hire the help of someone such as Adam Lebenstein to create informative videos that can be optimized later for SEO purposes. This captivates audiences of all age ranges much better, as they are likely to stay and watch a short video over reading paragraphs of text that informs them of the same thing. The information must be quick to provide answers. Thin and vague content has the opposite effect.

The homepage, product page, and category section are commercial. Typical sales language is not useful in these sections. Simple product listings are not enough. Potential customers want additional info. The more informative the product descriptions are, the better they are for prospective buyers. For instance, you can add links to alternative products, buying guides, and FAQ sections.

3. Giving Influencers Free Samples

Influential bloggers, vloggers, entrepreneurs, and journalists are all over the internet. Their social media followings are massive. Bloggers have loyal audiences on their websites. You can offer a gift to such influencers to appreciate their work. In turn, they can reciprocate the kind act by mentioning you on their posts or blog, or video platforms. This is a great way to spike web traffic and gain more followers on social media sites. Promotion by celebrities can give a seal of approval from the experts in our industry. Even a simple shout-out can raise the online shop’s status. To get the most out of an influencer, their target following should align with your target audience. Their values matter too when it comes to representing your brand online.

When visitors come to an online store, they follow specific patterns depending on their intentions. Some are seeking expert advice so they can make up their mind. Trying to convince them to buy our commodities may not work. The aim of web content is, therefore, not arm-twisting but informing. You have to tailor SEO content to help in the decision-making process of a potential customer. And depending on keyword data, search engines can grant the content more visibility. So, an online store must serve the visitor’s intent so it can rank high on Google.


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