Teach Your Child Computer Basics for Free

Technology is always growing at an ever rapid speed. It is so important to teach our children computer basics at an early age. I started training my youngest daughter at age 5, which is probably considered old now, considering I have seen 3-year-olds with tablets!

Anyhow, she was so cute, with her little hand on the mouse. Now, at age 10, she buzzes around and navigates my smartphone better than I can sometimes. 

All in One Homeschool offers a Computer Basics Course for Free.  Children learn the basics: typing, internet safety, word processing, and several other more advanced skills.  It’s a great resource whether you homeschool or not. I believe it is worth sharing, especially since there is so much to offer and no fees!

Computers are a life-line to the world wide web full of incredible information and dangers as well. These dangers spark a great responsibility for us as parents to step it up and implement safety measures such as Bark Internet Security. I use it for all of our mobile devices and it gives me peace of mind! 

Live, Laugh, Love, & Learn!


6 thoughts on “Teach Your Child Computer Basics for Free

  1. I definitely agree with this post! I know that it is very important to keep our children going outdoors and being healthy and active, but learning computer skills is also a life skill we all must learn these days. It really impresses me the way my 7, 3, and 2 year whiz through a tablet like they were just born with the knowledge, lol. 🙂

  2. All in One Homeschool that offers a Computer Basics Course sounds wonderful for all children. There are adults who need it also since everything in technology is definitely growing.

  3. yah the kids seam to learn faster and get it better then i do.my niece is the one that teached me.

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