The Year of You! How to Treat Yourself in 2019

As the new year fast approaches, it’s important to reflect on 2018 and figure out how we’d like to make 2019 better. Between work, family and social obligations, it can be hard to take time for ourselves. Make 2019 the year you practice self-love and self-care like never before. As the saying goes, “Self-care isn’t selfish.” When you properly care for yourself, you are able to perform better in every aspect of your life. 

So, here’s to the new year, and here’s to three new ways you can treat yourself in 2019! 

Learn a New Skill

Sign up for classes in something you’ve always wanted to study, be it pottery, art, yoga or something entirely different. Grab a course catalog from the local community college and see if there are any offerings that catch your eye. Maybe you’ve always been a history buff and want to get some greater education. If you’ve always loved kung-fu movies, why not look into learning martial arts? 

Pursuing our interests takes time and courage, but allowing yourself to break out of your routine and comfort zone will help you build confidence and feel better about yourself. Plus, at the end of the year, it will be great to look back and see how much you learned! 

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Mental health is a buzzword for 2018, and it’s here to stay. Mental health is something you have, just like your physical well-being. You don’t only take care of your body when you’re sick, so why should your brain be any different? 

Do some personal inventory and ask yourself, “How am I?” Learn to reflect, talk to a therapist if you need it or bring some zen into your life by taking up a daily meditation practice. 

Find Inspiration, Not Comparison

It’s so easy to look at everyone else’s lives on social media and compare them to ours. Whether it’s your relationship, family or talent, don’t look to others solely to see how much better they are. Instead, flip the switch and start looking at the world through a lens of inspiration. Surround yourself with people and things that motivate you to chase your own dreams. 


When the new year starts you can start off on the right foot by treating yourself to something that you’ve been eyeing. Go to the mall and splurge a little or consider going for something more practical for your everyday life like a Bullbar Installation for your truck. Splurging a little can be a great way to show appreciation to yourself.

Starting Off on the Right Foot

Make a list of things you’d like to become, not do, in 2019. Do you want to be kinder? Do you want to be more patient? Maybe you just want to be more mindful and less stressed in your day-to-day life. Whatever you hope to be, know that you have the power to transform yourself at any time. Practicing self-care is one way to help you love yourself as you are as you grow into who you wish to be.

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