The Most Fashionable Sheepskin Coats of the Season

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Autumn is just gaining momentum, so exploring the world of outerwear is definitely worth continuing. Now it’s the turn of one of the most comfortable and warm products – a sheepskin coat. A real must-have for those who are already cold to wear a coat, but don’t like a down jacket at all. It’s also soft and fluffy – what could be better for a chilly autumn?


With the onset of the “wet” months, the need to wear everything in your wardrobe grows. After all, you need to hide from the cold air somehow! This is exactly the task that an oversized sheepskin coat can do, which, thanks to the combination of leather and fur, will both warm you and protect you from the wind. Pair it with the same relaxed trousers and jumper. It will be as comfortable as possible!

To replace a coat

Do you miss your camel coat? There is a solution: stop being sad and buy a sheepskin coat in the same shade. It will stand out against the background of similar brown jackets, and will also create a stylish contrast with other dark things in the image – for example, with boots.

Without sleeves

If you are not from the group of “always freezing” people (we are very jealous), then you can continue to wear sleeveless vests. In particular, a sheepskin vest is an excellent alternative to a down coat. An outfit with a sleeveless sleeve is easy to put together: the product looks really good with leggings, UGG boots, and high socks.


Once you put on a long brown sheepskin coat with wooden buttons, you immediately want to go to the park in nature. And in order not to catch a cold while walking, combine new clothes with a sweater and leather trousers, for example, straight cut. Different textures are a technique that almost always looks interesting in outfits.


For fashionistas who prefer minimalism in clothing (without straps or fasteners), a basic fitted sheepskin coat is ideal. A neat turn-down collar will not attract much attention, so this sheepskin coat goes well with joggers and sneakers, as well as classic trousers and ankle boots.


Another find among sheepskin coat models is the shortened one. It looks neat in the look and suits all body types (don’t worry about that). Just don’t forget to pair your sheepskin coat with a sweater with a warmer material (in particular, wool) so as not to catch a cold!

Trench coat

We are accustomed to the fact that a trench coat can only be worn when it is still warm enough outside, but such weather “especially for a trench coat” rarely happens and passes quickly. Now designers are offering options “for colder weather” (for example, a thick leather raincoat) or elongated down jackets, which can be considered a winter variation of a raincoat.

Sheepskin coat

There is a lot of variability in sheepskin coats: from short to long, from fitted to loose, from zippered options to models with buttons. There are also sheepskin coats made to match a biker jacket – they will fit perfectly into an autumn wardrobe and won’t leave you scratching your head over styling. We wear exactly the same thing that we wear when walking with a leather jacket!

Faux fur coat

A faux fur coat is a good option for the coldest fashion lovers. Eco-friendly materials have long been on par with natural ones, plus the price tag for such “fluffy things” is not too bad.

Down jacket

Our favorite and irreplaceable down jacket, here we are! Some people have to wear it as early as September and only take it off in April. And someone takes out the “heavy artillery” only in December and is quite happy about it – we envy! 

No matter what climate you live in, we highly recommend taking a closer look at leather jackets: they look quite unusual, although they can be combined with autumn-winter clothes as easily as basic down jackets.


Bomber jackets have been trending for several seasons now, and in stores, you can find models to suit every taste. For example, an elongated jacket with a zipper is perfect for sporty and relaxed looks, and a shortened version can be worn under skirts and dresses.


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