Teach Your Child With Playroom PREP Dry Erase Book #Review

Hands-On Learning With PlayRoom PREP Cuts Down Screentime For Children

Let’s face it, too much screen time has become a serious problem among children in today’s culture. Screentime effects children in a lot of negative ways. Mental health, vision and obesity problems are on the rise due to children sitting for hours staring at a TV, Ipad, computer or phone screens. PlayRoom PREP has come up with a fun, colorful dry-erase learning book to help entertain and educate children without a screen.


Focusing on letters B, L, R, S and T in Section One of PlayRoom PREP, children will use an easy to erase crayon to trace letters and shapes. The goal of this book is to encourage learning while having one on one time interacting with their parent. 


Target Skills Developed

  • Fine motor skills
  • Letter and sound formation
  • How to hold a writing instrument
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Focusing on one task at a time
  • Increasing Attention Span
  • Using creativity and imagination
  • Listening and following directions
  • Tracing and drawing lines
  • Top to bottom – left to right
  • Color and shape recognition
  • Conversation and vocabulary


Having older brothers in school, my daughter loves playing school at home and learning new things. Today, we sat at the table to work on learning new letters. She is three, so, although she knows how to sing her ABC’s, she is still working on letter recognition and writing. She loved the PlayRoom PREP book! As soon as one of her brothers came home from school, she showed off what she learned today. Not only is it teaching her but it is growing her self-confidence as well. Needless to say, we are big fans of PlayRoom PREP!


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