The Different Kinds of Skips to Hire

When you are hiring a skip, there are different types to consider that can make the job easier. It is well worth choosing the right one. In terms of where to hire them from, there is skip bin hire Sydney. They offer a range of skips to suit both commercial and domestic needs. Factors that determine the skip hired will be the quantity of waste that is being disposed of, how difficult to handle the waste is that is required to be load onto or into the skip, and how secure its contents need to be. So, we shall examine just what skips are out there to choose from.

Skip Dimensions

Some common skip sizes include midi skip, small builder’s skip, larger builder’s skip, and a large maxi skip. Despite being called builder’s skips, they can still be used by other trades and in domestic home situations. Some jobs can be large and warrant a larger size of skip needing to be used. It makes sense to just order one large skip if you have the room. Where you are limited for space, then you can, of course, order a series of smaller skips and just have more of them delivered to you. It is whatever works best for your situation. Only you yourself know. Having said that, firms who hire skips can advise on it before you hire the skip.

The sizes of skips generally available, including here their volumes and dimensions, are:

  • Midi Skip– 4 cubic yards – 6 x 4 x 3 feet.
  • Small Builder’s Skip – 6 cubic yards – 10 x 4 x 4 feet.
  • Large Builder’s Skip– 8 cubic yards – 12 x 6 x 4 feet.
  • Large Maxi Skip – 12 cubic yards – 13 x 6 x 6 feet.
  • Roll-on Roll-off

If you have large quantities of unwanted large or heavy items and used materials to dispose of, it is useful to hire a roll-on roll-off skip, which has more capacity. They generally come in two sizes: 20 cubic yards (with a lower side for loading) and 35 cubic yards (with a higher side). In both cases, the containers having rear opening doors for loading purposes. So, as the skips are easily loaded on and off a lorry, large items being disposed of can easily be rolled into the skip. This is far better from a safety point of view, as nobody will then injure themselves attempting to lift something that is too heavy over the side of even a low-sided skip. It is cost-saving, too, when extra equipment does not need to be hired to lift any item off the floor and over the sides of a skip, which would need to happen if there was no ground-level way inside the skip.

The dimensions of these roll-on roll-off skips mean that they can accommodate large quantities of waste. This cuts back on management waste costs overall and will minimize any on-site disruption with fewer collections required. This in turn reduces the carbon footprint of a business at a time when all companies are being required to be as energy-efficient and environmentally aware as possible.


Items inside a skip are only secure if you have a lockable type. Otherwise, it can be an invitation for others to help themselves. This can create danger and result in damage.

There can also be valuable waste contained within a skip that needs to be protected from theft. The waste might be a much-desired by-product that is then sold on for another manufacturing process.

In conclusion, skips can be hired in different sizes and types to cater to commercial and private situations. Hiring larger-sized skips can save on having so many collections, which can be disruptive to a building site, the roll-on roll-off variety allows for more waste to be accommodated, and the lockable ones for valuable waste to be protected.

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